Elvis Tour - 1998


Hamilton, November 28

 "For everyone who thought Elvis was doing too much too soon, an hour and a half before curtain time he re-injured himself and was unable to perform in tonight's show in Hamilton. To perform could have ended his career. Michael Rosenberg made the announcement saying that they had considered cancelling the show, but that the skaters still wanted to perform. Elvis came out visibly shaken and and stressed how hard to skaters were going to try and put on a great show tonight and how much he'd love to be out there. They offered refunds, but only a few got up to leave. Also in the audience were Isabelle Brasseur, Barb Underhill, and Robert Wahl (sp?) from Arlis$. Paul Martini was host. Thankfully they didn't ask us to break the standing ovation record, as they have on other shows. I think they were grateful for anyone just to stay and watch the show."

 [Several accounts follow of performances that were either flawed technically or just didn't have enough spark to get the disappointed audience into the show.]

 "Rudy Galindo pulled everyone out of their funk with his Village People medley "In the Navy/Macho Man/YMCA". First standing ovation of the night, and he was the only one who's jumps were completely on. The crowd was pumped for the first time tonight. I had a feeling everyone was still in shock over the announcement during the first few numbers."

---Judy Lindeman

 Saint John, New Brunswick, November 25

 From the St. John Times Globe
Thursday November 26,1998

 "Great Skate! Elvis and friends take centre ice in Saint John"
By MIA URQUHART - Times Globe

 "The obvious crowd favourites were Rudy Galindo, Mr. Candeloro and Mr. Stojko, but the crowd didn't reserve its applause for the big-name stars. The enthusiasm seemed only to grow as the night went on. Near the end of the night, every performance earned a standing ovation from the crowd".

Sudbury Ontario - November 22


 Rudy performed tonight in "Welcome Back Elvis" show in Sudbury Ontario. I must admit I've seen Rudy on television since he skated with Kristy Yamaguchi and I always found him incredible. But his performance this evening gave the show a first of many standing ovation. Rudy attracted everyones attention with his dynamic perfomance of the clown and Being in the Navy by the Village People. His ability to demonstrate his artistic side while being very athletic is incredible

 ---Lynn Lambert

 Toronto, November 21

 From a review of the Toronto Elvis Tour show (the one taped for TV) which appeared in the Blades on Ice "Newsbriefs" section

"The audience showed enthusiastic approval with roaring standing ovations for Rudy Galindo's 'YMCA' medley and Philippe Candeloro's 'Saturday Night Fever' program...In typical Rudy fashion, his famous 'YMCA' medley then brought down the house. As entertaining and charismatic as ever, Rudy triple jumped, shook and spun his way through this fantastically humorous number. Having seen this program many times, it never gets old or loses a thing. Quite simply, it's one of skating's all time crowd pleasers. In the next half, his nearly as popular but entirely different 'Send In The Clowns' routine also had the audience on it's feet. Displaying amazing stretch and flexibility throughout the program, his trademark layback was exceptionally beautiful.

 ---Amy Webster (yes, the recently retired ice dancer)

 "Rudy Galindo did his Village People medley and Bring in the Clowns. As usual, the audience loved him. While I do think he should react better, I do think he does get hosed by the judges a lot because technically he is very good."


 "I (as well as the audience) particularly enjoyed Josef Sabocik, Rudy Galindo, Philippe Candalero, Katarina Witt, and Elvis. Rudy's two numbers -- YMCA and Send in the Clowns -- were both great and got huge responses from the crowd."

---Donna George

 "After that all the skaters came out one after the other doing their figure half numbers. I thought the best number of the first half was Rudy Galindo. He brought the house down with his flambouyant "In the Navy/Village People" number. That was by far the hi-light of the first half. He got more applause than Elvis for the number. It was awesome."

 ---Wayne Durdeen

 "I have to agree that Rudy and Phillipe were the highlight of the first half, but Elvis definetely the highlight of the second!"


 "My highlight was the exotic Kat, however you cannot get any better than Rudy's wonderful and emotional show-stopper, "Send In The Clowns."

 ---Toddy Boy Lawrence

 Calgary, November 17

 From American Skating World, vol. 18, no. 9, December, 1998
"In Review: Welcome Back Elvis!" by Wendy Cruikshank

 "Philippe Candeloro showed his customary charisma, offering an apologetic shrug after a fall which only made the audience love him more. Dispite Philippe's huge jumps and crowd appeal, the surprise star of the show, besides Elvis, was Rudy Galindo. Rudy received the evening's most spontaneous standing ovation after leading the audience through his well-known, fun filled medley of In the Navy, Macho Man and YMCA. His quieter Send in the Clowns with its mind boggling hula hoop and beautiful spiral was just as well received."

 Prince George (British Columbia), November 15

 "Rudy Galindo was definately a highlight of the show. YMCA and Macho man had the crowd dancing in the aisles."


 "Rudy Galindo - I wondered how this crowd made up of not a few loggers, pulp mill workers, hunters etc were going to take to "In the Navy" but Rudy got two of the biggest ovations of the night. He also did Send in the Clowns. I enjoyed both of them."


 Vancouver, November 14

 "The entire show was awesome. I had never seen Rudy's "Send in the Clowns" number live and this piece is truly mesmerizing. Enjoy the show - the cast is one of the best ever assembled and there's lots of Elvis!!"

 ---Mary Sinker

 "Rudy Galindo was definately a highlight of the show. YMCA and Macho man had the crowd dancing in the aisles."


 "Candeloro was probably a close second to Galindo as the audience favourite."


 Some favorable comments from a long and informative review which was good- humoredly critical of many of the musical choices, and some of the skating. Other than Rudy's programs, this reviewer especially enjoyed Katarina Witt's "Angel" and "Rescue Me," as well as Punsalen and Swallow's "Umbrellas of Cherbourg" and "Spell on Me" numbers.

 "Galindo. "YMCA". I am so glad I got to see this live, It was great. He hit every jump, and his jumps were terrific. Audience loved it."

 "Galindo "Clowns". Flawless again, and excellent hoop work."

 ---Fiona McQuarrie

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