ICE WARS - 1999


Ice Wars on TV - Pt. 3, Artistic Programst

"Rudy Galindo
Rudy skated to his "The Rose" program in the red costume. He did a 3flip-2toe, 2axel, 3loop, charlotte, 2sal, flying camel - Y spin, spread eagle, 3toe, layback spin - Y spin. This was one case where I agreed that he was under scored, I thought he had the best conceived program of all the men and had a good performance of it.
Tech 9.6 9.7 9.8 9.7 9.7 9.8 9.7
Artistic 9.7 9.7 9.8 9.7 9.7 9.9 9.7"

 ---Wayne Joy

 Artistic Program
"Rudy skated a new program to "Living the Vida Loca" he wore black pants and a sparkle shirt. He did a 2axel, 3toe, sitspin, footwork, 2toe, 2axel, and a combination spin. This was a very good program and I think he should have gotten better artistic marks."
Tech 9.7 9.6 9.8 9.7 9.7 9.8 9.7
Artistic 9.7 9.8 9.8 9.7 9.7 9.9 9.9

 ---Wayne Joy

"Rudy I wish he'd do some elegant skating again...he likes to shimmy and have fun, but he's one of the few men who can skate like a woman and I mean that in a good way...the fun programs are cute, but they aren't going to win awards."


 "Urmonav vs. Galindo - well...I didn't espcially like either program, but I'll go with.....Rudy Galindo"


 "Rudy had it - he was clean, and it was fun."

 ---Mel On Ice

 "Ther first three were more evenly matched, but here are my choices RUDY (because he did his jumps and Alexei's was too much an eligible program),"


"1) Rudy-good energy. While I'm not the biggest fan of his skating (I liked him as an amateur), I thought he really went out and gave it his all. It was fun to watch because of his energy."

 ---Aaron W

 "Rudy Galindo VS. Alexi Urmanov
Not much of a race here, or so I thought. Rudy's program was complete fun, skated to Studio 54. I believed right away that Alexi would come out and skate as magically as he did during his technical and would have stolen this title easily. Alexi chose to skate to the more traditional Swan Lake. But Rudy landed a great triple toe-triple toe combination, and all of his other jumps were done nice enough. But most of his time was spent prancing around and showing off (blowing glitter around, etc.) It was quite a "Rudy" program, but very fun! The Alexi came out and doubeled his triple-flip, his triple axel, another triple flip, another axel, and I though Rudy had it in the bag. Little did we know Alexi threw in two huge triples (the toe and salchow) near the end. If I were judging this battle Alexi would have won with a 9.7 compared to what I would have given Rudy, a 9.6."
Heres how the judges figure it
Rudy 9.8 9.7 9.7 9.7 9.8 9.8 9.7 - 97.4
Alexi 9.7 9.5 9.8 9.8 9.9 9.8 9.6 - 97.6


 [another point of view]

 "Rudy v Urmanov. This is comical juxtaposition of programs. If these two didn't make people turn channels with a vengance... I will be interested in the ratings.

 "Rudy, sigh, did the Studio 54 thang. There's nothing redeeming about this program, not even his sig moves. No, I tell a lie. He picked up a fallen ring. That was very kind of him Urmanov didn't need to trip over it later.

 "Urmanov, sigh, went mental and doubled everything. He never seemed committed to the program."


 "Philippe was Philippe, and Rudy got the crowd going like only he can."


 "Anyhoo First up, Alexai Urmanov vs. Rudy Galindo - oh, c'mon, this is like comparing apples to oranges. The child really likes Galindo's "Studio 54" program (and I have to admit, I like the music), and she thinks Urmanov's "Swan Lake" is boring. The scores were VERY close, she was pissed, so much so that she stomped off and said "I STILL don't like him (Urmanov)". SLAM of the bedroom door. Where have I gone wrong?"


 Ice Wars on TV - Pt. 1 - Technical Program

 "I love Rudy Galindo! Too bad about the axel problems, but I knew he'd avenge himself with a triple toe-triple toe. The kick-ass Charlotte made me laugh out loud. Galindo is incapable of letting the ladies hog that move, when he knows he can do it so well. That, and the new sideways sitspin, showed Galindo's commitment to continuing improvements. Who choreographed "The Rose"? You know what, there is a lot more crossover between Galindo's and Michelle Kwan's skating than is generally noted. I think he admires and incorporates some of her moves, and I see his flow and steady, upright pacing in the leg throws of her SP circular steps. The other thing I noted was how he reached out to Yamaguchi affectionately after her skate. That love will probably always be there."

 ---Lorrie Kim

 "Some very nice skating! And some not so nice. Rudy has cause to be unhappy about his marks, I think. His skating style is so clearly superior to either of the men who skated before. Considering the marks given to Davis and Candeloro, he was pretty severely underscored. But then, so was Urmanov. His scores should have been much more comparable to Boitano's. Even if you argue that Boitano's skating was superior in presentation and artistry--which I don't think it was--Urmanov's program was clearly a notch higher in technical content--and this is the technical part of the competition.


 "Wasn't planning on taping it, but I'm glad I did. I managed to get for my archives a really nice performance from Rudy (the kind that he probably won't perform on the Collins tour) and a fantastic program from Yuka."

---Leslie Arai

 "Was anyone else kind of angry that Rudy received a 9.1 from a judge at Ice Wars for The Rose? I found it odd that others FELL and didn't receive 9.1s. I don't know...I just thought that was unfair. We'll see what happens on Saturday."

 --Signe Jorgensen

 "Rudy I thought was the most artistic but had a few technical issues. He did a Charlotte! "

 "Axel Annie-- no Rudy DID a Charlotte-- you know that spiral that Mk started doing last season (and still does). I really liked his program-- very artistic."


 "Rudy I like it better than the first two skaters. So sad that he got those marks, I think he deserves a little bit more."


 " Also surprised at Rudy's low marks with a triple/triple. I guess the two single axels stood out too much. Liked the choreography and his twisted torso on the sit spin. I just love his line, style and positions. The first three guys looked as slow as molasses. Just too uptight."


 "But I disagree with you about Rudy's music. I love it. The soloist's vocal quality is actually very common for a first tenor sound, especially for a cappella groups. His costume is too much, but this program is good overall, in my opinion. He didn't skate it well here."


 "Rudy Galindo - What a great program. He had trouble with the axel and singled it, but he made up for it with a huge triple triple combo. He doubeled another triple but added a triple toe loop. He had an excellent combination spin. A great program, but was also sloppy when looking at the technical side, but by far the best of the first three. The judges robbed him, one judge even had the guts to give him 9.1, the rest of the scores ranged from 9.2 - 9.6. I would have given him about a 9.7 or so."


 "ITA - I loved his Charlotte! Everytime I see Galindo, I'm impressed with him. What is the move called that he went into right after the Charlotte? It's kind of like a solo inside death spiral where the skater usually puts a hand down on the ice. I like that move when it's done well."

 >That, and the new sideways sitspin, showed Galindo's commitment to continuing improvements.

 "I've notice his spins are really nicely done - he gives Todd Eldredge a run for his money there. There are a few skaters who could learn from his spins. I usually hate that type of spin he did at the end of his program - but when he does it, it looks good. I don't like the looks of it when Yagudin does it."


 "As poor as Yagudin's is, Kulik's is even worse, LOL. I really think only Galindo and Kwan do this spin with the proper form."

 ---Laurie (who fervently wishes all skaters would abandon this spin if they can't do a decent job with it!)

 >"It's kind of like a solo inside death spiral where the skater usually puts a hand down on the ice. I like that move when it's done well."

 "I don't know if it has an official name, but I call it a "Toller pivot", after, of course, Toller Cranston, who if he did not invent the move, certainly popularized it (and did the best version(s) prior to Rudy)."


 "Oh yeah, that was the best Charlotte I've ever seen. He really held that position. I think the move looks better when the skater is wearing pants."

 ---Jennifer Lyon

 "I have not lost my small degree of cynicisim. Phillp Candeloro deepens my cynicism, and thanks to Rudy, Yuka, Urmy and even Suyra I am not as cynical after I watched the program."

 >> I love Rudy Galindo!

 "Same here whenever he skates to more subdue and sensitive programs, I like his Annie's song program slightly bettr than the rose."

 >> The kick-ass Charlotte made me laugh out loud. Galindo is incapable of letting the ladies hog that move, when he knows he can do it so well.

 "Same goes for his layback spin."


 "It was great to see Rudy doing something meaningful again too. I loved his program. Yes, I have had my giggles over the YMCA and Brady Bunch programs but I'm one of those people who gets weary of the silly programs pretty quick (so Tobel doesn't do much for me). I enjoyed The Rose and it did seem like Rudy's marks were a little low to me too. Rudy's spins were wonderful and I like the variations he comes up with."


 Overall the judges chose

 (1) Brian Boitano - 99.3
(2) Alexi Urmanov - 48.8
(3) Kurt Browning - 48.2
(4) Phillipe Candellero - 47.8
(5) Rudy Galindo - 46.8
(it sickens me that they tied Galindo and Davis.... that hurts)
(5) Scott Davis - 46.8

Here would have been my choice

 (1) Alexi Urmanov
(2) Brian Boitano
(3) Kurt Browning
(4) Rudy Galindo
(5) Phillipe Candellero
(6) Scott Davis


 "Cool program, but I still hate the nipple jumpsuit. I wish Rudy would hit all his jumps at some high-exposure pro event just for variety sake. He's a deserving winner if he'd skate programs like this. Unfortunately, from the intro film clips, I dread the artistic program, and that's his prime-time exposure."


 "Rudy Love his willingness to do something different, charlotte spiral, layback spins and a very new sideway sitspin."


 "Now, as an American man, I understand the fear that people will think they look rather effeminate in Russian-style costumes, and I can see why Rudy does not have that fear. I do get a bit bothered by some of his see-through blouses, and some of his prissy antics on the ice in some programs, I don't think it looks proper, but this costume was more like a Russian one, and I thought he skated rather well. In other words, this is a program I enjoyed watching. The long is coming, though, and I don't know what I will think after that..."


 "I liked Rudy's program, but couldn't get over the song being done by someone other than the Divine One. To me, there's only one voice for that song, and that's Bette Midler."


Thanks to Debbie Mowry for the Ice Wars Graphic


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