Selected Articles About Rudy Galindo

Although Rudy was well known in the skating world for years before his U.S. Nationals win, that defining moment made his name familiar to the general public. After several years, fans still mention that they enjoy seeing his Nationals performance repeated on TV--and that they watch their own videos every so often when they need confirmation that dreams do come true. The articles on this list date from 1996 to the present. Only feature articles about Rudy with bylines are cited. There are many earlier ones available, including coverage of Rudy's and Kristi Yamaguchi's years as a successful pairs team.

Nearly all of the newspapers listed are available full text with archives as far back as they are digitized in the Newsbank National Newspapers database to which many public and academic libraries subscribe. Many can also be located in LexisNexis and other full-text databases available in libraries.

Newspaper articles

Rudy's hometown newspaper, the San Jose Mercury News, was well positioned to cover 1996 Nationals. Several of the paper's journalists took full advantage of the incredible story that unfolded in San Jose and produced touching and exciting articles. Rudy was born and lived in San Jose until the past few years, and the Mercury News has followed his career and life from the mid 1980's through the present. Below are some of the outstanding articles that appeared during during Rudy's '96 Nationals and Worlds run. The last article was written when Rudy returned to San Jose with the Champions On Ice Tour after his HIV+ diagnosis in 2000. The author is Ann Killion, who had written sensitively about Rudy since his pairs days in the late 1980's. Several other articles from the newspaper are listed at the end of this bibliography.

The Mercury News online index Newslibrary includes over 225 citations for articles from 1985 through 2004. Searching the archives is free, but there is a charge for viewing and/or printing the full text of the articles. (Full text of these articles can also be searched, accessed and printed through Newsbank.) From 1988-1992, it's necessary to search under both Rudy and Rudi Galindo.

The six articles listed below are available full text here.

Articles from the San Jose Mercury News:

The San Francisco Chronicle and San Francisco Examiner are among the few newspapers that make the articles in their archives available free of charge. To search, go to SFGate. Rudy has also received excellent coverage in these papers. Significant feature articles are listed earliest to latest.
Articles from the San Francisco Chronicle and San Francisco Examiner:

Randy Harvey of the Los Angeles Times has followed and written sensitively about Rudy since well before his success in 1996 Nationals. His article that followed Rudy's HIV+ diagnosis is a must read for fans.
Randy Harvey, Los Angeles Times
  • Galindo's 'best ever' third best for judges, by Randy Harvey (January 19, 1996)
  • 'Black Swan' triumphs; in his comeback, Galindo becomes the oldest man since 1926 to win title, by Randy Harvey (January 21, 1996)
  • Galindo gets program off to flying start, by Randy Harvey (March 18, 1996)
  • Galindo is not simply skating through life, by Randy Harvey (May 14, 2000)
    Libby Slate
  • Maintaining their edge; Champions On Ice Summer Tour brings some of the premier skaters in the world to the pond of Anaheim on Sunday (May 11, 2000)

Rudy has also been the subject of pieces by most of the best and/or best known columnists and journalists who write about figure skating. Philip Hersh, of the Chicago Tribune, wrote several articles in 1996 about Rudy's success and career moves. They can be accessed and purchased through the Tribune's archives
Philip Hersh, Chicago Tribune

  • Skater Galindo makes last stand on home ice (January 18, 1996)
  • In this Rudy story, Galindo is U.S. Champ (January 21, 1996)
  • A Pair by any other name (February 9, 1996)
  • Galindo puts nerves on ice at World meet (March 18, 1996)
  • Galindo's 'trailer park trash' heritage adds to his on-the-ice lustre (May 29, 1996)
  • Galindo gives up Olympic dream to realize 'potential' as pro skater (Sept. 11, 1996)
  • Galindo creates void at top (Sept. 12, 1996)

The release of Christine Brennan's first book, Inside Edge (c1996), occurred shortly before Rudy's Nationals victory. Brennan reported that Rudy discussed being gay in the book and implied he would never be judged fairly because of it, so his win evoked even more interest in an already controversial book. Rudy had instant fame to cope with, and Inside Edge had already answered questions relating to speculation about his sexual orientation. Over four years later, it was Brennan who announced Rudy's HIV status with articles in USA Today.

In her subsequent book, Edge of Glory, published in 1998, Brennan included almost an entire chapter on Rudy's Nationals win and its aftermath. Regardless of what others thought about the book, it's treatment of Rudy captured the excitement of his success without resentment that it occurred despite her prediction.

Christine Brennan is primarily a sports reporter, and her accounts of '96 Nationals and Worlds appeared in the Washington Post. There is a charge for viewing full text or printing, but many public libraries have the newspaper available in microfilm. Go to to search the archives
Christine Brennan, Washington Post

  • Galindo wows the home crowd (January 19, 1996)
  • Galindo, Kwan win U.S. skating titles: Galindo captures U.S. Men's title, Kwan is tops among women (January 21, 1996)
  • Eldredge, Bobek crack, Galindo puts it together; a few surprising turns at skating Nationals (January 22, 1996)
  • Galindo wins qualifying round at Worlds (March 18, 1996)
  • Beyond dream come true, Galindo takes on Worlds (March 20, 1996)
  • Eldredge, Galindo rule worlds: Americans win gold, bronze at Figure Skating Championships (March 22, 1996)
           Elissa Leibowitz
  • Galindo Skates poignantly in Champions On Ice tour (April 8, 2000)

Jere Longman, of the New York Times, has eloquently presented Rudy's accomplishments over the past few years. He, like others who write about figure skating, seemed to be waiting for Rudy to have the success he worked so hard for so  they could recount it. The NYT is the most archived newspaper in the U.S., and many public and academic libraries maintain the microfilm of it and have online databases that index it.
Jere Longman,  New York Times

  • Galindo's show goes unrewarded (skater Rudy Galindo's performance in San Jose), January 19, 1996, v145, p.B11(L)
  • After years of struggle, the veteran Galindo lands an upset for the ages (Rudy Galindo wins the 1996 national figure skating championship) January 21, 1996, v145, s8, pS2(L)
  • A Bundle of nerves quickly melts on ice: completing eight triple jumps, Galindo easily advances (skater Rudy Galindo enters qualifying round of 1996 World Skating Championships), March 18, 1996, v145, pB10(N), pC2(L)
  • A Champion draws mixed emotions (Rudy Galindo discusses responsibilities as an openly gay athlete), June 22, 1997, v146, s1, p22(N), pS2(L)
  • Galindo facing H.I.V. with candor and style, April 10, 2000
Margalit Fox, New York Times
  • Old isn't as old as it used to be, March 17, 1996, v145, s8, p11

Most of the articles which have appeared in USA Today are available full text through databases provided in many public libraries, in Newsbank, and in Electric Library, the online full text database available on subscription via the Internet. Christine Brennan, now with USA Today, broke the story about Rudy's HIV positive status April 5, 2000. Go to search the USA Today archives
USA Today

  • Galindo glides back into sport as men's champ (January 20, 1996)
  • Skater's dream comes true, by Dave Albee (January 20, 1996)
  • Who would've figured? Defying odds, Galindo skates into the limelight, by David Leon Moore(March 1, 1996)
  • Galindo maintains magic at worlds, by Debbie Becker (March 21, 1996)
  • Delegation reflects USA's unique mix, by Tipper Gore (February 19, 1998)
  • Galindo says he has HIV, by Christine Brennan (April 5, 2000)
  • HIV again interrupts Galindo's life, by Christine Brennan (April 5, 2000)
  • Galindo Keeps His Fire On Ice,   by Christine Brennan (December 4, 2000)

More newspaper articles

Many are available through Newsbank, LexisNexis, Electric Library and full text databases. Otherwise, they can sometimes be obtained through the newspapers' online (or print) archives. Many of the articles from smaller cities were written in conjunction with Champions on Ice tour stops and professional skating events. Agence France Presse
  • Surprising Galindo wins US title (January 20, 1996)
Albany Times Union
  • Galindo triumphs over his grief-stricken past, by Buzz Gray (October 6, 1996)
Anchorage Daily News
  • It's Rudy II in stunning upset; Galindo dethrones reigning champion, by Beth Bragg (January 21, 1996)
Atlanta Journal and Constitution
  • Figure skating: Galindo glides back into spotlight, by Karen Rosen (January 19, 1996)
  • Galindo's 'Swan Song' earns him men's title, by Karen Rosen (January 21, 1996)
Bay Area Reporter Bangor [ME] Daily News
  • Galindo overcomes obstacles; figure skater rises above own illness, tragedies, by Dale McGarrigle (January 11, 2001)
Between the Lines Newspaper     (Detroit) Boston Globe
  • Galindo stuns skating field; unlikeliest champ is hometown boy, by John Powers (January 21, 1996)
  • Free skater; being true to himself has liberated Galindo and made him a champion, by John Powers (March 26, 1996) An especially sensitive and thoughtful article...
Charleston Daily Mail (W. VA)
  • Rudy Galindo hopes for smoother skating: Performer finds that going it alone suits him just fine, by Dan LeRoy (February 10, 1999)
Charleston Gazette (W. VA)
  • Spinning a tale; Rudy Galindo's not-so-smooth sailing onto ice, by Mary Wade Burnside (January 29, 1998)
Chattanooga Free Press
  • The Making of a champion; former U.S. Men's Figure Skating Champion Rudy Galindo shares his personal tragedies and triumphs--both on and off the ice, by Chris Shackleford (May 4, 1997)
Cincinnati Enquirer Contra Costa Times (CA)
  • Fans frosted by 3rd place for Galindo, by Craig Lazzeretti (January 19, 1996)
  • Galindo's vision finally comes into a perfect focus, by Gary Peterson (January 21, 1996)
  • Galindo rocks hometown with golden performance, by Craig Lazzeretti (January 21, 1996)
Dallas Voice Dayton Daily News
  • Rudy Galindo's career on smooth ice at last, by Tom Hopkins (January 23, 1998)
Detroit Free Press
  • Galindo bears up under HIV, by Jo-Ann Barnas (April 17, 2000)
  • Galindo works to stay grounded amid sudden ascent, by Michelle Kaufman (March 20, 1996)
Detroit News Edmonton Journal
  • Galindo geared up for the big show, by Joanne Ireland (March 14, 1996)
  • The Great Galindo, by Joanne Ireland (March 18, 1996)
  • Rudy Awakening, by Cam Cole (March 18, 1996)
Evansville Courier & Press Florida Times-Union
  • Galindo realizes an American dream--Champion, by Gary Needelman (March 30, 1996)
Fresno Bee
  • For underdog Rudy, life is better than art (January 21, 1996)
  • Ice breaker; Rudy Galindo, the first openly gay man to win a national skating title, says what's on his mind, by Doug Hoagland (July 8, 1997) Grand Rapids Press
  • Rudy's Rocky Year: This Champion on ice perseveres..., by Rich Berry (January 14, 2001)
Hamilton Spectator
  • The Galindo story best real-life fable of the year, by Steve Milton (October 3, 1996)
Houston Chronicle
  • Rudy Galindo: survivor on ice, by Clifford Pugh (January 31, 2001)
Houston Voice
  • Freestyle on and off the ice, by D.L. Murphy (January 12, 2001)
Independent News: IN  (Pensacola, FL) Lancaster [PA] Sunday News
  • The Comeback kid: Rudy Galindo's skating mirrors real-life drama, by Jim Rudy (January 12, 1997)
Laredo [TX] Morning Times Las Vegas Review-Journal Long Beach Press Telegram    (CA)
  • Legends On Ice: Rudy Galindo and Dorothy Hamill tell us what it's like to be a legend, by Phillip Zonkel (October 31, 2004)
Macomb Daily  (Mount Clemens, MI) Miami Herald
  • A different type of discrimination starting to fade, by Linda Robertson (March 19, 1996)
  • Galindo a sports rarity: openly gay male athlete, by Linda Robertson (May 22, 1998)
The Monitor     (Hidalgo County, TX) New Orleans Times Picayune
  • The Sixty second interview: Rudy Galindo, by Chris Rose (January 6, 2000) Philadelphia Gay News Pittsburgh Post-Gazette The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)
  • Gold-Medal upset rocks men's contest...,by Bonnie de Simone (January 21, 1996)
  • True life subs for fantasy land, by Bill Livingston (March 21, 1996)
  • U.S. Eldredge first; Galindo third; gold medal overcomes years of illness, injury, frustration, by Bill Livingston (March 22, 1996)
  • Galindo bringing "elegance" to local charity event, by Amy Rosewater (August 5, 1998)
  • Galindo gains strength, by Amy Rosewater (April 21, 2000)
  • Galindo has found new swing in his hips, by Susan Vinella (April 14, 2004)
Post-Crescent      (Wisconsin)
  • Galindo's courage faces test of his life, by Terri Milner (April 15, 2000)
Quad City Times    (Illinois)     by David Burke (April 25, 2002)
Reading Eagle     (Pennsylvania)
  • A Champion on (and off) Ice, by Tracy Rasmussen (January 2, 2003)
Reno Gazette-Journal Sacramento Bee
  • Rudy Galindo's prowess warms ice-show fans, by Jim Carnes (June 11, 1999)
  • Talking with...Rudy Galindo, by Jennifer Bojorquez (July 3, 1997)
  • Cooling Off; figure skating has slipped from mid-'90s height of popularity, by Melody Gutierrez (April 28, 2005) Interview with Tom Collins, Rudy, Elvis Stojko, Sasha Cohen, Johnny Weir and others
Saginaw News  (MI)
  • Skating Champion is reborn--again, by Janet I. Martineau (May 22, 2004)
St. Louis Post - Dispatch
  • Get the words right on Rudy Galindo, by Philip Kennicott (June 7, 1966) Discussion of the Rudy Galindo Day luncheon, and Mayor Freeman Bosley's proclamation of a day honoring Galindo
St. Petersburg Times
  • After the medals come the gold, by Michelle Jones (May 15, 1998)
San Diego Union-Tribune
  • Galindo wins in singular fashion, by Mark Zeigler (January 21, 1996)
  • Galindo's Ice Capades spin from tragedy to triumph, by Paula Mascari-Bott (July 4, 1996)
  • Proud Visionaries/Galindo, Crisp symbolize the spirit of Lesbian & Gay Pride Event, by Preston Turegano (July 24, 1997
Southern Voice  (Atlanta, GA)
  • On Stage: Flying Galindo, by Jim Farmer (April 5, 2002)
Summit Daily News     (Colorado) Tallahassee Democrat
  • Leading the exciting life of Rudy--on ice, by Mark Hinson (February 18, 1999)
Tennessean     (Nashville) The Times (London)
  • Galindo seeks perfection, by John Hennessy (March 19, 1996)
Topeka Capital-Journal
  • A Storm that started in Kansas,   by Bill Blankenship (January 19, 2001)
Virginian-Pilot (Norfolk, VA)
  • Skater has put thin ice behind him, by Steve Stone (February 2, 1999)
Washington Informer
  • Rudy Galindo inspires inner city youth to take up to ice skating, by Sam Doku (December 13, 2000)
Windy City Times  (Chicago, IL)

Associated Press articles (various newspapers)

  • Galindo pleases hometown fans and himself, by Barry Wilner (January 19, 1996)
  • Galindo wins men's title in his own hometown, by Barry Wilner (January 21, 1996)
  • Galindo, Kwan win U.S. titles, by Barry Wilner (January 21, 1996)
  • Galindo gets his moment and men's title, by Anne M. Peterson (January 21, 1996)
  • Galindo wins qualifying group, by Barry Wilner (March 17, 1996)
  • Eldredge wins world skating title, by Barry Wilner (March 21, 1996
  • U.S. champion turns pro, by Barry Wilner (September 10, 1996)
  • Galindo makes pro debut, by Barry Wilner (October 25, 1996)
  • Galindo concerned about fans, not judges, by Joseph White (December 13, 1996)
  • Skater's life hasn't been smooth as ice, by Pamela Sampson (October 17, 1997
  • Petrenko, Yamaguchi win U.S. Pro Championships; skater Rudy Galindo steals the show, by Anne M. Peterson (October 19, 1997)
  • Galindo lives the good life after years of heartache, by Anne M. Peterson (October 31, 1997)
  • Former national champion Galindo has AIDS virus but skates on, by Barry Wilner (April 6, 2000)
  • Galindo has AIDS virus but skates on, by Barry Wilner (April 6, 2000)
  • Figure Skater with HIV virus leads AIDS vigil and march (May 22, 2000)
  • Galindo returns to ice after double hip replacement, by Barry Wilner (February 19, 2004)
Other News services

General magazine articles

The Advocate These articles are available through full text databases in most public and
        academic libraries and through Northern Light.
  • Thin ice (profile of Rudy Galindo), by Gary Reese (March 5, 1996)
  • Out of the closet and into the fire golfer Muffin Spenser-Devlin and ice skater Rudy Galindo test the limits of straight America's acceptance of gay sports heroes, by Gary Reese (June 11, 1996)
  • Rudy Galindo; the former national champion excels in a sport he says is 98% straight (believe it or not), by T. S. Croft (Issue 765/766, August 18, 1998)
  • Galindo's new opponent (May 9, 2000)
El Andar A&U, America's AIDS Magazine
  • Still Skating On Thick Ice, by Dale Reynolds (June, 2001, Issue 80)
  • Men we love; Mr. Rudy Galindo (January, 1997)
Chelsea Connection
  • Rudy Galindo announces he'll keep on skating, by John Ryan Martine (April 22)
hivplus Latina
  • A Sister's Strength, by Nancy Gavilanes (October, 2000, volume 5, number 4)
            This one is about Laura.
  • The Barrio watches as Rudy Galindo reaches for his star,  by Jeordan Legon (March 10, 1996)
  • Skating champion Galindo fights for survival, by Daniel Zamora (April 6, 2000)
Lavender Magazine Online
  • The Person Behind the Gay Icon Rudy Galindo Skates with Minnesota Symphony, by Bob Meyers (September 11-24, 1998, #86)
The Liberty Press Out
  • The Ice breaker; Rudy Galindo overcame poverty, professional disasters, and personal tragedy to become the national figure skating champion, by Susan Reed (photographs by Robert Fleischauer) August, 1996 One of the most thorough and informative articles about Rudy...Great pictures!
  • Redemption song, skating for the living and the dead, hard-luck Rudy Galindo is a champion once more, by William Plummer and Penelope Rowlands (February 2, 1996)
  • Skater Rudy Galindo faces AIDS, by Alex Tresniowski, Vicki Sheff-Cahan, and Johnny Dodd (April 17, 2000)
           Available only on AOL
  • Chat: Rudy Galindo, transcript of a chat on AOL (May 22, 2000)
POZ Scene Sports Illustrated  These three articles are available through full text databases in most libraries.
  • A Real gem dandy, by E. M. Swift (January 29, 1996), pp.37-45 (U.S. Nationals)
  • On a roll; the road to the top has been anything but smooth for Rudy Galindo, U.S. figure skating's first openly gay champion, by E. M. Swift (March 11, 1996), pp.52-56.
  • Red hot, by E. M. Swift (April 1, 1996), pp.28-35 (World Championships)
  • Rudy Galindo; The lesson he never learned (April 24, 2000)
  • Edge of a dream; having overcome tragedy, Rudy Galindo is poised to win figure skating's world title, by Martha Duffy (March 18, 1996)

Figure skating magazine articles American Skating World   (ceased publication?)
  • Champion men; So much for conventional wisdom (cover story, February 1996)
  • Mens' one for the ages Americans 1 & 3; 1996 World Figure Skating Championships, by Terry Terzian (May 1996)
  • The ASW Interview: Rudy Galindo, by Tim Estiloz (May 1996)
  • Galindo goes pro, (October 1996)
  • A Chat with the " Icebreaker " (March 1997)
  • In review; Icebreaker The Autobiography of Rudy Galindo (March 1997)
  • Tribute to Rudy Galindo (Ice Theatre of New York), July, 1997
Blades On Ice  (current issue)
  • Rudy Galindo, from pauper to prince; 1996 Nationals (Volume 6, Number 4, March-April, 1996)
  • Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! by Monica Friedlander (Volume 6, Number 6, July-August, 1996)
  • Rudy Galindo the icebreaker (cover story), by Monica Friedlander (Volume 7, Number 4, March-April, 1997)
  • Icebreaker, the autobiography of Rudy Galindo, Review, by Dale Mitch (Volume 7, Number 5, May-June, 1997)
  • Skaters of the decade (2000), Rudy Galindo (Volume 9, Number 6, August 1999)
  • Still glittering: Rudy Galindo, by Marge Reynolds (Volume 12, Number 1, October 2001)
  • Rudy's road, by Lou Parees (Volume 14, Number 1, October 2003)
  • Galindo bounces back, by Christian Camozzi (Volume 14, Number 6, August 2004)
Ice Chronicles (ceased publication)
  • Rudy Galindo, by Sandy Unekis (Summer, 1996)
International Figure Skating
  • Whole new world, by Greg Guy (Volume 2, issue 4, July/August, 1996)
  • The 1995-1996 25 most influential names in figure skating: Rudy Galindo, 1996 U.S. Champion (July/August 1996)
  • Galindo honored as American hero, by Lois Elfman (Volume 2, issue 5, October/November 1996)
  • Galindo thrives despite HIV diagnosis, Short Program feature (Volume 6, issue 3, August, 2000)
  • IFS' 25 most influential names in figure skating 2000-2001: Rudy Galindo, professional figure skater, spokesman (Volume 7, issue 2, June 2001)
  • Total focus, Short Program feature (Volume 7, issue 6, January/February 2002)
  • Stirring the crowd, Short Program feature (Volume 8, issue 4, October 2002)
  • Tender heart, Short Program feature (Volume 9, issue 4, September/October 2003)
  • Galindo undergoes hip surgery, Short Program feature (Volume 9, issue 5, December, 2003)
  • The Return, Short Program feature (Volume 10, issue 2, June, 2004)
  • Galindo, Still a Crowd Favorite, by Audrey Desrochers (Volume 11, issue 5, October, 2005)
  • Former U. S. champ HIV positive; gutsy Rudy Galindo sticks with COI Tour, by Kathryn Corwin (April 5, 2000)
The Professional Skater; PS Magazine
  • The Boy who could - Rudy Galindo, by Carol Shulman, Vol. 28, no.2 (March/April, 1997)
  • Rudy Galindo rejoins Champions On Ice Tour, SFX Skating News (April 25, 2000)
  • Second time around, by Pat Dolan, vol. 70, no.10 (December, 1993)
  • Questions and answers with Rudy Galindo, vol. 73, no.4 (April, 1996)
Skating Sketches
  • Hometown boy makes good, by J. Barry Mittan, vol. 1, issue 5 (March 1996)
Spotlight On Skating
  • Galindo is back on track, by Lynn Rutherford, vol. 5, issue 3 (April/May 2004)
  • Nationals, March 1996


See Rudy's book for reviews and information about Icebreaker; the autobiography of Rudy Galindo.

Besides his own book, Rudy has been written about and pictured in several others which appeared in 1996 and later.

Christine Brennan's coverage of Rudy in her first book was certainly timely. He received a positive and sensitive section recounting his Nationals win in the second.
Inside Edge: a revealing journey into the secret world of figure skating, New York, Scribner, c1996
Edge of Glory: the inside story of the quest for figure skating's Olympic gold medals, New York, Scribner, c1998

Champions On Ice, Toronto, McClelland & Stewart Ltd., c2002
Christine Brennan is also responsible for the text of this book, which is full of photographs from the 25 year history of the COI Tour from 1969 to 2002. Each year's tour is chronicled with a narrative summary, a complete cast list, cast photos for many of them, and pictures of individual stars. Seven skaters have short feature articles (and pictures), and Rudy is one of them. The others are Peggy Fleming, Brian Boitano, Elvis Stojko, Dorothy Hamill, Michelle Kwan, and Sarah Hughes. There are also several pictures of him throughout the book.

Steve Milton is one of several Canadian authors who seem to produce some of the finest books about the sport. Rudy turned up prominently in three of Milton's books:
Skate talk: figure skating in the words of the stars, Buffalo, NY, Firefly Books, 1997
Skate; 100 years of figure skating, North Pomfret, VT, Trafalgar Square publishing, c1996
Super skaters: world figure skating stars, Avenel, NJ, Crescent Books, 1997

The Official Book of Figure Skating, was issued under the auspices of the United States Figure Skating Association. Introduced by Peggy Fleming, it was published in 1998 by Simon & Schuster. It gives Rudy some nice coverage, including two full page color pictures from each of his 1996 U.S. Nationals Championship programs--one from the Short Program to Pachelbel's "Canon in D," and one from his memorable Free Skate to "Swan Lake." There is a series of features on 16 skaters called "Great Moments" which runs throughout the book, and Rudy's "It Was Like a Dream" is the last of them. The book provides historical information about skating, a very useful chapter on how to skate, which includes jump and spin descriptions and illustrations, and much interesting material about the personalities of skating over the years.

Beverley Smith managed to get the unexpected champion onto several pages in her book, A Year in figure skating, Toronto, Ontario, McClelland & Stewart Inc., c1996

Reference books

Available in print or online through Biography Resource Center (Thomson Gale): (Library subscription)

Almanac of Famous People, 8th ed. Gale Group, 2003
Contemporary Hispanic Biography. Vol. 3. Gale Group, 2003
Newsmakers. Issue 2. Gale Group, 2001
Sports Stars, edited by Michael Pare. Series 4. Detroit,  U*X*L, 1998
The last three include substantial and informative biographies of Rudy.

Other Reference books

Rudy is also included in Notable Latino Americans: a biographical dictionary, by Matt S. Meier, with Conchita Franco Serri and Richard A Garcia, and published by Greenwood Press in 1997.

The Encyclopedia of Figure Skating, by John Malone, has been criticized for its numerous inaccuracies, but it does provide information on many skaters that is hard to find elsewhere. Rudy is covered in one of the longer biographies. Published by Facts on File (New York) in 1998.

Additional articles from the San Jose Mercury News, 1996-

There are also 130 articles in the newspaper from 1985 through 1995! Many appeared during the period when Rudy and Kristi Yamaguchi were National Pairs Champions (1989-1990). Check the newspaper's Newslibrary for citations (using both spellings, Rudy and Rudi for the 1988-90 period).
  • Coming home: Rudy Galindo had given up on figure skating until he found he could realize his dream of San Jose event sparks renewal of desire, by Sam Farmer (January 12, 1996)
  • Skating isn't bundle of spangles and delight; it might be the nastiest sport going, by Mark Purdy (January 12, 1996)
  • Galindo positioned well, by Jody Meacham, (January 20, 1996)
  • Crowd cheers for Galindo who puts best foot forward, by Jody Meacham (January 22, 1996)
  • Controversy, triumph go hand in hand at Nationals, by Ann Killion (January 27, 1996)
  • Adoring fans besiege Galindo: Spotlight; Hometown hero gets requests for interviews, hugs, autographs, by Jeordan Legon (January 24, 1996)
  • Rock of the Galindo family: sister coach, confidante, and power behind the golden star, by Mark Leibovich (January 25, 1996) This one's about Laura!
  • Rudy's ride; the S. J. champion knows what it's like to be at the top and then see his dreams get iced, by Jeordan Legon (January 26, 1996)
  • Axels to grind; will the World Championships be Rudy Galindo's oyster, as San Jose has been since his astonishing National title? Can he ever be that good again? by Tracie Cone. (March 3, 1996) Lots of information about Rudy--long article
  • Pressure will test Galindo: following up; Skater out to show he's no fluke, by Jody Meacham (March 17, 1996)
  • Galindo wows Worlds: Long program earns top qualifying scores, by Jody Meacham (March 18, 1996)
  • Galindo looks to sit atop a new world order, by Jody Meacham (March 20, 1996)
  • Galindo's storybook saga may add another chapter at World Championships: Still in the hunt, by Ann Killion (March 21, 1996)
  • U.S. delivers a combo podium pair; Eldredge takes gold, Galindo bronze, by Jody Meacham (March 22, 1996)
  • He'll pursue gold or riches: Galindo can follow Olympic dream or turn pro, by Ann Killion (March 23, 1996)
  • Rudy's ride: by facing Edmonton again, San Jose's favorite skater conquers the demons of his past, by Jody Meacham (March 31, 1996)
  • Galindo remorseful after Los Gatos arrest: skating star charged with drunken driving, by Tracie Cone and Raoul V. Mowatt (August 21, 1996)
  • Galindo to end Olympic career, by Jody Meacham (September 11, 1996)
  • Galindo's retirement the right move, by Ann Killion (February 14, 1997)
  • Skating the surface: memoirs of a soul on ice; Rudy Galindo's autobiography a tale both compelling and frustrating, by Jody Meacham (March 16, 1997) Book review of Icebreaker
  • U.S. title good as gold to native son, by Darren Sabedra (June 25, 1998)
  • Galindo HIV-positive, by Sam Farmer (April 5, 2000)
  • Despite hip replacements, Galindo still going strong, by Ann Killion (April 29, 2005)

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