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The Improv - 1998

"Rounding out the men's event was Rudy Galindo with a perfect number to match his highly interpretive style; Vaults of Heaven in the theatrical category. It was Galindo at his best."

From Blades on Ice, by Monica Friedlander

 "The Improv was a great show! I was totally impressed with ALL of the skaters. My favorite men's performances were Rudy Galindo, Michael Weiss and Brian Orser in that order."


 "Galindo: Nice job with a crappy piece of music. I really enjoyed the small touches he added with his arms and hands. Rudy always creates nice pictures to me. (See also his exhibition for great shapes)."


 "Rudy Galindo -- When he put this together, I suspect he was thinking more about suiting the choreography to his notions of "artistry" than suiting the choreography to the music. He needed bolder, more dramatic moves like that wonderful spread eagle. I was delighted to get a look at his Rondo Capricioso, though."

 ---Chelsea Christenson

 "I think it's practically unanimous that Rudy Galindo's music didn't really suit him (too heavily dramatic, I thought, and he's not a heavy-dramatic skater), but he made the best of it and came off pretty well anyway..."


 "Galindo had some beautiful moves, like the lengthy spread eagle, but unfortunately I think this format highlighted his weakness in ice coverage and connecting the elements...It was informative to see the contrast when they did exhibitions. Choreography definitely filled in some gaps for Galindo and Orser."

 ---Lorrie Kim

 "Galindo. For me, this program was the clear winner. What can you say about Tom Jones? He's so over-the-top, and Rudy was able to play up that aspect like no one else. But in other ways, this program is counter to his usual style. It pushed him into more of a lush and romantic mood--Rudy actually scored some swoon factor from the audience! The skating itself was lyrical and beautifully paced. His strong body line paid off big here."

 ---Rob Moes

 " I'm impressed with Galindo's violin program (although I mentally removed the nude fabric and violin design in his costume and made it all purple velvet)."

 ---Barbara Hoffman

 "For men, I would rank them: Rudy, Weiss, Orser, Yagudin, Petrenko & Phillipe. I liked Rudy's program the best among the men because I enjoy the little in between moves that he put into the program, and his choreography & body positionings IMO were more interesting."


 "At least Weiss, Orser, Yags and Rudy *skated*. Rudy's music was horrible and didn't suit him, but he did an OK number although boy did the slowness show up on TV this time."

 ---Ellen B. Edgerton

 " Rudy did a pretty good job at saving that awful waste of Tom Jones' singing talent. What treacle...I felt sorry for Rudy having to use it, but he did a good job!

 "Rudy Galindo should NOT keep that awful thing he had to skate to....yuck. Poor guy. I think he could have done really well with a better selection (and so did he; I'm guessing he made his comments *before* he'd heard that lemon he was stuck with)."


 "Rudy's music (Tom Jones song) wasn't great, but his positions were unique and he was very expressive."


 "Rudy---fantastic artistry and skating :o)"


 "Rudy Galindo
Music -- "Vaults of Heaven" by Tom Jones
Costume -- Black pants, dark blue long-sleeved shirt (sort of ruffly)
Comments -- Rudy had some very nice choreography in this theatrical piece. He's a natural performer."


 "The two men I expected to like least fulfilled my expectations--I just knew Phillippe and Viktor would mostly strut and prance, and they did (although Viktor had some nice high jumps), and as I expected, I really, really liked Brian Orser's and Rudy Galindo's Improvs. One of the best surprises of the night was Alexei Yagudin's Improv--I had thought of him as just another jumping bean, but he changed my mind last night!"

 ---Wendy Bauer

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