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World Professional Figure Skating Championships - 1998

World Pros on NBC-TV, Jan. 23, Interpretive program

 "Rudy  I was fuming on the technical program that Rudy Galindo was not placed first.  He did numerous gorgeous triples, followed by great spins and really put on what I would define as a great professional program that brought the house down.  That type of skating and crowd reaction is what should be rewarded in a professional event.  Not two triple axels and a zillion other jumps. Rudy best combined the technical and the entertainment factor that night IMHO.  His Violin number was exceptional too and you would think the ISU judges would have liked it.  What is with them when it comes to Rudy?"


 "Rudy, Rudy, Rudy, this program has so much potential, yet it seems as if you just didn't feel like going for it.  The jumps were just okay! Where has the spark that you have shown before gone.  This program with the bow could be a classic and the choreography is wonderful. "


 "I know he's doing the Village People...does he do this too? [on the COI Tour] Or do they get only one number apiece this time? Anyway, this is my favorite number of his this season, despite the obvious and rather lengthy rests, because it seems more integrated and thematic than his more campy programs. (And I admit, I like the part where he stops and mimes using the bow as a "paintbrush," pretending to be an artist regarding his painting critically... that idea of the connections among all forms of art...that the musician is like a painter, trying to create a picture in notes. It's a sophisticated concept to express in a skating number.)"


 "It's also delightful because it's unexpected, sort of a free-association thing."

---Ellen B. Edgerton

 "It occurred to me when watching the number this Rudy supposed to be portraying the violin itself?  The costume has an unusual design and has the print of a violin right on it...perhaps he is a violin being played throughout the program?  Just musing..."


 "Rudy i loved his prgrams but he should know that isu judges are not going to reward a village people medley!  But he was way undermarked on his violin program!  thought he should have been 2nd."


 "I still think that his scores were too low.  I can't get over all the things he does while holding that bow.  Now I know what Sandra would be too hard on him for. That fall on the double axel. -)"


 "Rudy - I like this violin program; too bad about the fall."


 "I don't care what Rudy does or doesn't.  I like him.  Live he's incredible. Such energy.  He is among the tops when it comes to entertaining a live audience.  Once again Rudy is a skater who should be in pro competitions and shows, not in this ISU mish-mashed nightmare."


 "I loved Rudy's violin program.  When I first heard about it, I thought it was going to be stupid, but I thought it was terrific, even though it had its own bits of excessive non-skating stuff.  Then again, I always have liked Rudy's non-campy stuff.  I hope to see this program live someday. (Does anyone know if he's doing it on COI right now?)"

 ---Ellen B. Edgerton

 World Pros on NBC-TV, Jan. 22, Technical program

 "Rudy is Rudy..totally imaginative and just plain fun. The audience knew this too)"

 ---Don W

 "Rudy had great jumps (they seemed to come so easily) but he needs a program with more footwork."


 "I missed the slight two-foot on his axel, but I think that was his only two- foot or at least that was the only one I could see on tv.  The presentation scores were what you would expect from ISU judges, but I thought they were way too low.  Oh well. At least the audience loved him.  This program was far and away the most popular program of the night."


 "BTW-did anyone catch a brief glimpse of Candeloro--who was there for French TV-- waving his arms during Rudy's number?" ---Amy

 "Galindo was obviously skating well, but he didn't push through his performance the way he needed to--those two-foots were just plain careless and for all intents & purposes were *left-out* jumps in the judges' eyes. Strip away the jumps and not much interesting going on here."

 ---Rob Moes

 "t wasn't really a good night for any of the guys, although Rudy did bring down the house!"


 "Rudy Galindo I have seen this program several times and I have to say that this is the best version that I have seen. The audience was loving it and I think that their response gave him extra energy. Loved it!"

 ---Lorie Wyatt

 "Rudy-I loved when Al said the artist formely known as Rudy and then they showed clipps of him to the prince music. I don't like this program, but I thought he was undermarked for his technical ability and should have been in second place."


 "Rudy Galindo - Well, he certainly gets brownie points for presentation. I don't know if Rudy had any fun, but he certainly looked like the only one having any fun out there...The men seemed pretty nervous to me. Hopefully, they will liven up in Part II."


 "Rudy - gotta love him.  I'm sure it looked better to the fans than it was because of close double footed landings, but he still really sold the program."


 "I liked seeing the Kwans enjoy the program along with everyone else.  It's so funny to see the audience become Minions of Rudy every time "YMCA" starts and the masses raise their arms over and over again...  Even though he two-footed, I respect Galindo for trying the triple axel when it's not normally in his repertoire.  He takes this event seriously."

 ---Lorrie Kim

 "Plus, he took the lower score graciously.  For a change.  Nice job, Rudy!"


World Professional Championships - Dec. 11-12

Technical Programs
"Rudy Galindo performed his very popular, humorous medley to music from the Village People, landing a triple toe/triple toe combination and three other clean triples, but two-footed a triple Axel in the opening. This is a number that is guaranteed to bring the audience into the program but the judges were less than entralled giving him marks as low as 5.5 for technical merit. It wasn't speedy but it wure was fun to watch.

 Interpretive Programs
Galindo's classical violin piece introduced the men's competition. It was not his strongest performance as he doubled a loop jump and fell on a double Axel and was unable to move up from his fourth place [he was in third and moved down to fourth] in the standings.

 ---From Blades on Ice

 Technical Program

 Last up was Rudy Galindo, who did his Village People medley to great crowd enthusiasm. I'm not sure how I feel about this program, but it is fun to watch. Began with a triple axel which was quite low and two-footed, 3 flip, 3 sal, 3 toe-3 toe. His spins were, of course, the best of the bunch, but overall this program did not have the technical difficulty of the other men there, and there is something I really don't like about Rudy doing a "joke gay program" when I consider the kind of audience that likes it so much.

 Artistic Program

 First to skate was Rudy Galindo, who skated to "Rondo Capriccioso," a program which I believe is choreographed by Aleksandr Zhulin. He wears a wine coloured velvet bodysuit with a violin design on one half and skates with a violin bow. There is a lot of interesting stuff in this program, but unfortunately a fall on the double axel (looked like he got too far back on the blade) really marred the performance. He was slower than the other men.

 ---Eda Tseinyev

 "Rudy Galindo 5.6 5.7 5.7 5.6 5.7 5.5 5.6 1.5 3
5.8 5.9 5.7 5.7 5.9 5.7 5.7

 When he came out for the warmup, donned in that YMCA outfit, I screamed NOOOO! (well to myself, anyway). But when he started to skate, I couldn't help but get into it, and of course, so did the rest of the audience. He skated very well, landing 3T, 3F, 2X?, 3T/3T, 2X.
And of course, the audience booed his marks, in a big way, just like at the U.S. Pro's. He really was undermarked, IMO. He really is tiny."


 "Rudy -- Village People one more time. This program is a lot of fun, but I wish he had done a new program. I would have liked to see Over The Rainbow, but I guess Rudy doesn't want to invite chacking. :-) He had some great combos in the warm up, but ended up taking a step in between the 3 axel and 3 toe in the competition. He also did 3 flip, 3toe/3toe, maybe another 3toe, and 2axel. He had a couple of nice spins, but not much footwork of course. It looks like he's been working on his speed, though, because he wasn't nearly as slow as he's been when I've seen him live in the past. He got a standing ovation and the boos were even louder for him than they were for Yuka (with a few other rude fans yelling at the judges). Did Laura have her baby yet? It looked like Uschi Kesler was in the Kiss N Cry with Rudy. (Elvis was in the building as were Philippe and Galina)."


 "Rudy -- Violin program -- I'll say it for him: He wuz robbed. :-) Seriously, I would have had him ahead of Todd. I love this program. It's one of my favorite programs of the season. He did the entire program with a violin bow, including some fantastic spins and a 3flip, 3loop, and 2axel. He fell hard on another 2axel, but at least it was a musical fall; he landed on his butt at the exact same time there was a very strong beat. :-) He added the second double axel instead of doing some footwork, but I still think there was plenty of footwork, in there. I don't know what Sandra Bezic will find to criticize him for this time. :-) Oh, that's right, based on last year's Counting Crows program, we know she can still criticize him for not doing footwork even when he does it."


 "Rudy did the "In the Navy/Macho Man/YMCA". He did a triple axel, but (as with many of the jumps landed a little low by many of the competitors) I couldn't be sure from the 15th row that it wasn't two-footed. I'm not saying that it wasn't clean, just couldn't be sure. Rudy also did a triple/triple. He skated with great presence, had the crowd really going, and apparently had the goods techically, but the judges gave him 5.5 to 5.7 for technique. Who knows? I've always been a Galindo fan, but he doesn't seem to skate with as much speed as the others. Perhaps that's the excuse/reason?"


 "That article totally glosses over the single most embarrassing incident of the night, namely Rudy Galindo's technical program and the WIDELY disparate reactions to it by the audience and the judges. The audience ate it up, getting right into it, clapping along and acting out the "Y-M-C-A" gestures. The judges hated it and slapped him down brutally for presuming to perform an entertainment-oriented professional program at an event MISnamed "World Pros". As far as they were concerned, it was just another ISU competition and Rudy did not measure up to their standards - never mind that the audience loved it...

"Now the mask has been ripped off for all to see: what the ISU judges want and reward is ISU-eligible skating ONLY. Even when the event is supposedly a "pro- am" that supposedly rewards "interpretive" and "entertainment" skills as well as technical polish.

 "History is repeating itself: this attitude is what killed the original circuit of USFSA "pro-ams" and the original ISU attempt at ISU pro-ams. But this time they have *also* killed professional competition."


 "Rudi Galindo won the "fun with the audience" trophy once again, with his "to hell with the judges"approach, as well as skating talent!

"Rudy Galindo - Village People routine. White sailor outfit.

 "It was a classic Rudy routine, and happened to be the last number of the night...sending all of us home in high spirits. Good 3 axel. 3 flip into 3ple toe (a three-turn in between, I think). Sitspin. FUN straight-line footwork to the "Macho Man" music, setting the audience on fire! 3 toe-3 toe (perfect!). We in the audience really get into "YMCA"! Great final spin combo, ending with poses on the ice."


 "Then Rudy Galindo skated his Village People medley with good difficulty (3Axel, also with a nasty lean, and a 3flip-3toe combo) and great enthusiasm, had the whole audience clapping along with him -- and got screwed, blued and tattooed by the judges. Low technical marks were arguable on the grounds of lack of speed, fewer jumps, and decidedly weak footwork (although 5.6es were a clear slap in the face). But the presentation marks were low *also* - not a one above 5.8. Rudy fetched up third, barely ahead of Kurt's severely flawed effort and well behind Todd's botched routine. We were NOT pleased, I can tell you! I usually don't join in judge-booing sessions, but I did this time... it wasn't just the newbies who were horrified and offended by Rudy's scores, it was also some longtime skating fans."



"Rudy Galindo--I have to say that his Village People number is so much better in person. I didn't take many notes on it. And we all had a great time making the letters. And I like his Violin program too."


 "RG: Village People medley. Rudy was the last skater of a fantastic night of skating and the crowd was very ready to help him end it in style. They started clapping on the first note of the music and didn't stop until the last note, when the crowd erupted in a standing ovation. In short, Rudy brought the house down! I've seen him do Village People live in COI, and while it was fun then, it didn't have the "punch" that it had here at World Pros. It helped that Rudy couldn't seem to miss a jump either. He completed 3-axel, 3-toe (flip?), 3-salchow, 3-toe/3-toe, and 2-axel. Rudy is a showman in this number; the part where he takes off his top and does the balletic steps with effeminate wrist movements had me and everyone around me absolutely roaring with laughter. It's great when a skater can take a crowd along for the ride like that. The crowd wasn't happy with Rudy's technical marks (5.6's/5.7's), but there really isn't much in this program on the technical side except for the jumps. But that doesn't take anything away from its comedic value."p ---Sheannp Mens Artistic Programs:

"RG: Violin program. I really like this program (my only criticism is the part standing still (where he pantomimes working on the musical score) is effective, but too long). So I was disappointed that he didn't perform it well last night. It just looked like his concentration was off a little. Jumps were 3-toe, 3-loop (forward landing), 2-axel (fall), 2-axel."

5.7 5.6 5.6 5.6 5.6 5.6 5.7
5.8 5.8 5.9 5.8 5.8 5.7 5.8


 "Rudy was the last skater of the night. He skated to his Village People medley. It's very entertaining in person. Have never seen so many people do YMCA! When "Macho Man" comes up, and Rudy is doing balletic type moves, I glanced over at Michelle, and she was literally bent over laughing! Great audience reaction. They really booed the marks." His marks:

5.6 5.7 5.7 5.6 5.7 5.5 5.6
5.8 5.9 5.7 5.7 5.9 5.7 5.7


 "Rudy did the Village People medley, it was a perfect was to end the evening. He did a 3toe, 3flip, another jump that I missed, sit spin, 3toe/3toe, 2 axel, Y spin. The program is much better live and there were loud boos from the audience when his scores came up. As a matter of fact, the audience booed alot of the scores, but I guess the average person is not taking notes on how many jumps or moves a skater completes huh?"


 3. Rudy Galindo - Village People routine. White sailor outfit.

 "It was a classic Rudy routine, and happened to be the last number of the night...sending all of us home in high spirits. Good 3 axel. 3 flip into 3ple toe (a three-turn in between, I think). Sitspin. FUN straight-line footwork to the "Macho Man" music, setting the audience on fire! 3 toe-3 toe (perfect!). We in the audience really get into "YMCA"! Great final spin combo, ending with poses on the ice."


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