Equal Challenge of Champions - 1998

Reviews from Televised performance - Saturday - Jan 2, 1999

"At least few of our skaters expire, half-mad with grief on the ice - thank goodness for small favors! (Somebody tell Rudy G. to cool it - someone might start thinking he is a Russian in disguise! Just kidding, just kidding! Rudy has a sense of humor - never could take himself THAT seriously)."

 ---Joanie in LA

"Rudy's violin program is growing on me (I hope it's growing on the judges as well) --- it is innovatively choreographed, and beautifully performed."


 "Rudy's performance here was the best of this program yet this season. He is so superb in all of his skating. I don't understand the comments that the judges don't get Rudy Galindo. What's not to get about superb skating technique? Rudy should have won this competition. I was glad the judges didn't give Michael's jumpfest more credit than Rudy's artistry though. I found that call encouraging."


 "Historically, this competition has placed an emphasis on artistry, but they are now using ISU rules and judges. Rudy did do fewer triples than Yags did and didn't do a triple axel. Apparently, it's a little difficult doing a triple axel with a violin bow in your hand."


 "If this competition placed emphasis on artistry in the past, they sure aren't doing it now. I think Rudy's Violin number is brilliant--very original and creative, and I suspect difficult. What he does with that violin bow to create a visual effect in spins and when he places it on his boot and skates is fascinating. While Alexi is a great jumper and has other outstanding technical skills, I did not think his program was that interesting nor artistic---not in the same plane at all as Rudy's. This is what I don't care for in this type of judging!!!!!"


 "Agreed. Did anyone else think it looked like a cello bow, not a violin bow? It just seemed too short."

 ---Peg Lewis

 "My husband watched the skating with me and he felt that Rudy's program was the most unique one out there. Did he do less triples than Yags? I can remember. But, I thought the emphasis was on artistry. Am I wrong thinking that?"


 "Did anyone else watch Challenge of Champions today? This is probably the Candid event that has been impacted the most by the ISU's involvement because it has always put a special emphasis on artistry. It just didn't seem right seeing all those eligible programs in there. These were my impressions:


 1. Michael Weiss -- Mulan -- This program is growing on me, but it really loses steam toward the end and I still prefer his Beethoven program. If he ever really does land a quad, we'll all go into shock. He should forget about the quad and focus on his triple axel.

 2. Rudy -- Violin program -- I love this program. It's probably my favorite program of the season. I don't know how he does all that stuff with the bow. I especially love the spins and the footwork when he has one end of the bow on his boot. If it had been any other year of this competition, he would have won.

 3. Yags -- Circus --I definitely agree with Sandra that Alexei is the most improved skater of the season. His footwork and spins have improved a lot and so has his expressiveness. I do hope he isn't overdoing it this season; it would be nice if he could win Worlds performing his best.

 4. Eric Millot -- It looked like his costume was made from left over material from Rudy's costume. :-) His program was a lot more conventional, though and not as interesting. He definitely struggled with his jumps, but I liked the walleys and it was nice to see a skater and a program we haven't seen multiple times this season."


 And another review of the men's performances:

 "Weiss: As much as I like him, I'm not crazy about the new long program. I don't know how in the world he held on to the triple axle at all. I kinda like the costume though.

 "Rudy was fantastic as usual. I love that program and the costume is growing on me gradually. I think this was the best I've seen him perform it.

 "Yagudin was great as well. I think this is without a doubt the best short program of this year. If he skates it clean, no one will touch him.

"Milot, I really felt sorry for him. I thought the beginning of the program was very good, but it got progressively worse as it went on. I've always enjoyed him and really wish he could put it all together for once."


Equal Challenge of Champions - Nov 6th

Rudy Galindo--the 'violin' piece, complete with bow.
?jump (total space out on this one!)
camel-?spin 2? axel(very happy after landing it!)
2 axel
footwork using bow
scratchspin with bow on ice
'posing' with judges...kind of conducting
huge lunge (covered 3/4 of the ice!)
major crossfoot spin...his feet were quite apart after the cross...very nice!

5.6 5.6 5.6 5.6 5.6
5.9 5.8 5.9 5.9 5.9

Nice piece, Rudy gave a nice interaction with the crowd after his routine. He is one of the quietest skaters you'll ever hear and his edges are beautiful, esp in spins...


 Rudy: Instrumental version of You Fill Up My Senses, very quiet skating, very beautiful.

 ---Julie K

 Rudy Galindo - Rondo Capriccioso by Saint-Seans.
His costume was very unique with a violin image on the front with strings that went down one arm. He used a bow as a prop and "played his arm" throughout the routine. I'm really not a fan of Rudy, but this was one of his better programs. Unfortunately, I don't remember any of his technical content.

5.6 5.6 5.6 5.6 5.6
5.9 5.8 5.9 5.9 5.9


 Rudy Galindo - pan flute music. Surprisingly, another tame Rudy program for the night.

---Traci Lyn

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