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Will & Grace, televised January 12

 Rudy's brief appearance on Will & Grace received a very positive response both in terms of his performance and the show's presentation of skating and its fans. The only complaint was that Rudy's part wasn't big enough! Following is the Rudy part as scripted, then some commentary from fans. Script from Rob Durfee's Will & Grace Web Page where there is also a synopsis of this episode titled "Will On Ice"  from the first season of Will & Grace.

Will and Grace are back at the apartment after the evening at Champions On Ice. Jack comes in later with.....

guys. Yeah, I just came by to get my-- oh, here it is-- Entertainment Weekly magazine. Yeah.
[LOOKING AT HIS SHIRT] Oh, my god, what is that? A Rudy Galindo autograph? Well, I'll be a
rat's ass. How did that get there?

WILL: What'd you do, sign it yourself?

JACK: I didn't have to.

RUDY GALINDO: [ENTERING FROM THE HALL] Should I wait downstairs or what?

GRACE: Oh, my god. Rudy Galindo.

JACK: Rudy and I are gonna go for coffee and, um...

RUDY GALINDO: [TO WILL] Oh, happy birthday. [SOTTO, TO JACK] He does not look 46.

JACK: A lotta work.

[JACK and RUDY exit.]

WILL: Well, another memorable birthday for the books. Good night.

Fan commentary

 "...They attend Champions on Ice, which is recognizably the same show that in real life is run by Tom Collins. There's even a moment when Will mistakenly calls it "Ice Capades" and his friends yell at him, "CHAMPIONS ON ICE!"

 "The episode was so spot-on concerning skating details, it could have been written by the skatefan collective consciousness. It even included a lot of the tensions we're not comfortable with, ourselves. Two characters side with Kwan over Lipinski, calling Lipinski a rather rude name -- which surprised me a little, until I remembered that Lipinski is now with the "other" tour and that must be why she was fair game. One character calls Galindo his "hero -- the gay one," and another says incredulously, "ONE?" And the thing I was most uneasy about -- one of the skatefans was a large, belligerent-looking woman, presented not entirely inaccurately as typical, while the slender assistant bellowed, "Look at these people -- losers!"

 "They had Surya Bonaly skating (so they said; there was no actual skating on the show) to "Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini" or whatever that horrid tired old tune that I hate is called. Another indication that someone on the show knows skating pretty well (although I can't imagine Bonaly in particular using that music). And of course the crowd went nuts over her backflip, and all the jumps they mentioned were plausible except the one that ended in "double loop-double lutz."

 "Galindo had lines! Yay! And I recognized his autograph on the COI souvenir sweatshirt. It was too brief an appearance to judge acting ability, but he did fine. I was amused by this episode; it definitely was more steeped in skating culture than any mainstream mention of skating I've ever seen."

---Lorrie Kim

 " a copy of the shooting script -- this is what was said (there might've been slight cuts) during Rudy Galindo's big moment (I thought RG looked cute, but why was he a foot shorter than Jack? I know Rudy's about 5'6", but Jack ain't exactly Shaquille) Anyway..."


(TO JACK) Should I wait for you downstairs or what?

(SEEING GOD) Oh-my-God! Rudy Galindo. Come into my home!

Love to, but...Rudy and I are going for coffee and...(TURNS TO RUDY) Come on, Ru--!


(TO WILL) Happy Birthday! (TO JACK) He doesn't look 46.

Lotta work.



 "I thought Rudy was going to play a small non skating role or something, guess he did and more, too bad he didn't have a actual skating role. It was hilarious seeing Grace and Jack absolutely freak out over figure skating"


 "Too bad Rudy's appearance on the show was only 10 seconds long! He had...count them...3 whole lines to say!!! He did a great job though and seems to be a natural actor. I'd like to see more of Rudy on TV in fact. I also noticed that he is not very tall!"


 "I feel really bad for Tara though. If I am not mistaken she and Rudy are really go friends. I wonder if Rudy knew they were going to bash Tara like that. No matter how I feel about Tara's skating, I don't think she deserved to be treated to harshly on TV."

 ---Leslie J

 "Anyway, I don't think people should take the Tara jokes seriously, cuz Rudy and Tara are really good friends and I don't think he would do it if it wasn't really just an imitation of FS fans!!"


 "As for Rudy, I thought he did a great job for an athlete. I always cringe whenever an athlete does an acting gig. They usually look all arms and they have a permanent, awkward smile on their face. Kudos to Rudy for actually looking relaxed on camera and for saying his lines without a monotone quality. LOL"


 "Too bad Rudy didn't have a bigger part."


 "Okay, enough! But I would love to see Rudy date Jack!!!"


 "Okay, I know he was only on for like 10 seconds, but I think he's a natural. Maybe Rudy should be a regular. Jack needs a love interest. Come to think of it, so does Will. Hey, how about a triangle! Seriously, I thought Rudy looked very comfortable and relaxed. I'm always amazed at how stiff some people look when they play themselves. I think he did a great job."


 "I agree. Rudy delivered his 3 lines with a keen sense of comedic timing. Did you notice in his last line he made a reference to Will, something like "I never would have guessed that he's 46." I thought this was an attempt on Jack's part to keep Rudy's attention all for himself. Very cute! I hope Rudy

 explores acting more. He seemed very comfortable in front of the camera."


 "I thought the whole show was hilarious - the referneces to skating freaks/fans, the bonding over Champions on Ice - I thought it was very well done. Usually when shows try to talk/make reference to a specific subject (like a sport) they only go far enough to fool/convince non-experts, or sometimes they even make totally incorrect, outdate references (they wouldn't want to have to do too much research!)

 "Rudy was awesome - of course!"

 ---Jo Jo

 "I was disappointed with Rudy's cameo, I would have liked to see him more and hear him say more than five words."


 > I did not see the show, but I did hear that they had the obligatory male skater/gay joke. So, while it sounds way better than skating usually gets, it wasn't perfect(but hey this is a start!>

 "Yeah, but the joke was put in the mouth of a character who was supposed to be obnoxious and dislikable. And she wasn't exactly telling a lie either; Rudy Galindo hardly qualifies as "THE gay one" in skating.

 "Nobody said that all male skaters are gay; Jack just said "Look, there's Rudy, he's the gay one!" and the woman said "*'One'*?"

 "It was kinda funny...

 "OK, so Rudy's appearance at the end was a bit "gay cliche"--the implication that Jack "picked him up." It was funny anyway."


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