Photo by Andrea "Hoo" Chempinski

Champions On Ice Summer Tour - 1998

Part 3, San Jose CA to Chicago IL

Part 1, Baltimore MD to Hartford CT
Part 2, E. Rutherford NJ to Oakland, CA

Now that the 1998 Champions on Ice Summer Tour is into its final leg in the western part of the U.S., it's clear that Rudy and his Village People medley are a terrific hit in every section of the country. Spectator reviews from everywhere mention great audience reaction to this number and to Rudy's fine skating. We're proud of him for being at the top of his game at every tour stop and giving an energetic, humorous, and singularly entertaining performance night after night.

San Jose, CA, June 27 (2 shows)

"First, I met Laura Galindo. I walked right past her, and we talked for a few secs. She let me take a picture...Rudy, again, tore down the's his to do as he pleases..."


"Rudy was great as usual... BTW, with the exception of Rudy and maybe Philippe, I think she [Michelle] got the biggest ovation, but all the well- known USA skaters got good ovations."


"(San Jose's own)Rudy Galindo- skated to Village People. Lizzy liked it. the audience LOVED him."

---Llaje TR

"All of the skaters were individually introduced and the loudest applauses went to Tara, Michelle, Ilia, Rudy and surya...Rudy of course did his village people performance which was so much fun to watch. The crowd was going crazy for him and what can I say....San Jose is proud of Rudy!!!!!!


"Rudy--love that effeminate Macho Man!! (limp wrists, daintily raised pinky, etc). Big applause from the home crowd, but I would think they should've given him a standing O at least."


"Rudy Galindo received the absolute LOUDEST ovation of the afternoon. No surprise since he is the hometown hero. The crowd was completely into his Village People routine! He almost got a standing ovation."


Biggest applause went to Todd, Tara, Michelle, Philippe, Surya, and "San Jose's own," Rudy (I think thats what the announcer said)...They were mighty proud at the matinee show too! :) Great response from the crowd, although not many followed along with the Y-M-C-A arm movements.

--- "CeliaGen"

"...I attended the SJ performance of COI, too. Wasn't it great; simply could not believe the performances I saw that night... And I especially liked the way Rudy blew the roof off the Arena."


"It was fun to see Rudy doing those graceful wrist movement with MACHO MACHO MAN as the music."

---"Michele G. Atupan"

"There were also a few "cliques" that seemed pretty obvious. The most obvious was Rudy Galindo and Tara Lipinski. They hung out for each other's programs and cheered each other on. Rudy was the most vocal "cheerer" of the bunch...

Rudy Galindo was really up for his program (the other home town boy). He did "Macho Man/In the Navy". He changed the choreography and made some overtly gay body movements during the "I've got to be a macho man" chorus. And I do mean "overt". Even for him. I'd would -love- to see him do the same thing on a televised competition and hear what the announcers would have to say about it! I can already picture sponsers running for the exits."

---"Anderson, Kevin"

"Rudy Galindo came out from the skaters' lounging area to meet his hometown crowd backstage. In fact, he crossed the line to meet us (there was some line to separate skaters from the fans). He hugged everybody. He's really a sweet guy."


"The skater of the afternoon was Rudy Galindo. He's from San Jose, so he had a lot of fans there. His skate to In the Navy, Macho Man, and YMCA made everyone laugh and clap along to his music. he had the loudest ovation of the afternoon."


Reno, NV, July 2

"Rudy brought down the house with his YMCA; the crowd loved him. While he was skating Tara watched him and when she skated he watched her and they hugged when she skated off the ice; seem to be very close friends... The crowd went wild over every skater, but I would have to say Rudy, B & E and Ilia brought down the house... The skaters came to Reno on Wednesday, but did not skate until Thursday evening. This gave them time for some R & R plus, perhaps, see a casino show. I think they had a wonderful time in Reno. Reno loved them and can't wait to have them back next year."


"First of all, I want to say that COI has never been in Reno. The show was just about sold out and the people in the arena were very excited about the show. They screamed and cheered wildly all through the show. It was obvious the excitement carried over to the skaters and they all gave super performances. It was really neat to be a part of it and I was so happy for the skaters. They must have loved it! "


"How fun that everybody was "on..." [In response to Rudy's watching Tara's performance} "Rudy has always been one of my favorites and he always seems to 'be there' for skaters going through tough times. He was there for Nicole a couple of yers ago and now he seems to have taken Tara under his wings."


Phoenix, AZ, July 8

"Galindo: Village People, to thunderous applause. Mom loved it. David was somewhat taken aback: "You didn't tell me this was going to happen." (Note: this was in response to cheesy 70's music, not to Rudy.)"

 ---Leslie Arai

"What can I say about Rudy Galindo. He received the biggest ovation of the night. The Village People medley program was hysterically funny and skated beautifully. I have watched Rudy for years and agonized when he fell short of his expectations. I was also present in the San Jose Arena the night he won the National Championships. I am thrilled that he is finally receiving the recognition he so richly deserves."


Anaheim, CA, July 10

Rudy won the best crowd response contest. (RPU3)

"Rudy Galindo - A big Favorite and big applause. Did his Village People number and skated great."


Rudy Galindo - A big Favorite and big applause. Did his Village People number and skated great.
"You know what would be good is if several other male skaters joined in and wore Village People costumes, then you'd have a complete Village People group. Now that would be fun." (RJ)

"Rudy Galindo was a crowd pleaser. He, Todd Eldredge, Nicole, Michelle, Phillipe and Ilia got the biggest ovations, I believe...Backstage was a mess. I don't do autographs. So, against my general nature, I engaged skaters in brief, meaningless conversations...Backstage was a mess. I don't do autographs. So, against my general nature, I engaged skaters in brief, meaningless conversations...Rudy Galindo was Mr. Personality...he was all over the place talking to fans until he was literally pushed onto the bus."


"Rudy most definitely got a standing ovation, I thought he was the best received of the night, more than the other three."


St. Louis, MO, July 16

"Performance Generating Loudest Applause: Rudy (easily)"


Chicago, IL, July 17-19

"Rudy Galindo- He got a standing ovation! Wow! The crowd definitely loved him! He did all his jumps AND still managed to get the crowd into it! His In the Navy/YMCA program is even better in person than on TV and when I saw it on TV I was laughing!"


"Tara Lipinski -- no, "Gliding" is not her best program. But the crowd response was hardly "not that loud"... the only three people I can remember getting more crowd noise in resopnse were Rudy Galindo, Michelle Kwan, and Todd Eldredge. She got good applause, in my estimation."


[From the above reviewer who also went backstage. In response to much recent discussion about skaters' attitudes toward fans, he ranked them!]

"** Skaters who I saw were not only signing autographs but were being especially nice about it, not rushing, making sure to get everyone, signing multiple programs, skates, t-shirts etc. for the same person, and in general going above and beyond the call of niceness.

Tara Lipinski
Michelle Kwan
Rudy Galindo
Todd Eldredge (I missed him, but he got everybody else there, bar none)
Marina Klimova
Elizabeth Punsalan and Jerod Swallow
Mandy Woetzel
Ingo Steuer


[The following was not made in response to a COI performance--just a general observation related to the above report.]

"On the other hand, Rudy Galindo has never been to the Olympics and is one of skating's hottest properties. He proves my point to some degree. By being gracious to the public, owning his own failures, working hard, meeting the public's expectations, and performing with consistency and a sense of fun, he offers the public what they expect from their skating celebrities."

---Tim Raguso

"On the contrary to the previous Chicago COI review, no one really got a standing ovation at all in my afternoon show. also noticed that Tara did got as big of applauses and photo flashed as Michelle. But the greatest respones from the audience has to go to Rudy Gilindo."


"Rudy - How can you go wrong with YMCA?"

---Christy Toney

Rudy Galindo-Really had this crowd going in Chicago to his In the navy/Macho man/ YMCA routine! I loved it so much and he is such a good performer and entertainer! The whole United Center was doing the YMCA and yelling for him! That lady must have loved it when he yipped of that navy vest and handed it to her! I love this guy I hope he skates for a long time! Awsome Routine!

---Suzy Jarvis

"Rudy- great to watch. A crowd favorite and mine too! YMCA ..."


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