Battle of the Sexes - 1998

Televised version, CBS, Jan. 17

 "Rudy and Caryn (definitely the funniest performer of the evening) .... were fabulous fabulous fabulous !!! They made the Triple Tarts look dignified in comparison."


"Rudy and Caryn (definitely the funniest performer of the evening) .... were fabulous fabulous fabulous !!! They made the Triple Tarts look dignified in comparison."


"I come at it from a different angle. I don't think skaters "write off" cheesy competitions. I think they realize these competitions are run by different rules. That is, you win by getting the crowd excited and exuding charisma, being shameless, or being popular. Galindo prepared two programs with this in mind. They are not _skating_ criteria, but they are criteria. And by these criteria, the men should have won, but the Battle of the Sexes broke its own cheesy rules.

 "To me, Galindo's reaction is not really the issue. The issue is that it's inherently demoralizing to change the rules on people capriciously. It's bad management. Nobody likes to be jerked around. The fact that it was a worthless "competition" doesn't negate the sense of unfairness."

 >(Susan Anton saying Nancy should get points for "looking >pretty" while jumping was a definite low.)

 "Yes, beaten only by her statement that it's hard for women to jump because women don't have big muscles like men! Kerrigan looked intensely affronted, justifiably."

---Lorrie Kim

 "I also enjoyed Rudy's new's much higher octane disco than his Village People medley, and I think it suits him better. (Hey, you can't get much gayer than "Mighty Real" by Sylvester) As for the pants, well, they looked straight out of disco hell, too, didn't they? But, they were tailored beautifully and looked sensational on him--his martini-glass spin was utterly eye-popping! What's scary is that Rudy could probably wear that outfit when he goes out for his next date.... ;)"

 ---Rob Moes

 "Kudos to the skaters for playing along with it, thought.($) I wonder if Rudy, Brian O, Victor, Roz, Caryn and Nancy were aware of what they were getting themselves in to???"


 "Kudos to some of the skaters, though. I really enjoyed Rudy and Brian Orser. They both put out 2 tough programs in a "competition" where the judges were without a clue re: technical difficulty. I hope they were well paid for this public embarrassment."


 "If I were one of the men, I'd be mad at how this turned out. Those were serious prizes the women got that should have gone to the men."


 "If I were one of the men, I'd be mad at how this turned out. Those were serious prizes the women got that should have gone to the men."


 "I think the skaters made the best of an embarrassing situation." ---bbtano

 "I thought Rudy's violin program was so much better than from World Pro's."


 "Amen to you all. This was bad. The guys had it and should have gotten the goodies. I felt so bad for O,P & G even the audience had more sense than those dense judges. The trips. really did a triple bypass in this one. VIC. Has real Class. They should have given him something besides a stupid jacket."


 "Lyrics aside, I think the men did a good job of skating to it, I say they wuz robbed!"


 "Yeah, I thought the men should have won, too. I wonder what Rudy was saying backstage. It was a total schlock-fest, but it was fun. It put a smile on my face and gave me a chance to see a few routines I haven't seen before."


 "The men were totally robbed!! The comment about the compitition being rigged has to be true! What a skating disaster!! I'm glad I missed the first hour and a half!"


 "I felt badly for the men, since the prizes were really nice, and it was really obvious to most of us that they were far superior to the women, but surely they also knew going in that there were no guarantees that good skating was going to get you the win! And which of them can't afford to go out and buy their own motorcycle or car?"


 "What's up with Rudy Galindo? I think he needs to get over it and not be so serious. To me he seems to be so disappointed or pissed off if he doesn't win or get good marks. It is all about skating and I think he really needs to think about that and reach inside himself. Let's face it he is not going to get anywhere or skate well if he has a bad attitude and has that negativity within himself. To me just looking at him you can see it. I saw his face when the women won and it wasn't pretty."


 "To be fair to Galindo, the overwhelming majority of the audience seemed to agree with his reaction. The men clearly outskated the women, but for some reason the (quite desirable) prizes were awarded to the women. So, why frame it as a competition at all? I think Galindo's objection WAS that it's all about skating, or should have been, but the "judges" completely disregarded that. I'm glad Galindo hasn't become so cynical that he's inured to being blatantly set up in that manner."

 ---Lorrie Kim

 "Okay, the competition was fun and cheesy."

 ---Marlene A Koenig

 "Those who attended Battle of the Sexes III live, and pronounced it a joke, were not kidding... A more bread-and-circuses competition I have never before seen. Lions at rinkside, Irina Gregorian and her magic hula hoops on the ice, three blonde-bimbo triplets among the judges...who were those chicks anyway?

 "Kudos to Brian Orser for not realizing he was competing as a part of a Modern-Day Men's Figure Skating Team, and actually SKATING (although I suppose Rudy did, too, in his violin number).

 The only interesting part of the whole thing from a novelty standpoint was the little "improv" competition at the end, but knowing ahead of time that this was going to be handed to the women (as it turns out, by virtue of the Bimbos Three) somewhat lessened the suspense."

 ---Trudi Marrapodi

 "In Greek mythology, there were these three women called the Gray sisters who had one eyeball and one tooth between the three of them. They would pass these things around whenever one of them wanted to eat or see something. I think they show up in the Perseus myth. So my husband and I were just watching those triplets judge the Battle of the Sexes, and when they always shared the same opinion we concluded that they were like the Gray sisters, but with only one brain between them. Then I got all excited because they passed the "Victor Petrenko" scorecard around between the three of them, _conclusively proving our theory_."

 ---Lorrie Kim

 "Personally, I read Rudy's expressions, throughout the event, as exhibiting his discomfort at being in the camera's eye while he was off the ice. Susan Anton probably caught him off guard with her fluff questions and perkiness.

 "I agree that Rudy is serious, which is why he lands triple jumps AND a triple-double combination in exhibition programs. He is consistent whenever he skates for an audience and has worked hard to balance strength of technical elements along with his presentation and then connects with the audience as well. That's more than can be said for Nancy Kerrigan, although I believe she's focused more on family than skating so I don't blame her or expect more from her.

 "I really don't think the "judges" knew a double from a triple or could recognize a pop if it were done three feet in front of them, so I really don't think the competition was about skating at all. I don't think any of the skaters took it very seriously, including Galindo, so I'd say let's give him the benefit of the doubt.

 "...The "Battle of the Sexes" is NOT a competition; it's a media event.

 As for the prizes, considering how small the women skaters are, I hope none of them tip one of those motorcycles over. They'll never get them upright again."

 ---Tim Raguso

 "...the producers insist upon staging them as "competitions," and unlike most competitions, they offer more than cash as a prize; they have appealing- looking "fun" items sitting on the sidelines, the usage of which they offer for a year. I can understand how a man could work up a hankering for a motorcycle or a sports car (even a Nevada-built sports car ;-)) and be annoyed that despite skating his best (in his estimation), he didn't win because the final ruling was a seemingly arbitrary decision largely influenced by a trio of blond bimbos ;-)."


 "In regards to your statements about Rudy whining about his marks: 1st, there were no marks. The "judges" just held up placards with the name of the individual they felt should win. The problem was IMO the 3 blonde bimbo triplets at the end of the judging panel. These morons didn't even have the brains to vote separately, just as a bloc. I don't think Rudy (or Brian Orser either who didn't look too thrilled) was really whining so much as a little insulted. Both of these gentlemen really skated... spins, jumps, footwork! I'm wasn't crazy about Victor Petrenko's choice of programs.. "Michael Jackson Medley" & "I'm too Sexy". JMHO. Let me point out that the AUDIENCE actually booed when the women won. It was a truly demeening experience for ANYONE who cares about skating."


Battle of the Sexes, Las Vegas, Dec. 19

 Thanks to Leann, who provided the only complete review of "Battle of the Sexes" in the Figure Skating World Discussion Group, but it was a thorough one. Rudy obviously went to compete and skated very well.

 "I guess because this was a competition(well sort of!) I'll post the review here. As some of you may have already heard, the show was very disappointing. In the past, I have seen competitons unfairly judged, but this one took the cake. For some strange reason, even though the guys were the best, the women won. To make things worse, Scott and Katerina weren't even there. Luckily, Viktor just barely made it because without him the show would have been a bust. But on the otherhand, the skating wasn't all that bad. This year, instead of giving each skater a score, they paired a man against a women and the judges would pick one. Oh and the judges were four playboy models and a motorcycle and car dealer( four women/ two men, you get the picture). This was because the winner won a new viper and a motorcyle.

 "Round 1
Rosalynn Sumners vs Rudy Gulindo- Ros skated to "I can't stand the rain." She was pretty good but her jumps were lacking. Rudy did the violin number. He was great and the crowd was definetly into it. He nailed all of his jumps and easily beat Ros in that round.

 "Jump and spinoff round- The jump had to be a triple toe combination. Viktor easily landed a triple-triple and Nancy a triple- double. Nancy won and the crowd went nuts booing. For the spinning, it was Rudy and Caryn. The rule was they could do as many postions as they wanted to but they only could change feet once. They were both good and when the ran out of speed, they began to hop around on their toe picks. It was so cute but finally Caryn lost her balance. Rudy won this round.

"Round 2
Caryn vs Rudy- I have no idea what Caryn skated to but it was a very upbeat number. Rudy did a new disco number where he does stay fully clothed. He does wear these awful looking yellow pants though. We thought the music was from the soundtrack to Studio 54. It was good, but it did have the same energy as the other disco number. He did end the program up on the boards, almost in the judges laps, with his leg in the air. It was pretty funny. He won that round.

"Now for the addition- they added an improv round. The men were winning at this point, but this round had enough of a point value to determine the winner. Each skater skated around trying to impress the judges, it was pretty lame. For some odd reason, the women won this part and they were the overall winners. The crowd went nuts and kept booing. Many people got up and left before the awards presentation. I could not believe that the men had skated so well and lost. You could tell they were very disappointed, especially Rudy.

"Even though I was disappointed with some of the absences, I got to meet Viktor and Rudy who were very nice and gracious. I also got Caryn's autograph and Nancy was also signing, so at least the skaters did not disappear after the show and gave us fans something to go home with! "


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