Photo by Andrea "Hoo" Chempinski

Hershey's Kisses Figure Skating Challenge - 1999

Hershey's Kisses Challenge, Binghampton, NY, April 13

 "I certainly don't remember Button saying "straight" skater, and I would have noticed, because I was amused by the pairing. I kinda wanted Rudy to win, just because of the matchup, but Elvis's program was extremely well put together. Not clever, the way many of Rudy's programs can be but more than a standard eligible-style program."

 ---Chelea Christenson

 "Rudy was great! (Hey Tom Collins, Rudy does have a new program!!!!!)


 "I missed Rudy's performance but I did see the ending minute or so and thought it was great."


 "Rudy seemed less into his program than usual, but still really like the number."

 ---lHenry (Laura)

 "Elvis was amazing, and I do believe landed the only 3 axel of the evening. His footwark was incredible, and he seemed quite happy. He received really great applause. Rudy skated the violin program; his spins were excellent, as usual. He skated first, so I don't remember everything, but I believe he either had a hand down or a step out of a or the other. He did have a triple/double combo. He was head to head with   Elvis; (I would have expected Victor to be head to head with Rudy); Elvis won that round."


 "Rudy was coughing during warmups, which didn't look promising for him. Wondered if he caught Michelle's cold.
First matchup group Witt vs. Hughes, Galindo vs. Stojko, Kazakova & Dmitriev vs. the Hartsells..."

 "Rudy first, to "Rondo Capriccioso," the violin thing. Not a good night for him. Triple toe-double toe, a hand down and possible 2-foot on the 3 sal, and two double axels (the first likely meant to be a triple).

 5.6 5.6 5.6 5.6 5.6
5.7 5.9 5.9 5.8 5.8

 "Elvis next, in black jumpsuit with tan trim. A new number, I call it "Primal Macho Jungle Elvis." Starts out with solo flute music for about a half a minute; then just when you're wondering if Elvis has gone classical on us (naah!), a gong sounds and it goes into fast drums and lots of grunting--"OOH! AAH! UGH!" Macho Elvis takes over, waving his arms, doing weird positions, shaking gum off his skates, etc. 3 lutz, 3 flip, 2 axel, no problem--a scary entry into the combination spin (bad camel). Crowd goes wild."

 "Anyway, not as much great skating as I would have liked, but lots of good stuff anyway. Fun was had by all... That's it from 2 to 4 ET on ABC this Sunday."

 ---Trudi Marrapodi

 "Rudy Galindo
Violin Number.  3-toe 2-toe combo.  Hand down on 3 loop.  His first double axel was sharp, right on the beat.  Audience, like at Ice Wars in Albany, didn't quite seem to get the drift.
Technical 5.6's  Presentation ranged from 5.7 -5.9."

 Rudy skated against Elvis Stojko who seems to have skated the best of anyone this night.

Taiko Drums.  His 3 axel was huge.  I believe a 3 lutz and later a 3 flip. Good speed on his straight line footwork. 2 axel.  This was the first time I've seen Elvis in person and I was pleasantly surprised.  No finesse or grace but what an athlete!  Very strong. Crowd loved him.
Technical Two 5.7's, two 5.9's and a 5.8. Presentation 5.6 - 5.9"

 "Saw Laura Galindo and her son.  She had him bundled up against the brisk winds but saw him in the hotel and he's cute as can be."

 ---Sharon M. Dunscombe

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