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See below for information about Rudy's hips!

Happy 38th birthday to Rudy on September 7, 2007!

Latest News - May-December, 2007

Rudy was unable to participate in the Michael Weiss Foundation Benefit Show due to an injured heel. (He should be fine.) Fortunately, we were able to attend the show and thoroughly enjoyed it despite our disappointment in not being able to see Rudy, Laura, and Marina skate. We sat literally on ice and were able to have an unparalleled view of all of the skaters right at their level. From the smallest skater in the show (Kasey Tamayo) through the seasoned pros (Yuka Sato, Jason Dungjen, Steven Cousins, Kyoko Ina and John Zimmerman, Todd Eldredge, and Michael himself), the show was terrific. The crowd was equally enthusiastic. The Weiss family and friends and the folks at SkateQuest, where it was held, did a wonderful job of providing an afternoon of entertainment for us and, and benefitting the foundation. If only Rudy and family had been there, it would have been perfect!

Rudy will be participating in the Michael Weiss Foundation Benefit Show on September 8, at 3:00 PM at SkateQuest in Reston, VA. The Foundation supports "the next generation of U.S. Champions" by awarding scholarships that provide financial assistance to young skaters. Some of the other featured skaters are Todd Eldredge, Ina & Zimmerman, Jennifer Robinson, Steven Cousins, Silvia Fontana, Yuka Sato, Jason Dungeon, and several young skaters.

This will be the first time Rudy and his 7 year old neice, Marina Black (Laura's daughter), will skate a routine together! (Scroll down for pictures of Marina's competitive debut last year!)

Disson Skating Shows - 2007-2008 (televised December & January)

Rudy is doing two of the Disson Skating shows again this season so fans will have an opportunity to see him on television again. Below are the shows and the particulars regarding them.

Mrs. Dash Skate For the Heart
Live Show Date: Saturday, October 27, 2007
Live Show Location: Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut
NBC Airdate: Sunday, January 13, 2008 (4:00pm - 6:00pm EST)
Style Network Airdates: January 20, 2008 (10am - Noon) & January 25, 2008 (5pm - 7pm)
Ticket information : Mohegan Sun Arena (as of Aug. 26, this show isn't listed on the website)
Also featuring Ekaterina Gordeeva, Shae-Lynne Bourne, Caryn Kadavy, Jennifer Robinson, Todd, Eldredge, Brian Orser, Josef Sabovcik, and Marie-France Dubreuil & Patrice Lauzon, as well as Celtic Woman

Wynonna Tribute On Ice
Live Show Date: Tuesday, November 20, 2007
Live Show Location: Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates, Illinois
NBC Airdate: Sunday, December 23, 2007 (4:00pm - 6:00pm EST)
Style Network Airdates: January 27, 2008 (10am - Noon) & February 1, 2008 (5pm -7pm)
Ticket information: Sears Centre
Also featuring Brian Boitano, Evan Lysacek, Kimmie Meissner, Caryn Kadavy, Naomi Lang & Peter Tchernyshev, Amber Corwin, and Rory Burghart, as well as Wynonna and Naomi Judd

December, 2006 - January, 2007

Watch for Rudy on television in the coming weeks on television:

December 24, 2006 (Sunday) - Hilton Skating and Gymnastics Spectacular - NBC, 4:00-6:00 PM EDT

December 31, 2006 (Sunday) - Stars, Stripes & Skates Icetravaganza - CN8. 7:30 PM EDT, and repeated Saturday, January 6, at 2:00 PM. (CN8 is a cable channel available only in the northeast U.S.) Please note: the SSS Icetravaganza website lists the December 31 time as 7:30-9:30 PM, while the CN8 website lists 7:00-9:00 PM.

January 6, 2007 (Saturday) - Today show - NBC, 7:00-9:00 AM EDT

January 7, 2007 (Sunday) - Latin On Ice - NBC, 4:00-6:00 PM EDT

For the past couple of years, and in recent months, Rudy has helped skater Margaret Wang with choreography, presentation, etc. Margaret will participate in the Senior Ladies division at Nationals January 21-28, having qualified in her first sectionals after competing as a Junior. Rudy will be there!

Rudy is at the Central Pacific Regional Championships from October 4-7 to work with some of the skaters for whom he does choreography. When he returns, he has a busy schedule of doing some skating of his own for the rest of the month and into November.

October 22, Nassau Coliseum, Long Island, NY, 3:30 PM - Stars, Stripes & Skates Icetravaganza

Rudy will be performing in the 5th annual event along with the following: skaters Oksana Baiul, Victor Petrenko, Lucinda Ruh, Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir, and Meryl Davis & Charlie White; singers Deborah Gibson, Kimberley Locke, Jordan Knight, and Long Island's American Idol #5 competitor, Kevin Covais; and 150 young skaters who will do a patriotic number with the featured skaters. Nancy Kerrigan, who has been involved with the show from the start, hosts. The show benefits the Heritage Foundation of 9/11.

For tickets or information, call (212) 481-8484, ext. 338. The website for the event is at Tickets can be purchased from a direct link there.

Disson Skating Specials

October 28, The Rose Garden, Portland, OR, 7:30 PM - The Hilton Family Skating & Gymnastics Spectacular, live show; television air date, Sunday, January 14, 2007, 4:00 - 6:00 PM EST

Rudy joins the following: skaters Brian Orser, Michael Weiss, Rory Flack Burghart, Amber Corwin, Vladimir Besedin & Oleksiy Polishuk, Valerya & Viktor Mytnik, and Violetta Afansieva & Peter Dack; gymnasts Paul Hamm, Morgan Hamm, Dominique Moceanu, Shannon Miller, Chellsie Memmel, Nastia Luikin, Ivan Ivankov, Jordan Jovtchev, and Shenea Booth & Arthur Davis; and singing, Carly Patterson, who will also do hosting with Bart Connor & Nadia Comaneci, as well as Rosalynn Sumners.

Tickets can be purchased at the Rose Quarter Box Office, by phone (877) 789-7673, online at

November 16, Hard Rock Casino, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 8:00 PM - Latin On Ice, live show
television air date will be on NBC, Sunday, January 7, 2007, 4:00 - 6:00 PM EST

In addition to Rudy, featured skaters are Brian Boitano, Michael Weiss, Caryn Kadavy, Shae-Lynn Bourne, Silvia Fontana, Philippe Candeloro, and Naomi Lang & Peter Tchernyshev. The musical guest artist is Marco Antonio Solis.

Tickets can be purchased through Ticketmaster at this direct link.

Marina's debut!

For most of her six years, Marina Black has been accompanying her mom, Laura, and Uncle Rudy to skating rinks around the country. Therefore, it was no surprise that she eventually wanted to lace up her own skates and get out on the ice. Then she wanted to compete, perhaps inspired after watching some of the young students Laura and Rudy have been working with. Skate St. Moritz was an ideal event at which to start over the weekend of September 8-10. (St. Moritz was Rudy's skating club when he was an eligible skater.) As the only entrant in Basic Skills 1, Marina skated a great exhibition for her proud family and skating friends.

You can see a grinning Rudy, with hands folded--or clenched--on the rail in the background of two pictures.  Marina's grandmother (Rudy's and Laura's mom) was there "just like she used to be with Rudy, very nervous, but so proud," according to Laura. Asked how Marina reacted to competing, Laura said, "She loved being out there," adding "God help me now" probably anticipating another 20+ years of nurturing a skater who really enjoys skating and performing.

By the way, Rudy designed Marina's costume!

Happy 37th birthday to Rudy on September 7!!!

Friends of Minority Figure Skaters 10th Anniversary show

Rudy will be performing at the Friends of Minority Skaters' 10th Anniversary celebration show to be held on
August 26. The Cleveland, Ohio based organization is planning a special event for the occasion, Elegance On Ice...Strength, Courage and Wisdom. Rudy and Debi Thomas will be honored. In addition, the performers will include the following: Derrick Delmore, Rohene Ward, Olympian Aaron Parchem, Simeon Hanks, Cohen Duncan, Frank Singley, Ashlee Flourney, Victor Travis, Carnie Maultsby, Candance Tamakloe, Mariyah Thurston, and others, including the Learn To Skate Children in two numbers.

The show will be held at the Cleveland Heights Community Center, One Monticello Blvd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio, at 6:00 PM (phone: 216-691-7373). Ticket prices: Adults $20.00; Children $10.00. (Much of the above information comes from the Black Ice website. Click to find out more about the above skaters on that fine site.)

Friends of Minority Figure Skaters, Inc., is sanctioned by US Figure Skating. In existence since 1996, the group is "the first and only figure skating organization founded to create a support and resource base for minority figure skaters, parents and coaches."

Skating's Next Star

Check out Skatingsnextstar's website for bios, pictures, and videos of the host, judges, and 12 contestants. There is lots of information about the show so you can choose your pre-favorites and see if there is anyone you know!

Rudy has joined the  reality show circuit as a judge in a "new true life competition series" called "Skating's Next Star" that will be shown on WE: Women's Entertainment network. The competition will feature 12 skaters who have fallen short of achieving success as professionals, following them through their on and off ice challenges as they are judged on "everything from their technical evolution, to style, to personality," as well as provide information on the technical aspects of skating.The show is produced by Major League Figure Skating, an organization that is committed to creating and promoting opportunities for professional skaters.

Kristi Yamaguchi will lead the effort to find Skating's Next Star. In addition to Rudy, the judges will be Elvis Stojko and Oksana Grischuk. The Premier date of the competition is March 20, at 10 PM ET.

International Figure Skating carried a recent press release that can be accessed at:

Coaching, choreography, etc.

Laura and Rudy spent much of the fall and early winter coaching (Laura) and doing choreography and costumes (Rudy) for several promising students. Tosha Hanford, 17, who now trains in Lake Tahoe with Laura and Rudy, finished seventh in the Pacific Coast Sectionals in Roseville, CA, in November. This is her first year in the Senior Ladies division. Her younger sister, Marie, skates in the Junior Ladies division.

12 year old Evan Bender, of Reno, made a very respectable showing in the U.S. Junior Figure Skating Championships in Westminster, CO, in December.

Rudy has done choreography for other West Coast skaters, including Margaret Wang, who was fifth among the Junior Ladies at Pacific Coast Sectionals.

Rudy has obviously enjoyed this work and experience and will no doubt continue doing it.

Poz article

David Thorpe has written a brief article based on an interview with Rudy for Poz, a magazine that has emphasized "Health, Hope, & HIV" for many years. Titled "Breaking the Ice" (as are many articles about Rudy!), it includes some interesting  questions and answers. Among them, "Are you dating anyone?" The answer is here:
"Breaking the Ice."

Champions On Ice - 2006

Rudy will be skating in the long Champions On Ice Olympic Tour in 2006. For those who have waited for the Tour to come to your city, this is when it may finally make it! It will run from April 7 through August 18, and will travel to 37 states and the District of Columbia, play 79 cities, 82 performances as of this writing. Check the Champions On Ice website  (under Performances) for details and to link to ticket purchase sources. Cities, dates, venues, and times are also listed on Rudy's site:

Gay Games VII - 2006

Rudy will be participating in the Gay Games VII, to be held in Chicago from July 15-22, 2005. He will serve as a Gay Games Ambassador, as well as Honorary Figure Skating Chair. See article:

Rudy's hips from 2002 to the present

Below is information about Rudy's hip condition (AVN): his diagnosis and period of skating in pain during 2002-2003, eventual decision to have total hip replacement surgeries on both hips (August and September, 2003), and subsequent rehabilitation. It dates from 2002 when the pain became increasingly more severe through his comeback skating on the Today Show on February 20, 2004. The material reads chronologically from the bottom up.

So far, Rudy has skated in two years of complete Champions On Ice tours--2004 and 2005--and will be on the 80+ city 2006 Olympic tour. This is in addition to doing various shows and working with young skaters.

Two articles that appeared in 2005 during the Champions On Ice Tour present Rudy's perspective on his "hip" experience particularly well. One is from the San Francisco Chronicle, the other from the San Jose Mercury News, both newspapers that have followed Rudy's skating since the early 1980's.
"Galindo Appreciates Skating These Days," by Ross McKeon, from the April 27, 2005 San Francisco Chronicle
"Despite Hip Replacements, Galindo Still Going Strong," by Ann Killion, from the April 29, 2005 San Jose Mercury News (scroll down to get to article)

Rudy's comeback!

Rudy skated beautifully on the February 20 Today show segment that marked his return to the ice after double total hip replacement surgeries. He was first shown on film skating in the larger Reno indoor rink where he was able to do a little more--triple toe/double toe combinations, double axels, even a triple loop/double toe combination. On the Rockefeller Center ice, he then skated a lovely, lyrical program to an abbreviated version of "Sunshine On My Shoulders" (John Denver) in which he demonstrated that he can still spin, jump, and create striking images better than anyone. His costume for this program was black velvet, appropriately off one shoulder (the right one), with a line of deep blue star-like figures in sparkling pieces down the right side and blue tassles on his left shoulder and right ankle. In addition to several jumps (mostly doubles), he did a combination spin with a classic layback, his signature shotgun spin, and a nice scratchspin, as well as several beautifully centered camel spins and even a brief sitspin. He looked relaxed and very happy to be back on the ice in front of an appreciative audience. His smile never went away! Attractive new hair style, too!

This performance pleased skating fans who had not seen Rudy on the ice in some time, and many who couldn't believe he could come back so competently and strongly from double hip replacement. It also moved the legions of people contemplating similar surgery and given hope about such a positive outcome, or having gone through it and now experiencing renewed resolve about their capabilities.

Thanks to Betty of Talkfigureskating for another well-timed screen capture of Rudy in full smile!

On the day before Rudy's Today visit, an article by Associated Press writer Barry Wilner appeared in several newspapers around the country. Wilner has written a dozen or so articles about Rudy's highs and lows over the years. Galindo Returns To the Ice After Double Hip Replacement is well worth reading.

Rudy will be appearing from the Rink at Rockefeller Center on the Today show (NBC) on Friday, February 20, at 8:45 AM. Weather willing, he will skate a 2 minute+ program to John Denver's "Sunshine On My Shoulders" for his first public skate since his double hip replacement surgeries in August and September. He's in great shape and is comfortable with double axels, and triple toes, salchows, and loops, with the flip coming up next. His flexibility is as fine as ever.

When he and Laura are in New York City for Today, he'll be interviewed for a piece ABC is doing on skating injuries that will be shown during the World Figure Skating Championships.

Rudy's rehabilitation

The November 4 piece below evolved after seeing Rudy in action for a few days in Reno (October 25-28). It was a wonderful uplifting experience for one who last saw him skate in terrific pain on a bleak day in early April at the Atlanta Champions On Ice show. Check here for pictures.

November 4

The only thing more remarkable than Rudy’s recovery from his two recent hip surgeries is the progress he is making with his rehabilitation. On most days, he skates twice under Laura’s watchful eye, and works out once with Physical Therapist Johnny Perryman and often again on his own. Now fit and trim at the weight he won 1996 Nationals (low 130’s), he jokes about being able to wear the Swan Lake costume again. His joy at being pain free for the first time in close to two years is evident in everything he does.

Perryman had worked with Rudy prior to the surgery and actually witnessed both operations so as to have a better idea about what he would be dealing with in the future. He's knowledgeable about skating and has seen many of Rudy's competitions and performances. He is also familiar with the work of Dr. Eric Boyden, the Reno surgeon who performed the ceramic-on-ceramic technique for Rudy’s implants. He was helpful to explain Rudy’s condition at the time of surgery and his progress since.

The press releases following Rudy’s first surgery on August 19 (right hip) mentioned that he had been skating on a fractured femur. When he was first diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis (AVN), doctors indicated that the eventual outcome of untreated AVN would be increasing pain and--worst case scenario--complete disintegration of the hip joint. What kept the latter from happening to Rudy was that the head of his fractured right femur was lodged so tightly in the hip socket that it was literally held together until the surgery. How did Rudy skate this way? "Adrenalin," said Perryman.

At four weeks after the second surgery on the left hip (September 30), Rudy's six inch long vertical scars down the outside of both upper thighs look almost completely healed. Therapy to break up scar tissue and get muscles and tendons around the hips moving began almost immediately after the operations.

It's unclear when Rudy was supposed to start skating again, but he sneaked in a couple of weeks between the two surgeries and was back on the ice three weeks after the second one. Brian Boitano noted in his commentary on 1996 Nationals that Rudy looks like he floats on top of the ice, that he is a "light" skater. This quality seems to be very beneficial to him now. He doesn't appear to be placing stress on himself. His delight in doing crossovers without pain, various spins, and, most recently, singles of all of his jumps encourages him to continue toward his goal of skating and performing again.

How has Rudy managed to undergo two surgeries within two months and make such extraordinary progress in his rehabilitation? Dr. Boyden says, "His world-class athleticism definitely contributed to his short recovery time," and adds that he should have a "full and complete" recovery by February. Johnny Perryman adds that this includes the jumps and emphasizes with a smile that this means triples like he used to do. Rudy and those who have had a part in enabling him to live comfortably and work toward a return to skating at his previous level are so confident that this will come to pass that you have to believe!

Rudy's hometown newspaper, the Reno Gazette-Journal, featured a great interview with Rudy in its September 26 issue. Jason Hidalgo's "Winning Spirit" captures Rudy's love of skating and performing and some of the emotions he felt on realizing that his days in the sport might be over. It also reveals his positive attitude and determination to surmount the latest vicissitude in his life.

Rudy's surgery goes very well!!!

August 19 - Rudy came through his first hip replacement surgery exceptionally well, from his own and his doctors' viewpoints.  His surgeon felt that they were able to give him a remarkable range of motion, which is always a significant concern with hip implants. Rudy himself seemed to feel no ill effects from the operation itself. Below, in its entirety, is an August 19 press release from Rudy's management:

Skating Star, Rudy Galindo, Undergoes Hip Surgery

RENO, NEV - Rudy Galindo, former U. S. figure skating men's champion and world bronze medalist, underwent successful hip-replacement surgery this morning at the Washoe Medical Center in Reno.

Galindo had recently finished touring with "Champions On Ice" and, according to doctors, had obviously skated with a broken femur on his left side. "It is truly amazing that he skated at a high level with such pain," said his doctors.

The new procedure used was "ceramic-on-ceramic" and will be followed by a second similar operation on Galindo's right hip in approximately six weeks. The doctors expect a full and complete recovery after 5-6 months of therapy.

"I will return to the ice stronger and better than I've ever been," Galindo stated from his hospital room, "and I expect to tour with 'Champions' again next spring." Galindo has already overcome successfully many serious obstacles in his athletic career, including the deaths of his father, brother and coaches, a split from his pair partner, Kristi Yamaguchi, and positive testing of HIV. He has remained a skating star of many tours and ice shows over the last eight years.

Contacts:     Michael Rosenberg    760/494-0490
                  Tom Collins              952/831-2237

Those who remember Rudy's wonderful comebacks--as a top singles skater in 1996 and from serious illness and HIV+ diagnosis in 2000--will sense the determination building for another one! Let's hope he's on an every four-year miracle roll!

Surgery for Rudy

Avascular necrosis (AVN), the damaging hip condition that Rudy was diagnosed with in Summer of 2002, has reached the stage at which surgical repair is necessary to restore function and eliminate increasingly severe pain. He will have total replacement of both hips. The first surgery is scheduled for August 19, in Rudy's home town of Reno; the second will be approximately six weeks later, assuming an uneventful recovery from the first.

The recently FDA cleared ceramic-on-ceramic hips will make Rudy a genuine bionic man! Use of this product and technique has given hope to young and active people needing hip replacement. They now have the prospect of living lives requiring very little change in their regular activities. This includes athletes. These hip implants wear significantly better and longer, and have a decreased chance of dislocation by permitting an optimal range of motion. Rudy will provide a consummate test of their usefulness!

Rudy plans to take the better part of a year for the surgery and to recover and rehabilitate. His goal is to skate and perform again. According to his surgeon, he will be able to do this; according to Rudy, he will do it. We may not see him do splits again like the one in the picture above, but then how many skaters can?!

Some good news about Rudy's health came at the right time prior to surgery in his latest HIV-related blood work--CD4 cell count over 600 and viral load undetectable.

Obviously, Rudy won't be skating in the Stars, Stripes, and Skates Icetravaganza exhibition that will be held in Uniondale, NY, at Nassau Coliseum on September 7. He WILL still celebrate his birthday that day with one pain-free hip! He will also have to miss the Disson Skating Show, Bert Bacharach Tribute On Ice. Sadly, that means not being able to participate in the live show in San Jose, CA on September 20, 2003. The show will be aired on NBC on December 20, 2003 (4:00-6:00 PM EST).

More information will be forthcoming shortly on Rudy's surgery. Please check back.

Rudy's hip condition

Since Spring of 2002, Rudy has been bothered with moderate to severe hip pain that caused him to miss some Champions On Ice Performances during the long 2002 Summer Olympic Tour. In July, his condition was diagnosed by MRI as Avascular Necrosis (AVN), also called osteonecrosis. The name provides a chilling description of the ailment—death of the bone (femoral head, in Rudy’s case) due to lack of circulation.

The condition is degenerative. Total hip replacement is often the final option with AVN. There are surgical procedures that can relieve pain and re-establish circulation to varying degrees allowing younger victims to postpone this decision, but they require an extended period of healing and rehabilitation. It would be difficult for an athlete Rudy’s age (33) to return to competing and performing afterward. (Bo Jackson, who had injury induced AVN, was not able to do so; Garrison Hearst who had AVN in the ankle joint has  been successful so far.) Rudy  decided to continue skating without surgical intervention as long as he could manage the pain and maintain the quality of his skating.

Rudy skated very well throughout the Fall, 2002, Elvis Sk8 Tour, the 2003 Winter COI Tour, and the start of the Spring COI Tour. The hip again became very painful toward the end of the latter tour. He skated every performance. Although the condition of the hip was up and down, Rudy's smile and crowd pleasing ability remained constant. At the conclusion of the 2003 Spring Tour, Rudy realized the pain had become too severe to continue skating without surgical intervention.


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