Champions On Ice, Summer Tour - 2001

Photo by Barry Mittan

Below is a review of the show in Pittsburgh on April 17. Under that are some fan responses to Rudy's Fosse program from the rest of the tour. The non-skating high point was the presentation of the Ryan White award to Rudy at the April 6, Washington, DC show for his efforts to further AIDS awareness and education.

The Fosse "Big Spender" and "Hot Honey Rag" medley was a huge hit throughout the tour. As usual, Rudy was consistently among the top skaters on the tour in audience response. His very fine skating in the Fosse number received as much praise this year as his always stellar showmanship.

Pittsburgh, PA, April 17 (Review of entire show)

Heavy "snow showers" hit the Pittsburgh area for the few hours prior to the COI performance there on Tuesday, April 17, so the Mellon Arena seemed barely two thirds full at the start of the first part of the show. When I looked up toward the end of the first part, there were more people there, and by the second part, it was over three-quarters full, with most empty seats in the ends. The audience was very appreciative of most of the skaters. Sarah Hughes and Sasha Cohen were not there. I had a third row, almost center ice seat, gotten as a single.

The silver and black costumes, especially the jackets, of the opening number are really attractive. They adorn the front of this tour's T-shirts. I was again impressed at how good Irina Slutskaya looks in leotard bottoms.  Brian Boitano took a funny fall, like his skate slipped out from under him, toward the end of the number and just sort of stayed on his back. The others were careful not to step on him, and he was obviously laughing. Rudy did a LONG Charlotte in the opening. Michelle did one later. Maybe they can do them together like Philippe and Surya do flips.

This is sort of in order, and trying not to duplicate too much of what has already been stated in previous reviews.

Nicole's Cabaret number is well-choreographed, and she well-costumed with every detail of hair and make-up attended to, so even with shaky jump landings on the triple toes and double axels, it's a good show. At one point, she fell on a hydroblade move and cleverly slid on her back (a la Boitano), kicking her legs in the air. Pretty cute and sexy with the garters and all.

Dan Hollander pleased the kids around us with the Elmer Fudd act. The costume and his handling of it are ingenious, and he does such a great job with facial expressions and general impression. The jumps were pretty plain, but fine for comedy. Good applause.

Punsalan & Swallow's Dido is absolutely beautiful. Every move counts and is done exquisitely. Elizabeth's hair is longer; Jerod's is a little shorter, but over ears length. He is underrated in terms of his ability to present his partner, and he really has a nice bit of flourish to his moves. Liz is very flexible, but in an elegant, natural way.

Among the US eligible skaters out there now, Michael Weiss and Todd are in a class by themselves as far as total skating is concerned. Weiss' jumps went very well in the Backstreet Medley, and he actually makes his, um, humping the ice into a very nice strength move. Hopefully, the best is yet to come from him.

The Chaplin number Berezhnaya & Sikharulidze do is a great show of skilled awkwardness. They definitely have a flair, and this lighter fare is enjoyable from them.

Irina--again, she looks so good in the blue one piece jumpsuit--sleek and fast and happy. Her jumps were fine and her spins looked as fast as any other than Rudy's and Todd's. Like the "Timeless" program.

The lady sitting two seats in front of me got a BIG Elvis hug and was obviously pleased with it. He looks strong and powerful, though the choreography for "You Really Got Me"  is sadly lacking. I think he did a triple toe/triple toe, and various other jumps. He also looks very much at ease. He got a huge audience response.

Two things characterized Sale and Pelletier in my first in person view of them--smooth and enormously appealing--both of them. I'll look forward to seeing them again. Audience response was sort of reserved, probably because they aren't very well known in Pittsburgh.

The crowds still love Petrenko, even though he looks like he must weigh 200 lbs. in that ugly padded jail costume. Victor, bring back your dummy doll dance partner again!

Isabel Brasseur wins the prize for the second best recovery of her figure after birth (Laura Galindo-Black is first), and wore a gold lame costume as well as Lloyd Eisler wore his matching T-shirt. They did an interesting number where she comes out in the dark and swings what look like lights or contained flares before they start their tricks. They do a  sort of hydrant spin which makes Lloyd look even stronger than Artur Dmitriev. They wake up an audience.

Timothy Goebel is very cute and sweet (evidenced backstage), but when he skates, everything looks bent--legs, shoulders, arms, back. His movements in this Ricky Martin number look  practiced, but not natural, and his hands appear so uncomfortable. He took a very hard fall, but, to his credit, did complete some decent triple jumps. Again, the audience didn't really connect with him or vice versa.

You have to love Usova & Platov's sheer competence. Their Desert Rose is definitely my favorite of all of them out there. They still have an awkwardness to some of their moves and lifts that I didn't feel with Punsalan & Swallow, but the quality of the ice dancing from those two couples is so good.

Rudy!!! He skated GREAT! If you love him as many of us do, it just tickles you to see  that curtain drop down and a sparkling Rudy step out of it after the first few bars of the "Big Spender" music. The audience enjoyed the introductory part. Rudy makes the most of "You're SOOO Tall." His first double axel/double toe combination was soft and exquisite in light that made him glitter from bowler to toe, and the audience around me emitted a palpable ooooh! He did the satiny smooth split he rolls into on the ice right in front of us, and a triple flip, steps, triple toe/double toe sequence of jumps (coming close to the boards, as did several skaters). He may have doubled the later intended triple salchow, but was so close to our side-boards, I couldn't tell. The "Hot Honey Rag" part of the program gives him a chance to mug a little and do some footwork. His final spin sequence gets longer and faster every time I see it. Terrific! He got one of the three or four biggest hands of the evening. This program seems to engage the audience throughout--beginning to end.

The Acrobats did their same slow motion program I've seen a half dozen times, at least, but I still laughed. The people around me hadn't seen it and were hysterical. Good response.

Philippe started with his bullfighting clothes on and actually did a couple of triple jumps, one a Lutz, I think. Then came the inevitable audience attack and some gimmicky moves and spins. Loud response, though a little subdued for Philippe.

Surya did a Surya program in a Surya costume, and did it very well.

Todd Eldredge's 1492 program is one of his best, but I kept seeing and feeling Hartshorn and Sweiding's memorable version of it. Todd could not have skated better. I think he did four triples, including axel and Lutz (couldn't see that corner at all). His spins were superb as they always are, and he did some nice connecting moves. He was our classic skating lesson of the night. BIG response.

Loved Plushenko's "Sex Bomb," just this once, and actually liked Plushenko better than in the past. He  looked less like the overgrown pretzel I've thought he resembled before. He has some real comedic appeal--and can certainly skate a little! Solid, but not wild applause. He was another one that took a fall and covered it up with a little mock swimming.

The sublime skaters came last. Kazakova and Dmitriev with the "Somewhere Out There" program are fabulous to watch. He still looks out of shape, but obviously isn't so to the point that he's any less effective.

Michelle Kwan does seem to skate the "This Time Around" program with as much conviction and triumph as I've seen from her. Good attitude for a pre-Olympic year.

Brian Boitano kept his feet throughout "Blue" and did a Tano Lutz and, I think, a triple toe/triple toe combination, etc. I'd have preferred the wonderful Pro Nobis program, but it might have been too much after Todd's and Michelle's dramatic numbers.

The William Tell Overture finale is amusing and a pleasant way to end the evening, but it ain't "Bolero."

Orlando, FL, March 30

"First things first: The finale is to the William Tell Overture. It has cowboys, it has showgirls, it has a chase scene, it has chairs (yes, I said chairs). Dan Hollander gets to really shine in this number. No one left the place. Standing ovation. There was so much going on and it all was full of energy and fun.

"Rudy - "Hey, Big Spender". He really vamped this up. Great audience reaction. Black body suit that sparkled in technicolor."


Tampa, FL, March 31

Rudy: HAHA, came out with this 'box' like thing with his name on it. The curtains around it drop and there stands Rudy, just as glittered up as the box was. The boy is out and proud, but he skated well. Music was similar to the last minute of Sarah Hughes program."


Ft. Lauderdale, FL, April 1

Rudy Galindo. He is a class on his own. All of the sudden you see a person approaching in the darkness and voila! He is there in his own "dressing room"!!!! he was all smiles and did a perfect Fosse program, which made me feel a little sad because I couldn’t see him twice…"


"RUDY GALINDO - One of the crowds favorite. He was awesome. Jumps were clean and he was on."


"Rudy Galindo- Skating to "Big Spender, always a crowd fave."


"Rudy Galindo: Another one of the crowd favorites, did a medley of Fosse music. This seemed to be a trend as was Spanish/tango music. I'm a great fan of Rudy's and he skated with his heart as he usually does."

---Delia B

Washington, DC, April 6

"Both the opening and closing numbers were very good this year. Overall we felt this was one of the best COI's we can remember.

"Rudy is another audience favorite, he is so beloved by the audience. His Fosse program was funny, sexy and entertaining. He skated it great."


"Rudy received the Ryan White award before the show, he had a standing ovation."


"RUDY GALINDO: Wow! Totally over the top, totally Rudy, and totally fabulous! A medley from the musical Chicago (starting out with the lyrics, "Do you want to have fun?"). He wore a skintight black bodysuit with short black mesh sleeves, covered with iridescent sparkles, and the choreography was so teasing and full of humor that I don't even remember the jumps. The place was howling with laughter. A great number for him, and he's the only male skater on the planet who could get away with it. Go Rudy!"


"Rudy was fun but I love his "pretty pretty" numbers more."


"Rudy Galindo: Fosse. Yes, his costume looks like Sarah Hughes' with a see-through black tee shirt underneath. He emerged from a mock-up dressing room wearing a sparkly bowler and proceeded to camp it up. Landed quite a few jumps and was very engaging. Great performance and he is quite an audience favorite.

"Also, before the show, he was honored by the Metro Teen AIDS organization for his contributions to AIDS prevention and education. He seemed very moved and said that he preferred that award to any gold medal."


From Julia's 2001 COI Review  on Todd Eldredge; Glory on Ice website.

"Before the show started, Rudy Galindo recieved the Ryan White award for his AIDS awareness work. He gave a short speech, saying this meant more than any medal he had won. He thanked Brian Wright, his family and everyone for their support...

"Rudy Galindo was sparkling from head to toe, even his hair, for his "Big Spender" program. I usually have a problem with this music, but for some reason, it suits his style. Very nice spins."


"Before the opening number, Rudy Galindo was given an award for his volunteer efforts by the Teen AIDS group in Washington DC. He made a brief speech and said that this award meant more to him than any gold medal. Big applause for him - the crowd loves him.

"Rudy G - One of the best of the night! Skated to Fosse and was fantastic! (Speaking of Fosse, Sarah Hughes was not at this show which was a big disappointment. I wanted to see her skate in person.) Rudy was "on" and I didn't see any mistakes."


E. Rutherford, NJ (Meadowlands), April 7 (afternoon show)

"Rudy Galindo skated to Big Spender.  Costume:  black glittering leotard.  He comes out with the glittering tent with his name on it.  He skated great."


"Rudy did his Fosse routine and was just great! I noticed that there are some skaters who are just much better at engaging the audience and Rudy is one of them! It's not just that he landed all his jumps, its something else--he projects to the audience rather than just skating and the audience, in turn, responds."


"Rudy was great & did combo jumps."


"Rudy was an absolutely dazzling showstopper."

"I was disappointed by the crowd's lack of response when I went to New Jersey COI. But I've heard that it was also the case in other venues. There was just polite applause for most performers. The only performers who got an enthusiastic response were Rudy and Plushenko."


E. Rutherford, NJ (Meadowlands), April 7 (evening show)

"Rudy Galindo-- GO Rudy! He skated to the Chicago medley. It was great. He ended in a split! BTW in the opening he did a pretty nice Charlotte!

"Closing number... There was a point where Michelle was right in front of me and I was like, "OMG it's Michelle!" lol. Rudy pinched her butt or flipped her skirt or something and she turned around and laughed. I don't know if it was choreographed!"


"rudy's preformance garnered the biggest audience amoung the skaters nicole and sale seem to be good friens and nicole "shadowed" nearly his whole prog."


"Galindo landed a bunch of triples to "Big Spender" - I'm not a big fan of glamorizing prostitution, but he skated well and the crowd adored him. He did a kick butt spin combination in the opening."


"rudy- my dad was laughing soooooo loud during his number... lo, fosee he did his spin right in front of me (yeahh)"

"i noticed rudy pinching michelle too googoo, my dad was like "thats not right, i dont think that was part of it"


"Rudy - he made me smile. Of all the wiggly jiggly guys (which was most of them) he was the best. He was vampy & campy & fun."


Philadelphia, PA, April 8

"Other highlights and comments...LOVED Rudy...So camp!! That's the way Fosse should be..."


"Overall I was disappointed in how few of the skaters actually SKATED. Kwan, Eldredge, Boitano, D&K, S&P, Galindo, Bonaly, Cohen, Punsalen & Swallow, S&P and probably one or two others skated well-choreographed complete programs."


"Then Nicole Bobek started off the extended and quite enjoyable opening ensemble, followed by Galindo (with the first Charlotte of the show)... [Sasha Cohen and Michelle Kwan followed with theirs.]

"The love affair between Galindo and the audience continued, as people called out affectionate cries during his Fosse number.  He trumped Candeloro's stage entrance prop from World Pros by showing up with his own sparkly black velvet curtain, which fell dramatically around him with the opening music as though he were stripping.  His double axel-double toe was beautiful.  He did a two-footed 3flip into 3toe, and doubled the salchow.  I'm told he has hurt his hip flexor, but you couldn't really tell.  Always the consummate performer."

---Lorrie Kim

From Heather Winfield's My 2001 Champions on Ice Report of the entire show:

Rudy Galindo- Fosee. It starts off that there’s a curtain around him, supposed to be his star dressing room. And then it drops down. He stays in about the same spot, so you could see that the curtain was slowing being pulled away by someone off the ice on a line of something. So that’s when I realized that’s what they did with B&S’s chair. ;) I think a lot of people were whispering about it, it just looked so funny...this thing slowly being pulled away. Anyway, Rudy was great. Got one of the biggest ovations of the night."

"When Rudy was signing for the person before me, the girl next to me was asking who was next (meaning after Rudy), and he turned and said I’m next. It was so funny. I can’t remember if I got his pic or not. I tended to forget at times!!"


[This review was a composite of what the writer saw at three shows--Washington, DC, E. Rutherford, NJ, and Philadelphia.]
"Rudy Galindo 'Fosse'
Now this is a Rudy program that's fantastic!  Another one of the big highlights.  It's funny but without reverting to the campy quality of the Village People of Brady Bunch numbers.  And he must have studied to get this program right as many of his moves are right on point for the Fosse theme.  One of the few men to really have jump content.  2axel/2toe, 3toe/3toe, 3toe? steps to 3loop?"

" The cool move award goes to the crossing double axels with Todd and Rudy going one way and Viktor and Michael(?) the other."


"Rudy -- a well put together number, but I'm not really into that schtick. Still, if you like that sort of thing it was a credible number."


Champions On Ice on TNT, April 10 - 8:00 PM-11:00 PM, April 11 - 11:00 AM-2:00 PM

"Hughes and Galindo...they showed up at the party wearing the same dress, literarly. As long as Wagner is there why doesn't she get something together? At least I hope Sarah is paying attention to how Rudy moves."


"About Rudy and concern. My mom was watching and saw the interview and asked, "Is he ok? He looks pale and kind of haggard." I was wondering the same thing. I hope that he is healthy and doing well. I simply love to watch him skate.

"And I agree about Sarah, presentation and Fosse. This number REALLY grates on me. Seeing Rudy do Fosse just demonstrates how it's supposed to be done - a level that Sarah can't quite reach."


"Rudy- Great to see him! His Fosse number is campy and fun- he is certainly one who knows how to move!!"

---hirshey girl

"Rudy: Like the Fosse number. Thought it suited his style."

---Catherine M

"Rudy--had a better outfit at World Pro. I am not amused by wiggling rears and am sick to death of seeing them. I noticed that the cameraman "helpfully" panned in on that part of Rudy's anatomy. A sarcastic "thank you" to that person! When Rudy did actual skating, as opposed to posing, he was fine. I actually thought that the number, as done at World Pro, should have cinched the win for him there, and that PC should have come in second."

---Satin Ice

"Rudy: a bit over the top, but I guess that attitude went with the seemed more lively than Sarah's Fosse program. I love his spins."


"I always enjoyed Sarah's Fosse, until I saw Rudy's. Well what can I say, Rudy brought Fosse to a new dimension and suddenly by comparison I noticed a lot more flaws with Sarah's Fosse."

---Res Judicata

"I loved Michelle's number & she performed so well it was amazing. I didn't like very much else with the exception of Todd, Rudy, Brian & Irina....

"Sarah's program is too long & the cuts are bad, plus Rudy doing basically the same music really makes hers look amateurish."


"I noticed that I forgot to mention Rudy in my thoughts. I prefer the simpler costume he wore earlier in the year, in part because it's easier to see his movements. But you have to love the energy he gives to the crowd! He's skating so well!"


"Galindo.   Well  yes ..... this number certainly is "him".  He does it with an infectious verve.    Sometimes -- and watching this tape was one of those times--I look at him, in his leotards that show how thin and small he is, and try to remember what he looked like when he was still skating pairs.   And sometimes I also think about the breakup of Yamaguchi/Galindo, and wonder if it wasn't inevitable anyway, because he never did get tall. Again I was impressed with the interviewer, who managed to talk about Galindo's HIV status in a neutral way, and to get Galindo to talk about it that way, too.   I know that they must have rehearsed it .... or at least talked about what they would talk about in advance, but it was still a good interview.  Seeing him close up, I noted that he no longer has a little boy's face."


Long Island, NY, April 13

"Couldn't tell who the fans screamed more for:  Todd, Rudy or Michelle."


"One last thing: I loved Rudy! He is such the entertainer."


"it is amazing that Rudy goes out and skates to the max on tour. I have seen many skaters just "take it easy" not even attempting triples or combos.  Not Rudy. He gives it his all and it certainly registers with the audience.  I am a huge Todd fan but I must admit he needs to loosen up...

"But back to Rudy. I know there must be times he would rather stay in bed and rest. He is an inspiration. His skating is right up there with Boitano, Eldredge, Kulik and all the other greats as far as technical ability and he has so much fun!

"He was so great in the NY show I cannot even tell you! The audience just went wild and I think he knew he was really great too. He had such a look of satisfaction, but not any ego at all...

"This Fosse number is a winner."


Boston, MA, April 14

"Rudy Galindo  Big Spender/All That Jazz Fosse
Ok...did anyone else notice he had on exactly the same costume as Sarah Hughes?  I love Rudy but I found that completely distracting. It was fun when he took off his hat and his hair was full of sparkles!
And the boy can wiggle and wink with the best of them.  Always puts a smile on my face."

---bex Hunter

Hartford, CT, April 15

"Rudy, Elvis, and Brian were all crowd favorites, receiving most of the applause from the audience. Rudy did a charlotte in his routine to "Big Spender", something i have never seen any male skater do."


Cleveland, OH, April 19

"We liked Rudy (excellent choreography and he was really "on")"


"I just love Rudy's funny numbers."


"Rudy Galindo: He skated his “Fosse” program. His jumps were a double axel/double toe combination, a couple of triple toes (not in combination), and a triple salchow/double toe combination. Rudy’s natural dance ability and his playful attitude suit this music perfectly. His spins were strong as usual, and his performance was fun and enjoyable."


Read NicoleM's entire review

Detroit, MI, April 20

From "Champions On Ice Delivers," by Lyndsey March, at Check out this review of the entire show.

"The flamboyant Rudy Galindo started his program hidden behind a black circular curtain and when the curtain dropped, Galindo emerged skating to "Big Spender" and "Fosse". A fantastic dancer, Galindo also incorporated technical difficulty by landing a double axel-double toe combination, a triple toe and a triple salchow-double toe combination.While some skaters do the back flip, Galindo closed his number with a cartwheel."

"Rudy- Fosse, I saw this show in it's run here last year. His program is just enough Fosse for me. Make no bones about it, Rudy is a showstopper on this tour.  He is skating pretty well too.  2a-2t, 3 f hop step whatever 3t, 3s=2t."

---Cheryl Koots

Chicago, IL, April 22 - 2:00 show

Rudy - "Fosse" medley. He has a lot of fun with this. Did a 2 axel/2 toe combo, two-footed a 3 toe, landed an okay 3 salchow. His spins were terrific.

---Kiff Scott

"Rudy Galindo - Fosse medley
Quite a few people used music from the Broadway show Fosse this season, but aside from Sarah Hughes' interpretation, I liked Rudy's the best. Rudy is so good at carrying off any style -- in this case, campy -- while keeping the technical aspect of his skating at a high level. For the evening show, we had a good 30 seconds or so of Rudy posing and hamming it up in front of us -- and I think I can safely say he was having tooooooo much fun. :) I loved this program, in no small part due to the fact that I love Rudy anyway. :)"

To read the entire review of the Chicago shows, go to


Seattle, WA, April 25

"I really felt Rudy Galindo delivered.  Lots of triple jumps, good spins and footwork and his dancing was well done and fit the music.  My friend still thought there was too much waving of arms but I liked his Fosse program a lot."


"Rudy Galindo - Fossi. He always gets *huge* applause, you'd think he was from here."


"Honestly, I don't remember alot about the opening except Rudy's Charlotte Spiral and that I was very excited that Naomi was there...

"Rudy was the best!! Totally in control of the audience, and even the jump he missed was forgotten by the end of the program. The glitter was everywhere, head to toe. When Rudy took off his hat, Smooth Lady shrieked "He's even got glitter in his HAIR!" This Fosse number has got to be one of my favorites and once again, my daughter was thoroughly entertained as the stage hand drug off the "dressing room" curtain Rudy had around him at the start of the program. One of the most entertaining programs of the night, HUGE applause!


"Basically everyone was a 'show-pleaser'- but I'd have to say the top this night was Todd and Michelle. Others included the acrobats, elena b. / anton siciraliza (can't spell at at), the pair that did "somewhere out there", rudy, brian, etc."


"Rudy - fell on one jump but it didn't interfere. Love his Fosse number!"

---A J Skatefan

"During the opening number/introductions it was clear that the audience didn't really know a number of performers with notable lack of recognition for Naomi Nari Nam (what a treat to see her) and pretty much all the pairs.  The greatest recognition (as far as I could tell) came for Rudy Galindo and Todd Eldredge, then Michelle Kwan and Brian Boitano, Elvis Stojko and Philippe Candeloro."

---Anke G.

"I'd say that the biggest crowd ovations of the night were for Michelle, Rudy, Elvis and Brian. For some reason, they always seem to be the favs at the Seattle show."


Portland, Or, April 26

"Rudy's jumps were good. He did a double Axel-double toe combo. Really light and easy              (reminded me of Mikkeline Kierkgaard). He also did 3toe and 3Sal. The audience really loved him.


"Rudy Galindo, skating to the music from Fosse, was next.  He began the program in a curtain, but then came out of it and proceeded to skate the program.  Rudy is always an audience favorite - he's a great performer and really gives it everything he has.  His flexibility is amazing, and his spins really utilize that talent.  Rudy landed a nice triple flip, triple toe, and double axel-double toe."


Sacramento, CA, April 27

"Sarah Hughes didn't skate, and I was looking forward to seeing her version of a Fosse number, particularly as Rudy's "tent" seems to have been made from her costume's fabric. Rudy was on, and as Sacramento is close enough to the Bay Area for us to think of his as "one of ours," he was well received. This is a program that I liked much better in person than on TV, and I liked it on TV (but then, I like Fosse's work, too). For some reason, his flexibility was more on display this time around. I don't know if this is because of the perspective of seeing it live or if he is emphasizing flexibility moves, but I really noticed it. I wonder if he made anyone squirm who feel uncomfortable with guys doing nontraditional moves and movements."


San Jose, CA, April 28

From an Associated Press release, April 28, 2001

"The cast of the show then gave Boitano several mementos, including a wardrobe case presented to him by Elizabeth Punsalan and Jerod Swallow; a carpet for his workout room presented by Rudy Galindo; and a Baccarat crystal vase presented by Michelle Kwan."

"Local addition: Joan Cristobal (2001 U.S. Junior Champion)"

[Laura Galindo-Black started Joan Cristobal as a skater and coached her until six months ago. Laura and the Cristobals remain close friends, and Laura still advises on artistic matters. Much of Joan's style is attributable to her work with Laura--and even Rudy, on occasion. He designed costumes and did choreography for her last year.]

"The non-skating highlight of the show was the presentation honoring Brian Boitano.  Tom Collins even put on skates for the occasion and went out on the ice to host the event.  It was very emotional for all involved.  Rudy started to get choked up, but then said that he'd leave the crying to Michelle...

"Rudy Galindo got the loudest applause of the evening, for his Fosse program (but then San Jose is his home town).  I liked it well enough, but I am a bigger fan of his serious programs."

---Kevin C. Rushforth

"The cast of the show then gave Boitano several mementos, including a wardrobe case presented to him by Elizabeth Punsalan and Jerod Swallow; a carpet for his workout room presented by Rudy Galindo; and a Baccarat crystal vase presented by Michelle Kwan."


"I was there for that show and it was so sad to hear that Brian would no longer be skating with COI. The words spoken by various members of the cast after they presented him with the mementos were heartfelt and sincere. Both Michelle and Rudy seemed on the verge of tears when they spoke. Boo more Brian..."

"First, Rudy Galindo presented Brian with a Champions on Ice rug. Rudy unrolled the rug onto the ice, as Tom told Brian, go ahead, get on it, and Brian did so and waved to the audience (this part was cute). Tom then handed the microphone to Rudy, who stated how difficult it had been for him when his brother had died. He looked up to Brian, was honored to be able to skate with him, and learn from him, and had such fun with him on tour and in the locker rooms. And in a touching gesture, Rudy stated that Brian had become like a brother to him. He then said that he would miss Brian and would not know what to do without him in the locker rooms. They hugged. I was too far away to see, but press photos show that Boitano was in tears after Rudy's presentation."


"I went to COI in San Jose today, and at the end of the show Tom Collins came out and started a ceremony for Brian because he's retiring from touring. It was very touching, and included presentations from Rudy Galindo, Michael Weiss, Punsalan and Swallow, and finally, Michelle. It was so sweet...she was getting teary-eyed, and so were Rudy and Brian. I was so glad to be there."


"Rudy was really funny and spoke of how much he would miss sharing a dressing room with Brian. Lots of laughter when Rudy said, “I don’t know what I’m going to do all by myself in my dressing room!”

"Joan Crystobal??? A local talent. She was wonderful! Bright future...

"Rudy Galindo: He received the biggest ovation up to that point in time. He was really funny during the “Hey Big Spender” number. His jumps and spins were extraordinary, plus he had incredible energy. Drew cheers at the end of his performance."


"Her name is Jill Christopher [Joan Cristobal] and she landed some triples and did a nice job. She was also in the finale...

"The crowd was great and cheered very loudly for the skaters after their performances. The lower lever was filled. I'm not sure how many empty seats there were in the upper level. As usual, the local skaters, Rudy and Brian got very loud applause...

"Tom Collins skated out on the ice with a microphone. He announces that this is the last time that Brian will be skating with COI in San Jose. Tom says that his all-time favorite skater is Brian Boitano. He has been mesmerized by his skating for the last 20 years. It'll be hard for him to find another skater with the class and style of Mr. Brian Boitano. There were a few mementos that COI would like to give to Brian for his home in San Francisco to remind him of his days on COI.

"The first memento is a COI rug. Rudy presents the rug to Brian, who stands on the rug. Then Rudy says that 1996 is when he joined the COI tour. The best tour in the world. The advantage part of the tour was skating with my idol, Brian Boitano. When my brother died, Brian became like a brother to me, in good and bad times. I'll miss him in the dressing room. It's been an honor touring with you. God bless you! Great touring with you. (Rudy and Brian hugs.)"


"RUDY! Now I'm not his biggest fan (no, no, no, I don't dislike him, I just don't adore him). But this is his home town and so he got a wonderful response. He skated better than I have seen him skate in a while. He hit a 2axel/2toe, 3flip (takes a step right into) 3toe/2toe, 3sow/2toe. WOW! Good for him! Fun program, I enjoyed it a lot more than I had before. Again I hope he skates for a long long time!"


"Rudy Galindo skated very well, jumping more strongly than I've seen from him in a long time (although I'm not sure Hey Big Spender is music I would choose for a man!)."


Anaheim, CA, April 29

"The largest ovation of the night went to Michelle, Rudy Galindo, and Todd Eldredge especially."


"Rudy was spectacular, and I love the Fosse number."


"Biggest cheer pre-skate: Rudy, who also wins smoothest stroking award...

"Audience applauding before the program ended:


"Rudy did his Fosse program. I've seen that one live a couple of times, but I enjoy it more each time I see it. He landed all of his jumps, and did the splits on the ice twice."


"The skaters that of course got the biggest reaction were as usual: Michelle, Brian, Todd, Elvis and Rudy."


Phoenix, AZ, May 2

"FS is not the hottest item here in Phx. The best applause of the evening (other than the only standing ovation of the evening at the finale) seemed to go to Besedin and Polishchuk who IMO are really fantastic at what they do. As for the skaters, Brian, Michelle, Rudy, Elvis Evgeni & Todd seemed to get the best response which was more than "polite" but certainly did not rock the building."


Denver, CO, May 3

"Rudy - Fosse. Clearly very popular with the audience. Skated well, quite good number for him. I wished Sarah Hughes would have been there, so I could have compared "Fosses".


"When you sit at one end, you notice which skaters use both ends, and which use only/mainly one, and which use the whole rink.    The "whole rink" winner -- Rudi Galindo.

"The pleasantest surprise of the evening was Galindo.    I like Galindo's skating, but I didn't expect to like this woman's program skated by him. But the interesting thing is that he does it so FONDLY, and with such a sense of appreciative fun, and without any self-mockery that it is simply a wonderful program.  He LIKES it, and it shows.   He was skating well, and did some high quality jumps and spins, and the program has lots of interesting "stuff", including neat connecting moves.   And he played to the WHOLE audience, lavishing attention on us all, in all parts of the rink."

Read the entire review as it appeared in, better known as rssif. The reviewer offers many impressions not hit upon by others.

From the August, 2001 (Volume 11, No. 6), issue of Blades On Ice, Rebecca Patrick's review of the Champions on Ice Summer Tour (city not specified):

"1996 World bronze medalist Rudy Galindo did his own salute to the great white way with Hey, Big Spender and All that Jazz. With dead-on jumps and playful, well-timed choreography, this number drew great applause."


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