Tara's Special - From This Moment - 1999


Tara's First Special, "From This Moment," February 17

 "...the one highlight of the special for me was seeing Tara and Rudy Galindo do their side-by-side (double?) jumps, I believe it looked like a double toe- loop, because Rudy jumps/spins clockwise and Tara goes counterclockwise.

 "It was nice to see this "mirror pairs skating" because it is an anomaly in elite pairs skating these days (both halves of the pair go in the same direction), and, of course, we all know that Kristi Yamaguchi is a CCW jumper/ spinner and when she skated pairs with Rudy the mirror effect was interesting and different-looking."


 "Perhaps you missed the posts from people like me who were desperately seeking positive things in the special but found none, beyond the skating demonstrated by Kurt, Rudy, Punsalan&Swallow & Hamilton."


 It was just a TV special, folks.  Not the end of the world.  It wasn't produced to attract the "older" generation. I thought the Spice Girls number was cute.  It appeals to teenagers.  That's the bottom line and why it was aired to begin with.  Of course, my favorite part was Rudy, Liz and Jarod.

 --kathy burke

 From BLUE GLOW, Salon's TV Picks for Wednesday, Feb. 17, 1999, By Joyce Millman
"Guests include Scott Hamilton, Kurt Browning, and the fabulous diva, Rudy Galindo.  In a just world, this would be Rudy's TV special.  At least he'd make a better Spice Girl."

(who would gladly pay to see Rudy as the Spice Girls)

 "The boardwalk piece with Rudy, Liz & Jerrod was a lot of fun and the set design was wonderful - it actually felt like you were at an amusement park."


 "But "Under the Boardwalk" was much too short for what was originally a good idea. The "name" skaters hardly got a chance to do anything in it, and considering there were four of them out there, they should have had a chance to do something. Rudy, Liz and Jerod were hardly there before they were gone again, whereas Scott and Kurt got lots of air time, and Kurt was shown skating more than anyone else besides Tara was. (Is this a consequence of the show being produced by Insight Productions, which did Kurt's first two specials?)"


 "I really enjoyed Tara's parts in Stars on Ice, but my favorite part of her TV special  was Rudy Galindo.  I don't think the image he projects is helping get boys into figure skating, but I have to admit the man is one hell of a skater."

 ---Jim Reuter

 "What I fail to understand is why they juxtaposed her with fabulous skaters who *are* seemlessly smooth. Kurt with Tara pointed out her inadequacies. Scott with Tara, ditto. Rudy with Tara, Punsalan & Swallow with Tara, all the same thing - someone was not carrying the load as well as the others..."

 "Tara's people didn't think her less-than-smooth technique would show up with quick edits beside great skaters like Browning, Galindo, et al."


 "And what was Kurt (who I usually love) thinking agreeing to do 2 numbers in which Tara plays essentially a romantic role with him? (nothing too overt, true, but unmistakeable)...The skating with Galindo was far more natural - no sexual overtones."


 "Perhaps I spend more time watching skating than most fans, and perhaps I've spent more time trying to understand the various tricks and techniques that skaters exhibit, but I'd like to see "skating specials" that focus a little more on the skating. She certainly had a talented cast of characters appearing with her."

 ---Tim Raguso

 "By the way, later it was cool the way Tara and Rudy rotated in opposite directions in doing their simultaneous triples, creating a sort of mirror image."


 "It would have been nice to see more of Punsalan/Swallow and Rudy, but I guess that would have meant a two hour special which would have been nice."


 "Last night's special was special for me because of Kurt, Rudy and Scotty. They are the reason I watched, but I found myself enjoying Tara's skating."


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