"I certainly hope that Rudy recovers quickly from this infection. I have never seen him look that pale at any competition, ever. It would have been an interesting addition if he could have skated in good health, considering how the competition turned out. He might have actually found some judges that could appreciate him!"


 "I'm glad that Rudy has withdrawn. He looked so pale and sick. I was concerned that he'd injure himself being in such a weak state. Hope he recovers very soon."

 ---Ice Queen

 "On one hand, I am upset that he withdrew because I enjoy watching him skate. But I wish him a speedy recovery and back on the ice asap!"


 "Withdrawing seems like the right decision. He looked very unwell and very shaky on Thurs. I wish him a speedy recovery."


 Rudy Galindo  The Rose
(Rudy is still sick)
3flip-2toe, 3loop(fall), spread eagle
3sal-2toe, 2toe

 ---Wayne Joy

 "Rudy it was sad...he was ill, you could tell.. He was running out of steam after his first is amazing he landed what he did. Imagine doing that kind of thing with a lung infection!!  And they say this is not a sport....ya right."


 "Poor Rudy. I am just glad he made it through the program without passing out! And that baby, his nephew is darling, just darling."


   "This is where things pretty much got underway. Once again, a morning session was scheduled. The skaters had the USA Rink blocked from 10 am - 145 pm. This time however, it was more of a practice by choice. The Men were scheduled to take the ice first and only two showed up, Rudy Galindo and Brian Orser. Rudy had been battling a cold all week and according to his sister Laura, time would only tell whether or not he would be able to compete. He ran through his program and appeared a little better than on Wednesday."

 ---Carol Gilbert

"The Men were last to take the ice and good thing. What was to lie ahead was absolute magic. No one could have anticipated the battle that would take place on the ice in Lake Placid, and by whom? The veterans of course. It was magic. Rudy Galindo took the ice first and delivered a good program although he had been ill for the past week. No one really knew if he would compete or not. He skated to The Rose performed by the Fleet St Choir of Stanford University. It was a unique version, one which suited Rudy quite well. His marks for technical merit ranged from 9.4-9.6 and for artistic 9.5-9.7."

 ---Carol Gilbert

 "well, it finally started! Rudy skated first...has a virus and it really showed! He fell on a jump, i forgot which, but he fought through the program. He skated to The Rose."


 "Tonight's skating was great. I felt bad for Rudy not being as healthy as he would have liked. "


 It was GREAT!! (except for Rudy...poor guy! He's obviously not feeling well AT ALL, but I admire him for keeping the commitment and pushing through the program!)"


 "I found the most gutsy performance in Rudy. I experienced ashtma & lung infection myself, so I know how difficult is to even walk when the crisis is on. I sincerely wish him a soon recovery... "


 "Sorry Rudy was sick. He delivered quite a performance, considering."


 "I saw COI on 2/5... I was exteremly disappointed that Rudy was not there, but after seeing him on tv last night I understand why."


 "I felt bad for Rudy Galindo. Let's hope he feels better Saturday."


 "and a very ill Rudy Galindo of the U.S. scoring a 95.2 in sixth place."


 [Before Rudy withdrew due to illness.]
"Rudy Galindo will liven up the crowd with Ricky Martin's Livin' la Vida Loca. Even though this music has been overplayed by radio stations, Rudy really knows how to deliver this piece."

 ---Carol Gilbert (who wrote a great series of Reports from the Goodwill Games that  appeared on Elvis Stojko's Heart of a Champion web site)

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