Photo by Andrea "Hoo" Chempinski

Champions On Ice Summer Tour - 1998

Part 1, Baltimore MD to Hartford CT

Part 2, E. Rutherford NJ to Oakland CA

Part 3, San Jose, CA to Chicago, IL

Baltimore, April 8

"Rudy: Village People number--definitely a crowd number"

---Julianna Marten,

"GALINDO brought alot of applause (he's so He did his "Village People" number wearing the navy outfit and skated well."

---Paula Slater,

Washington, April 10-11

"Rudy Galindo-Village People medly- Rudy was up to his old self again. The audience screamed and laughed through his entire performance. I'm not a Rudy fan but I had a smile on my face the entire time too!"


"Galindo got the loudest screams of the night doing his "In the Navy, Macho Macho Man" number. It definitely did liven the place up even if it was "campy". He did some great triples, though."

---Kathryn Yeates,

Philadelphia, April 12

"Rudy Galindo was the hit of the night with his Village People medley. I think audiences really get his "Macho Man" antics, which he reprised in the finale (this time, doing an Ina Bauer). Also, the lighting effects were stunning for the entire show, but they really outdid themselves for Galindo's program. They started out with gay-pride rainbow lighting, then switched to entirely different colors for every music cut, including an adorable blue wave effect for "In the Navy."

---Lorrie Kim,

"Rudy Galindo got the biggest ovation at that time. The crowd loved the number. It puts a smile on your face. :-) The guy sitting next to us (who didn't know anything about skating) said, "What is he going to skate to, "In the Navy?" He was just joking, but I was LOL, he was right! ;-)"

---Heather Winfield,

New Haven, April 14

"Rudy-He woke the place up. The crowd was flipping out. Great jumps. He looked like he was having a great time to the Village People medly. He woke this somewhat tired crowd up. Nice to see him letting his hair down and having fun..."


Providence, April 15

"Rudy Galindo...Village People medley. As a close to the first act, Rudy set the arena on fire. His jumps were all solid and powerful. And his choreography was hilarious! I wonder if Nicole helped him out with some of the moves? Costume: Sailors outfit"

Boston, April 18

"The crowd loved Rudy, but I prefer his more artistic pieces to his entertaining ones...he's trying too hard to be cute!"

---Tracy Marks

"The first part seemed pretty flat until Rudy came out with the YMCA number."

---Amy Battis

"Rudy - Rudy was the HIT of the show! The crowd went nuts and he was so into this program. He landed every jump beatifully and really knows how to connect with an audience."

---Carolyn Connelly

"The crowd was rather lazy because the only time they stood up was for the closing. They should have all worked up the energy to stand for Todd (2 t-axels), Michelle, and Rudy (at the least)...Rudy: What else can I say! The showstopper!!! What an end to the first half! He had the whole crowd doing "YMCA" from their seats! He so enjoys what he does, and plays it to the crowd! They loved it!!!! Clean program, d-axel, t-toe, d-axel, t-toe/d-toe, d-axel. Sailor uniform. 5.9"

---Elizabeth McGuire

Albany, April 19

"Of course everyone went mad for Rudy's Macho Man number. I thought it would be a "funny once" thing but it turns out I laughed hysterically through the whole thing. One thing I noticed--little kids LOVE Rudy. Lots of big jumps, including (I think) a triple-triple."

---Sherrill Ingalls,

Pittsburgh, April 21

"Rudi- Clean (I mean how he skated). Lots of energy. The audience loved him and the program. Possibly the loudest reaction from the audience."


Cleveland, April 22

"Spotted in the skater's entrance: Carol Heiss Jenkins...Also, Rudy Galindo appeared to watch a good part of the show from there, he was particulary evident during Tobel's and Bobek's numbers, and handed Nicole her skate guards. It was also fun to watch Rudy & Nicole plan their dual bows at the end of the show... Winner of the Crowd Ovation award goes to: Rudy Galindo, who seemed to get the most applause before and after he skated his Village People medley. Cleveland Loves Rudy!!"

---Meghan, (McKondik)

"Rudy Galindo - Village People - He was a hit here in Cleveland as well. Is is just in Cleveland, or do the people in the nosebleed seats cheer loudest everywhere?"


Television Broadcast, April 23

"Rudy- I can't stop laughing during this program. One of the best I've ever seen from him. I loved that they showed him winning Nationals."


"Instead of "counting sheep" last evening, I lulled myself to sleep asigning letter grades to the performances I had just watched on COI...this morning I wrote them down and came out with Recent Olympians 3.02 (with Pasha and HWSWP holding them down) "Veteran" pros 2.56 (with Rudy holding them up)"

---Fred Goss,

"Just finished watching Rudy's skating to the Village People medley and really enjoyed it. Best of his pro routines that I've seen. Great jumps, spins and what a character. Come to think of it, of all the figure skating memories I have, one of the best is of Rudy winning the US National Championships. I remember thinking that he got rooked in the marks of the short program back then and never dreamed he would win. He really deserved it!!!"


"I just LOVE Rudy ! I get such a kick out of him. He seems to love being out there. Everytime they show his win at Nationals I get excited for him all over again."


Syracuse, NY, April 25

"Rudy brought the house down with his Village People number. By the time he got to "YMCA," practically everyone in the entire place was doing the Y-M-C-A arm motions along with him. I was sitting far enough away from the ice to not be able to see any facial expression of any of the skaters, with the exception of Rudy, whose smile was so huge and bright through the whole thing. He got the biggest ovation of the night so far. The rainbow colored lights on the ice were a cute touch."

"...and out came the real bus, already packed full of skaters on their way to Buffalo. You could see there were skaters waving inside but it was too dark and the windows were reflecting the lights too much. I couldn't make out any of their faces but I did see one big smile. It could only have been Rudy!"

---Ellen B. Edgerton,

"Next thing I noticed was the chumminess between Nicole, Pasha and Rudi. They seem like the rebels or hell raisers of the group. They hung around together alot and danced and fooled around and hugged each other. It was fun to watch. All the other skaters were more subdued...Rudi, This guy really knows how to work a room! The crowd was wild for him. He did the Macho Man routine and I never get tired of this. He has flair and isn't afraid to show it. I think he is mocking himself a little and the crowd loves that. Anyway, Pasha and Nicole were watching right out front by the ice hooping and clapping and dancing like a couple of groupies. At one point one of the directors had to tell them to move back because they were in the way!"


"I was prepared to dislike this program because I don't think it comes across well on TV but I was pleasantly surprised. Part of the appeal was that Rudy was having a ball and his happiness was infectous, the other part is that Rudy's jumps and spins were too beautiful not to be inspiring. He landed several textbook 2axels and 3toes - light, quick, and perfect landing positions."

"Rudy was the man and brought the house down. He came on the ice in his sailor suit to do his Village People medley. The crowd went crazy, from where he takes his shirt off till his last pose in "YMCA". It was awesome and energetic. Rudy is a true performer and crowd pleaser, plus an excellent jumper to top it all off."

--- Nicole Langan

Buffalo, NY, April 26

"Rudy G.--Skated that famous routine from the Village People. I will give him credit he had everybody in the stands doing the YMCA hands. He certainly is a performer."

---Cheryl Gozdecki

"Rudy Galindo....skated to Village People. He REALLY had the croud on their feet after his skate. I absolutily enjoyed it. Really a crowd pleaser especially when everyone was doing the YMCA with their hands in their seats. WE LOVE YA RUDY!!! What a way to end the first act... After the show my friend and I decided to wait by where the skaters bus was in hoping we get a few autographs and picture's. Well we sure were in luck. I had the chance to meet Rudy, Todd, Pasha, Evgeni, Irina, Michelle, and Tara. Not all the skaters signed autographs. The rest of the skaters waved and went inside the bus. But we were happy with who we saw. That just ended a wonderful day of skating!!"

---Blade 1

Lexington, KY, April 28

"The crowd was rather subdued during the first round of performers, though all received warm applause from the crowd. The arena didn't get "excited" until Rudy Galindo performed to the Village People Medley."

---Paula Weglarz

Cincinnati, OH, April 29

"Rudy Galindo- Village People medley- The crowd LOVED him. They immediately began clapping along. How can you go wrong with Village People? Anyway, his jumps weren't there that night though. 2axel, step out on 3toe, hand down on 3toe, step out on 2axel. He still got LOUD applause at the end."


"Rudy brought the house down! He had trouble with his jumps, but not with the choreography and certainly not with the crowd!"


"CROWD FAVORITES: Rudy Galindo and Surya Bonaly. Besides Michelle, Todd and Tara, Rudy and Victor got the biggest applause. But I would say that Rudy got a more enthusiastic reception than either Todd or Victor (it was close)."

---Susan Heil

Indianapolis, IN, April 30

"We could see the back area where the other skaters were. Michelle ran forever on the treadmill and Ilia kept coming out of a room with a ping-pong paddle to chase after the ball. Rudy, Tara, and another male skater (couldn't make out who) jump roped. Rudy was awesome at it but the other two kept getting caught in the rope...Rudy Galindo: Finally, the crowd does have a pulse! Nailed everything and some people gave a standing o. Tara and Nicole danced on the side."


Detroit, MI, May 2

"Rudy: What can you say about Rudy? He was totally adored by the audience as well he should've been for the Village People routine. His jumps were right on through the whole program and he looked like he was having the time of his life."


"Rudi was great, and really go the crowd going. I really respect his improvement and consistency. But I'm really getting tired of this number. Come to think of it maybe it's the music. It wore off on me when it was popular way back when too."

Champaign, IL, May 3

"I thought the best performers were both Russian pairs, Rudy, Todd, and Michelle... Rudy, of course, is a natural performer...

---molly ann wilkinson

"Rudy closed the first half, as always. And now my fave bit of the night: As Rudy was about to start, Nicole sat on the floor *right* inside the skaters' entrance. Wriggled around a bit so she was in a good spot to see and be seen (by Rudy). Then who should come sit with her but Pasha? Cross-legged on the floor right next to her. They giggled together for a few minutes, then proceeded to shout encouragement and/or heckle Rudy throughout the number. Somuch for THAT feud! They seemed to have a great time, and cracked Rudy up a couple of times."


Ames, IA, May 6

"Rudy Galindo was the closing act of the first half and he brought the house down! He skated his Village People Medley. He had the crowd doing YMCA with him. He also did some great jumps. He really seemed to love all of the attention. The crowd did not give anyone even a partial standing ovation - strange - but if they had I think he would have gotten one!"


Minneapolis, MN, May 7

"Anyway, on to the show, which began with each skater being introduced, and then skating to a thirty second sound bite of pop music... I'm going to take the next bit directly from my notes again: Rudy-- "Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot." ....And he is!... Fast, fast, fast scratch spin too."

"Then their cheers grew louder as a tiny figure in a sailor suit was spotted sneaking onto the ice. Rudy! This program is perfect for him, he is obviously having the time of his life every time he skates it. (However, the male half of the SUPPIE couple evinced a bit of phobia at Rudy's gender mocking.). But its hard not to smile at a skater who is so joyful about his program. Besides, that man can dance."

---Karen Frank

"Rudy- love seeing this program in person. 2-2axels and 2-3toes."

---Kelly B

"And then you have Rudy. "In the Navy," "Macho Man," and "YMCA" mix. I don't really know what Rudy was going for here. Although I can't say I was a huge fan of his style before, I was kind of sad to see one of the few men who you can count on to skate a real program switch over to the whole "I'm too sexy" genre. Still, I will give him credit for having an entertaining program. While it may not have been my favorite kind of skating, the rest of the audience seemed to enjoy it, and that's good. I will say though, that I missed a lot of Rudy's number because I was watching Nicole Bobek over by the ice entrance. Obviously, she's seen this program a lot because she was dancing and saluting right along with Rudy. Pasha was jamming with her too. It was just really cool to see. Like I said, the more I see of Nicole and Pasha... [backstage] Rudy didn't say much, but he did sign my program."


Milwaukee, WI, May 10

"Among the other top applause getters were: Todd, Rudy, Michelle and Tara, of course, as they are all American skaters."


"There's more to it than that. Tara, Michelle, and Todd are very, very famous. Todd and Michelle had two of the best programs of the night, and Tara had a very good one. And (almost) everybody thought Rudy was just plain hilarious. So it's not surprising they'd all get big hands w/o considering the "American factor". Todd, after the skate he gave, would have gotten enthusiastic applause even if his name had been Ivan Ivanovich. Ditto for Rudy."


"Rudy -- what can I say? He was a hit."


Hartford, CT, May 12

"Rudy Galindo: He closes the first half with gusto. It is so nice to see him out there having such a good time. The audience LOVED him and he was not only doinga "fun" number. He threw in a few big jumps and some great spins and footwork, too." (CMasse)

Rosie O'Donnell Show, May 16

"Kulik, Lipinski, Bonaly, and Galindo hung out with Rosie at a rink, while she did what she called "full-figure skating" (I thought that was funny)...Galindo did a split-spiral. Rosie did one (with a prop). Galindo and Kulik played hockey with an ice cream sandwich puck...Can't remember what Lipinski wore. Kulik wore grey blazer over black. Bonaly, black leather, white t-shirt. Galindo, some fancy black casual outfit that an out-of-shape person couldn't wear...Then she high-fived Rudy for skating to the Brady Bunch, and asked his favorite episode (Marcia getting her nose squished)."

---Lorrie Kim


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