Tours and Shows

Photos by Sharon Modjeska
Brian Boitano's Holiday Skating Spectacular, 2002
"Pie Jesu" also perfomed COI Winter Tour, 


Photo by Rebecca Patrick
Winter Tour 2000 & 2003, "Prince Medley"

Photo by Leah Adams
Summer Tour, 2000, "Send In the Clowns"
Tour 2, 2004

(Tour of Champions 1996-1997)
Date/Tour Program(s)
1996 Winter Tour 
(selected performances)
"Ave Maria"
1996 Summer Tour (ABC) "Ave Maria"
1997 Winter Tour (USA) "Babalu"
Theme from "On Golden Pond"
1997 Summer Tour (ABC) Theme from Ice Castles
("Through the Eyes of Love")
1998 Winter Tour (TBS) "Send In the Clowns"
"Village People Medley"
1998 20th Anniversary Tour (ABC) "Village People Medley"
1999 Winter Tour (TBS) "Rondo Capriccioso" (a few performances)
"Village People Medley"
1999 Summer Tour (ABC) "Village People Medley"
2000 Winter Tour (TBS) "Prince Medley"
2000 Summer Tour (TNT) "Send In the Clowns"
2001 Winter Tour* Fosse I ("Big Spender," "Hot Honey Rag")
2001 Summer Tour (TNT) Fosse I ("Big Spender," "Hot Honey Rag")
2002 Winter Tour* "Gaite Parisien"
"Pie Jesu"
2002 Olympic Tour (TNT) "Village People Medley"
2003 Winter Tour* "Prince Medley"
"Sweet Transvestite"/ "Time Warp" (Rocky Horror Show -two performances)
2003 Spring Tour* "Prince Medley"
2004 Tour I* "Star-Spangled Banner"
(Beyonce version)
2004 Tour 2* "Village People Medley"
"Send In the Clowns"
2005 Tour* "Celebration," "Last Dance"
2006 Tour* "Celebration." "Last Dance"
2007 Tour* "Jimmy's Rap," "One Night Only" (disco version) from Dreamgirls
*not televised
ELVIS SK8 (2002)
Date Program(s)
1996 "Babalu" 
"On Golden Pond"                 (TBS)
1997 Theme From "Ice Castles," 
("Through the Eyes Of Love")
"Brady Bunch Medley"           (TBS)
1998 "Send In the Clowns" 
"Village People Medley"         (TBS)
2002 "Sweet Transvestite"/"Time Warp"
(Rocky Horror Show)
"Colors Of the Wind" (Pocahontas) (CBC)
Date Show Program
1996 Prime Time (ABC) Interviewed by Sylvia Chase
1996 The Nutcracker (NBC) "The Arabian Dance" "The Spanish Dance"
1996 Reno Holiday on Ice (WB) "Babalu"
"Ave Maria"
1997 Gershwin on Ice
Los Angeles, CA*
Gershwin music
1998 Skate Against Hate/Brian Boitano Special (USA) "Send In the Clowns" "Sounds of Silence" 
1998 Christmas Angel/
Mannheim Steamroller (NBC)
Original music
1999 Will & Grace (NBC) "Will On Ice" 
Cameo appearance
1999 E! True Hollywood Story (E!) Biography; updated; repeated 
1999 From This Moment/
Tara Lipinski Special (CBS)
"On the Boardwalk" 
with Tara, Elizabeth Punsalan & Jerod Swallow
1999 StarSkates Ice Jam/
Robin Cousins Special (NBC)
"Stay the Same" 
(Joey McIntire)
(Carlos Ponce)
1999 Skating Goes Country/ Nancy Kerrigan Special (TNN) "The Shake" 
"Blue Christmas"
1999 Rockefeller Center Skating Rink Opening** (WNBC) "Let's Hear It For the Boy"
1999 Dreams On Ice* "Send In the Clowns" "Studio 54"
2000 Dateline NBC Interviewed by Jane Pauley
2000 Broadway On Ice/
Andy Williams Theatre - Branson, MO*
"Let's Hear It For the Boy" 
"Send In the Clowns"
2000 StarSkates Latin/
Robin Cousins Special (NBC)
"El Baile de Perrito" 
"Livin' la Vida Loca"
2002 Brian Boitano's Holiday Skating Spectacular (NBC) "Let's Hear It For the Boy" 
"Pie Jesu"
2002 Golden Homecoming Jamie Sale & David Pelletier Special*** (CTV) "Pie Jesu"
2003 Where Are They Now? (VH1) Biographical update show on several skaters; repeated
2003 Family Feud (Synd.) COI skaters play for a week; men vs. women
2003 Champions for Charity/Benefit show for St. Jude's Hospital
Rockford, IL*
"Prince Medley"
"Colors Of the Wind"
2004 Today Show (NBC) Interview with Matt Lauer at  Rockefeller Center Rink
"Sunshine On My Shoulders"
2004 Legends On Ice
Long Beach, CA*
"Village People Medley"
Broadway On Ice
Shows in Sarasota & West Palm Beach, FL and Atlanta, GA*
"Send In the Clowns"
"Yankee Doodle Dandy" ensemble numbers
2005 Fire & Ice (presented by SkateOut)*
San Francisco, CA
"Send In the Clowns"
2006 Skating's Next Star Judge in competition of professional skaters
2006 Hilton Family Skating and Gymnastics Special (NBC) "Prince Medley," "Send In the Clowns"
2006 Stars, Stripes, and Skates** "Send In the Clowns"
2007 Today Show (Latin On Ice publicity) "Babalu"
2007 Latin On Ice (NBC) "Babalu" 
*not televised (stage shows)
**not televised nationally (New York City area only)
***this version shown in Canada only

Photo by Ann Jensen
"Gershwin On Ice"

Photo by Rebecca Patrick
StarSkates Latin, "El Baile de Perrito"


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