Rudy and Liz Manley

Dreams on Ice - 1999

Dreams On Ice, Sarnia, Ontario - September 16, 1999

 "After several years at the Windsor Arena and an extra show last year in Oshawa, this year's Dreams on Ice was held at the new Sarnia Sports and Entertainment Center in Sarnia, Ontario.  This facility is located on a college campus, in pleasant surroundings and very close to the Blue Water Bridge from the U. S., so it was a convenient drive up from Detroit.  There are two ice patches flanking a sit-down restaurant and bar overlooking both rinks, plus arena concession fare and seating for about 4,000 in the main rink, with a sold-out crowd.

 "Rudy Galindo followed with "Send in the Clowns" in his red satin with hula hoop, and as usual got his biggest applause when he caught the hoop - pity the hoop trick seems more !

 "To begin the second half the entire cast came out wearing Mickey Mouse ears, and Herbie and Fred introduced the child honored that evening, getting her wish to go to Disney World from the Children's Wish Foundation, the beneficiary of this event.  B&E later gave the child and her sister the Mickey Mouse T-shirts they had worn in this segment, and the ears were autographed by the cast and sold after the show to raise additional money for the charity.

 "Next was Rudy Galindo with a new number, a pastiche of songs that included Debbie Harry's "Heart of Glass."  He had an eyecatching costume of sheer purple top and brillliant goldenrod trousers, with glitter in his hair.  There was actually some decent skating sprinkled among the usual bumps and grinds and audience interaction, including sitting in the lap of an older lady, and the audience loved the number.  The more Rudy posed and wriggled, the bigger the applause and laughter."

 ---Sandra Gentry

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