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Ice Wars - 1998

Ice Wars, Nov 18

"We went straight to the hotel arriving about 4-415pm in hopes of catching Brian and Philippe. Our prayers were answered as nobody had left for the arena yet. Got to chat with Rudy who sounded like he had a cold-he said he has been on Elvis' tour in Canada and it is just way too cold up there!

"Rudy up last for the men with good ole Village People. Now I have seen it SO many times yet I love it each time and still managed to take 9 pictures even though I have a ton of great ones already!

"Rudy next with a violin program. Beautiful beautiful music and I loved his costume...burgundy velvet with a violin outlined across the chest in gold metallic thread and he skated with a bow which he played on his left arm which was the neck of the violin. I just loved it. Rudy's hair is quite long and has that gold-ish highlight in it."


Many thanks to Wayne J for promptly posting the following results:

Reviewer is Wayne J on the Figure Skating World Discussion Group
Note: not all jumps listed may not be accurate as I might have missed one or mistaken a flip as a toeloop.

 Technical Program:

 Victor Petrenko
Victor wore an Orange and Red costume, I did not recognize the music
Elements: 2axel, 2Lutz, 3toe, Layback spin, 3salchow(stepout), 2axel, 3salchow, combination spin.
Scores: 5.6 5.6 5.7 5.6 5.6 5.6 5.7 total = 28.7
Notes: excessive posing

 Brian Boitano
Brian did his technical program from JP Pros.
Elements: Tano Lutz, camel spin, 3axel - 2toe, 3flip - 2toe, 3toe, flying sitspin, 3loop(touchdown), death drop.
Scores 5.9 5.9 5.9 5.8 5.8 5.9 total = 29.4
Notes: I missed one of the scores.

 Phillipe Candeloro
A somewhat serious program, in a blue shirt and white pants. I think it is new.
Elements: 1axel, 2toe, 3lutz, flying camel, 3flip, sitspin, 3loop, spiral, valentine card given to judges, 3toe(fall), footwork, backflip.
Scores: 5.7 5.7 5.6 5.7 5.5 5.7 5.7 total = 28.4

Rudy Galindo
Village People Medley
Elements: 3axel, 3flip, sitspin, 3toe - 2toe, 2axel, combination spin
Scores: 5.8 5.7 5.8 5.8 5.7 5.8 5.8 total = 28.9
Notes: audience did YMCA motions

 Standings after Mens Technical:
Brian Boitano (29.4)
Rudy Galindo (28.9)
Victor Petrenko (28.7)
Phillipe Candeloro (28.4)

 Standings after Ladies Technical:
Oksana Baiul (29.1)
Tara Lipinski (28.9)
Surya Bonaly (28.7)
Nancy Kerrigan (28.0)

 Standings after the technical programs:
Team USA 115.2
Team World 114.3

 My Ice Wars Review - Artistic programs

The artistic program counts for 2/3 of the final score. The scores given are doubled to achieve this effect.

 Victor Petrenko
Michael Jackson Medley
Elements: 3toe, 2axel, flying sitspin, 3toe, 3toe, death drop.
Scores: 5.8 5.7 5.7 5.8 5.7 5.8 5.9 total = 57.6

Rudy Galindo
Violin program
Elements: 3toe-2toe, camel spin, 3loop, camel - sitspin - Yspin, 2axel, camel spin - scratch spin, 2axel.
Scores: 5.9 5.8 5.8 5.9 5.8 5.7 5.8 total = 58.2
Notes: great program

Nancy Kerrigan
begins with sparkling costume with a hat, ends with pink costume, skated to rock music.
Elements: 2toe, spiral, 2axel, 3toe, 3toe(touchdown)
Scores: 5.7 5.7 5.7 5.7 5.8 5.7 5.7 total = 53.0

 Surya Bonaly
orange costume, a lyrical musical selection for a change
Elements: 3toe-2toe, 2axel, camel spin, spiral, backflip-2toe, 3salchow(touchdown).
Scores: 5.8 5.8 5.9 5.9 5.7 5.8 5.8 total = 58.2


Phillipe Candeloro
Saturday Night Fever
Elements: 2axek, 3toe-2toe, 3lutz, flying camel, audience attack, backflip, anklespin.
Scores: 5.7 5.8 5.8 5.9 5.8 5.9 5.8 total = 58.2

 Brian Boitano
Sinatra Medley
Elements: 3toe-3toe, 2axel, tano lutz, flying camel, scratch spin, 3salchow, deathdrop.
Scores: 5.9 6.0 6.0 5.8 5.9 5.8 5.9 total = 59.0
Notes: excellent program, the competition was pretty much over at this point.

 Oksana Baiul
Ballad, phone as a prop
Elements: 1lutz, 3salchow(fall), 2axel, camel-donut.
Scores: 5.7 5.7 5.7 5.7 5.9 5.8 5.7 total = 57.2
Notes: too much laying on ice for my tastes.

 Tara Lipinski
The Second Element, new blue dress
Elements: 3sal, combination spin, 3toe, footwork, attitude spiral, 3sal, layback.
Scores: 5.8 5.8 5.8 5.9 5.8 5.9 5.8 total = 58.2
Notes: more polished than in JP Pros, spins were back up to speed

 Final Score:
Team USA 347.6
Teem World 345.5

 Final Standings Men:
Brian Boitano
Rudy Galindo
Phillipe Candeloro
Victor Petrenko

 Final Standings Ladies
Tara Lipinski
Surya Bonaly
Oksana Baiul
Nancy Kerrigan

Verne and Tracy

Ice Wars, CBS television, November 27

"Rudy -- Amazing. This is definitely one of my favorite programs of the season. It's original, creative, and beautiful. Nobody uses props as well as he does. The footwork was wonderful, especially when he used the bow. And Sasha Zhulin has finally come up with something good for a skater to do with his arms. And, of course, the spins were beautiful. My cat likes this one a lot, too. Hmm. Eclectic tastes, I guess. :-)"


 "Majorly pissed that they cut the men's technical...Impressed, as always, with Rudy Galindo's artistry and consistant technical ability. I loved the violin program. He does a very nice job with props, without making it look overdone or contrived. I love all his programs, but it was great to see a new one."


 "The mens' artistic programs were very amusing. LOL. I loved Victor's program. He really has those moves down. Philippe worked the crowd as usual .. but I would love to see him do that with his clothes on for once. Boitano was classic, and Rudy's program was *SO* difficult. So many of his choreographic moves and footwork patterns go unnoticed by the general public, but they continue to amaze skaters and knowledgable fans. He's artistically brilliant in my opinion - while at the same time he maintains a technical edge."

 ---Mel G G

 "Rudy: I personally LOVED Rudy's new program to Saint-Saens' Rondo Capriccioso, aka. Violin. This is the Rudy I have been waiting for. I am no longer disappointed in him regarding his skating....that is....for now!! It was fabulous."


 "Galindo: Yes! Yes! A real pro program! I love his "Rondo Capriccioso." For one thing, his air violin is much more authentic than Petrenko's air piano of last year. The costume works -- it's true to Galindo's fanciful tastes, but better executed than, say, his winged one. Zhulin has done it again. I hope he keeps this one for a while."

 ---Lorrie Kim

 "I liked this program too. His skating was a little rough around the edges, but the choreography was wonderful, he used the violin bow to great effect, the subject of the program was not his sexual orientation, he looked pretty sexy with that cool goatee and long hair, and overall I say Bravo! My favorite of his since Ave Maria I think."


 "Me three. I loved this program and great for Rudy that he's decided to try programs not in the realm of YMCA and The Brady Bunch. Sasha Zhulin rocks!"


"I like this program a lot, my fav since his Swan Lake. Kudos to Zhulin! That man is a jerk, but he's a great choreographer. I especially like how he used the bow in the scratch spin toward the end. Rudy, it has nothing to do with your sexual orientation or race. It has everything to do with your skating and your choreography. Working with a choreographer such as Zhulin definitely pays off."


 "Speaking of the fellas, all did a reasonable job--Candeloro and Petrenko continue with their posturing numbers (but at least Petrenko has a _new_ posturing number) and skated well within their self-set limits. Galindo again receives "best use of props" (won last year for his fine work with a hula hoop) for his violin program which was one of the best ones I think he's done in recent years. It allowed him to add his somewhat-theatrical flourishes and ncorporated them well into a thematically consistent whole...So, to sum up: Highlights for me were Bauil, Galindo, and Boitano..."

 ---Jnymd (Bob the Dinosaur)

 "I gotta admit, my overall response to Ice Wars was that I had to go play my tapes of Michelle (at pro am after worlds), Ilia (Olympic long, Pagliacci at 1st pro am and COI Gershwin) and Pleshenko (that funny number). Except for Galindo being just brilliant, and Brian, and the fact Oksana is comeing back, and TL didn't make me angry, I just wasn't inspired."


"Rudy Galindo : Great second program, perfect for Rudy. Another masterpiece by Sasha Zhulin!"

 ---EDeveraux (Liz)

 'Rudy - beautiful performance..."

 ---SkateSand (Laurie)

"Rudy: I wish he'd do more numbers like the artistic one -- fabulous! He really has the talent to do that stuff, and I agree with Tracy -- he's believable no matter what the style."

 ---Skatfan (Renee)

 "The classic Rudy, and his moves when he is on, are oh so beautiful! His line and extension on spirals are wonderful, and who says a man can't do a classic layback. Wish more men would work on this move."

 ---Peter Murray

"I liked Rudy's violin program, though I wish he'd get rid of the violin on the costume. I also admit to feeling a bit of trepidation every time he jumped with that bow in his hands! But it really was a beautiful program."


 "I was totally impressed with Rudy's violin program...This is why I don't like Rudy's other programs, I know what he is really capable of."


 "I also want to say that I really enjoyed Rudy's program. It was quite beautiful. I even found myself admiring the costume. (after the first 30 seconds)"


 "I do have to add that I thought Rudy's program was tremendous (the violin one). He did a wonderful job with this and I look forward to seeing him at the World Pro/Am in December."


 "I enjoyed Rudy's program. He may be a bit flamboyant in his costumes, but that's Rudy. However, when Rudy does the unconventional out on the ice, it always appears to me to be for the sake of the art and his vision, while Philippe seems to simply pander to the base instincts of the female audience. With Rudy, it's arousing new concepts in skating. With Philippe, it's arousing hormones."


 "After watching Rudy's number I decided that he is the only skater who should ever be allowed to use a prop. When he uses the bow, or the hoop in Clown, he looks so natural and the he uses the prop to enhance the message of his skating."

 ---lHenry (Laura)

 "I really enjoyed Rudy's program. the music was so familiar and I kept thinking about where I'd last heard it, and then it hit me, Michelle Kwan used that music for her 95 LP. I don't like Rudy's hair, it's messy and distracting, but it's *his* hair and I guess he likes it that way. That's his business. I thought the skating itself was brilliant. I doubt a lot of skaters could pull off those spin positions with the bow, and a 3t-2t combo, without either dropping or snapping it. And I find rudy very graceful and has beautiful body positions in his spins. I know people on this board have said Rudy whines a lot, but I detected none of that last night, and personally have never seen him whine. Maybe I just don't watch the right competitions. The only thing I missed seeing was his layback spin. I think he could have come up with an unusual variation with the bow and was disappointed when he didn't. Rudy is great with skating with props. Oksana should learn a lesson from him or get rid of the phone."


"I was mesmerized by Rudy's number; I thought it was exquisite. I also thought his hair fit the image of a brilliant virtuoso. However, I think the violin on the costume was too much. If necessary, the shape of the violin could have been suggested with a few strokes of paint for an abstract feel."


 "Sorry, Jen, but I disagree about Rudy. I loved that program and his hair-it actually makes him better looking than the old style. And I love that he decided to do a classical program instead of just another TV show or Village People medley. His true strength is in the ballet-inspired moves that he makes on the ice. It's nice to see Zhulin agrees and brought it back out of him."


 "Rudy-the violin costume kinda weirded me out at first but it was appropriate for the number. Plus he didn't whine at the end!!! "


 "Rudy: usually don't like his programs but this one, IMO, was a departure in the right direction. Rudy actually has a choreographer! It showed! He skated great... Hope he repeats this performance at the World Pro/Ams. This program could make him really competitive."


 "Rudy's violin program is beautiful! The footwork and choreography in general was far above anything I've seen from him so far (and I generally like his programs). However, I wish he would lose the flesh-colored shoulder look and keep a simpler, more elegant line with the costume (but keep the violin picture) to go along with the elegant skating...I generally really dislike props, but Rudy seems to make them work beautifully, IMO. I really like Send in the Clowns (hoop), and I LOVE that violin program. Last night was the first time I've seen it and I think it's the best program I've seen from him. Beautiful."


 "Rudy- my man! I loved the violin routine. Sasha (even though a pig) can do some great choreography. The footwork and the use of the bow blended well."


 "Rudy is a master at using props -- I can't think of anyone who does it better."


 "Rudy Galindo: I totally LOVED the violin number. Rudy skates so beautifully with the most beautiful stretched out positions I have ever seen. Why don't the judges slobber all over this like I do?!? I thought he'd get at least all 5.9's. I was surprised at how low he was marked by some. I'm glad to see Rudy do a really challenging piece of beautiful choreography. The only part I didn't like was when he stood on the ice and painted with his bow for quite a long time....but that is a typical tool of Zuhlin's choreography."


 "I thought this number by Rudy was brilliant. I loved the violin theme. And I was waiting for your comments, Mtnskater. And I was surprised by his scores, too."


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