Elvis Sk8 Tour

Pictures above and below by Keith Gosse

Photos by Keith Gosse

Here is  another picture of Rudy and a review of the show from the November 7 Halifax Herald
"No Rocky Landings for Stojko's SK8," by Andrea Nemetz

The Rudy part of the review:

"It was a fast-paced mix of comedy and drama with some thngs never before seen on ice...One such thing was Rudy Galindo's Rocky Horror Picture Show number. When the 1996 U.S. champion appeared in black lace and leather, blue eye shadow and pink lipstick, he was a dead-ringer for Tim Currie, suggestively slinking his way across the ice in a scene that could have been lifted from the cult classic film."

More pictures of the skaters on the Elvis SK8 Tour, including Rudy, of course, are at http://www.figureskatingcalendar.ca/page8lo.jpg

A complete review of the first show in St. John, Newfoundland, November 3, is at The Skate Blade. Written by Lesley Herridge, this thorough account is as close as fans who couldn't make it to Canada will get to the whole show! She has this to say about Rudy:

"Rudy Galindo was after her [Liz Manley] and he skated to Sweet Transvestite...interesting. Heavy heavy make-up with black pants and a black sparkly shirt and gloves. Part-way through the program the pants were ripped off to reveal a bodysuit.  The crowd went nuts. He landed 2 axel/2toe, 2 sal, 2 axel, and a cartwheel into a split to end."

Charlottetowne, PEI (Prince Edward Island) - November 6

...Rudy came on and skated to Sweet Transvestite. It was HILARIOUS! At one point, he rips of his sparkly black pants and all he is wearing is a bodysuit. You can always count on him for a very flamboyant skate!

Halifax, Nova Scotia - November 7

Note the review above from the Halifax Herald.

See an enthusiastic review of the entire show by Marlyn at Skatingforums

Of Rudy, she said, "Rudy did only the sweet transvestite number that he did on St Johns...not the Colors of the wind one. He was great........and man he really looked good in the boustier and fish nets!!! He has so much energy!!

Toronto, Ontario - November 11

Review of the Toronto show from Jenny at FSU (Figure Skating Universe) Used here in its entirety with permission and gratitude!

Rambling thoughts on last night's Elvis show in Toronto:

A bit different that usual, with a DJ/host doing the music and all the introductions. He made several errors (at one point he said the show was choreographed by Uschi Gardner and Randy Kessler, and then some terminology issues, like calling both Philippe and Jeffrey bronze medallists when as we know there's a huge difference). I also got tired of his "are you having fun yet" attempts to get the crowd going, but overall it wasn't too bad. Since the majority of the crowd is well past the dance club phase, I wonder what other fans thought of this approach.

Is Josee pregnant? She did two new programs and both costumes seemed designed to hide a bit of bulge. She is otherwise looking trim and beautiful. (Not to worry FSUers, I've got my mom on the case as she will see her up close at a December holiday show and will report back to us!) The first program had music that I think was largely inaccessible to the audience - voidy female vocals with no music; the second was fairly standard Josee.

Surya did March with Me and something from the Lion King. The DJ/host kept trying to say she was doing "21st century moves" and improvising, but it was the usual Surya.

Jeffy Buttle was fabulous, doing a ballad I've never seen and his 7 Days from SC, which was better this time. Crowd loved him.

Liz Manley, bless her heart, can't really skate any more. She did Madonna's Hey Mr. DJ and most of it was dancing in place. They talked about her broken foot. I was ready to forgive her and happy just to see her in any form until she said that Toronto had always supported her and was "the only place she felt she could come out and skate after the injury" - um, she's doing the whole tour.

I've never seen Irina and her hula hoops live, or Naomi's boyfriend and the other acrobat, so that was a treat. The acrobats got the only true standing ovation of the evening for their "slow" number you've likely seen on TV. They also did a bullfight number where Vlad was the bull. Lots of fun.

Dan Hollander was a riot. Nice to see that a skater who never went very far but is a talented performer can get a job in skating. He did South Park/Dude Looks Like a Lady and another one about skating in heaven.

Rudy can happily still skate, and did a number perfect for him - Sweet Transvestite/Time Warp. Perfect for the crowd too, who are the right age to get into the music. He was clearly in his own void with this character (including a corset and black hose lingerie costume!), and successfully brought the crowd along with him. One of the only skaters to do triple jumps, bless him.

Philippe continues to travel with a suitcase full of props, doing his Wild West and Braveheart numbers, and yes, yawn, he took off his shirt. Are high-waisted pants popular in Europe? Because to me if you are going to take off your shirt, at least wear fashion-forward pants. He can still skate quite well, so I wish he would offer even *one* non-gimmicky number.

B&S, introduced as Olympic gold medallists, did a version of Meditation, and the Chaplin ex. A total delight. She's grown her hair and was wearing it in a bun. Amazing how it changes her look completely - much more sophisticated, and less the fragile vase. Bravo for doing SBS in a show environment too.

Tara, who I personally think is a much better *skater* than she ever was in 98, did double and single jumps. They talked about her hip surgery. Sandra Bezic must have ulcers about this. She did a ballad in her Color of Roses dress, and a modern Paint It Black.

Punsalen and Swallow were boring IMO. Even the French team at SC can outperform them, and I daresay they make the Rauers look like medallists at this point. Pretty programs, but very simple and slow. Compare to Roca and Sur, who as of their last SOI tour were much faster and showcasing complicated, lovely lifts and versatility.

Elvis, bless him, was a bit disappointing for me. It was fun to see his sliding at last, and he also did some different little jumps and spin combinations. Plus, there were some 90 degree slides up to the DJ booth that he used quite well. However, music choices were typical Elvis (including music he definitely used in 97, if not before). His jumps are down to nothing - double axels if you please! He did some good footwork, but overall he looked like he was just playing around. Like Philippe, I wish he would take the time to choreograph and rehearse a good, serious program that showcases his skills.

Also, I know you have to thank sponsors, but this was overkill. The DJ mentioned all of them (and there were a lot) repeatedly, including while the skaters were taking their final bows. And it was quite obvious that all the best seats were occupied by sponsors (they came late, and many had passes around their necks). Elvis might was to take a lesson from certain music acts who go to a lot of effort to ensure that *fans* get the best seats iin the house.

On a happy note, he said "see you next year" and I think that in its second year, this "concept" for a show could be quite successful. There was something a bit thrown together and rough about this one.

There was a Meet and Greet opportunity with the skaters at Montana's in Toronto. The fans love this and the skaters apparently enjoyed it, too. Nice idea for other tours...

Nancy recounted her Rudy experience:

"I met Rudy First and told him how much I enjoy his skating. Asked him to sign his book which he added a cute note to me and personalized it with my name. My Dad is also a huge skating fan and likes Rudy. So, I had brought along a Blades magazine with him on the cover to sign for Dad. Rudy laughed and said "Boy this is an old one." He was so friendly and I wish Iwould have talked to him more but wanted to give the other fans a chance to meet everyone too."

About the show, she said, "The highlights of the show for me were Elvis, Jeff, Dan & Rudy...Rudy's program was really over the top and I laughed so hard I was almost in tears. He's a true entertainer and comes up with such creative programs that you wonder what he'll come up with next. Then when he took his bows he reached back and pulled his costume up to reveal his butt and made us laugh even harder." [This must be when he shows off the thong mentioned in the Ottawa newspaper!]

dsc prefers eligible skating but said of the show, " I prefer eligible competition to pro competition or pro/ams, but when it comes to show skating, gimme the fluff! ...lurve the verve and spontaneity of a Rudy or an Elvis. Now some might say that the highlights of the show for me were the tear-away pants, but truly, the highlights would have to be Jeff Buttle, Ber & Sik, Josee, the acrobats, Rudy, Dan, and Elvis...it was a good time!"

Janice was honest and fair. "Rudy - did a number from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, playing Dr. Frank N. Furter. This was not a favorite program of mine, of his - just not my taste. But, most of the crowd loved it and he did it well, including a couple of triples, a catch-foot spin, and a cartwheel - and he received a partial standing O.

She said of Rudy's second program - Colors of the Wind (Pocahontas) - I think he did a triple double combination, did a 3 Salchow, a 2Axel-2toe, and a Charlotte spiral, and a 3 toe. His costume had colored leaves hanging off it in different places and it was very effective when he spun.

Other brief comments:

"Good to see that two of my favorite American male skaters from the 1990's, Dan Hollander and Rudy Galindo are still producing enjoyable entertaintment."   Catherine

"rudy's no. was way over the top...I loved it." Shopperwhite

"I really liked Rudys Rocky Horror program..but those who have never seen the movie wouldn't have got it." Corvette1975

"...lurved Rudy with his Sweet Transvestite and Time Warp (...let's do the time warp agaaaiin...  ...whew..lurve those tear-away pants."  WendyC

"Rudy was outrageous! I couldn't get over his getup!"  Connie

"I really liked Rudy, very risque, he got a big reaction when he produced a major wedgie, but I think it was his costume, a thong no less."  Sandra H

"He did a charlotte spiral in it [Sweet Transvestite] that would seriously give the ladies some competition!" Sale and Pelletier Cheerleader

Ottawa, Ontario - November 12 (the show for television)

Rudy certainly made an impression on the Ottawa Citizen, one of the major newspapers in Ontario's capital city. In a November 13 article titled, "Skating Elite Put On Saucy, Racy Show," by Melanie Brooks, he got a goodly amount of space:

"Rudy Galindo, a former U.S. gold medalist, ravaged the crowd with a racy number set to the music of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Dressed in tight black pants and a fishnet corset, the "sweet transvestite" had the women in the audience hooting and hollering, especially when he dropped his pants to reveal a tiny pair of leather panties and black nylons.

"And then he mooned the crowd.

"'That's so wrong,' mumbled one girl in the audience, her mouth open. "I mean, can he do that?"

"But judging from the laughter that erupted when the crowd caught on to what Mr. Galindo was doing, most people didn't seem to mind."

This same reviewer finished her article with a comment about Jamie and David that confirmed her serious posterior, or, more familiarly, butt obsession, "And even they were a little more rambunctious than usual, with Ms. Sale--wearing a tight leather miniskirt and a sparkling midriff-revealing top--slapping her partner's behind not once, but 13 times."

She actually counted????? And noticed all of that detail in Rudy's costume, too!

London, Ontario - November 16

After reading the above account of the Ottawa show and a few reviews posted by members of the London audience who were somewhat disturbed by Rudy's Rocky Horror Show "Sweet Transvestite"/ "Time Warp" program, it was good to find that the majority found it hilarious and and a high point of the show. Furthermore, they were impressed by Rudy's skating and by his ability to recreate so well Tim Curry's Dr. Frank N Furter role.

Following is a review by Andrea Chempinski, better known as Hoo. She does wonderful websites for Brian Orser, and Todd Eldredge as well as having an outstanding skating photographs site http://www.scratchspin.com. Following is her review of the London show:

I had a very sort of odd perspective for this show.  I had row B seats in the corner, but it seems they took out row A, so we ended up with front row seats that were litteraly right at the squared off corner of the ice. And with the opening row gone, the boards only came to our knees and it felt almost like we were on a tier overlooking the ice - kind of an odd feeling to it.  It was also the lutz corner for several folks - which is a bit frightening to see that bearing down on you! Overall this show had a different feel than the usual skating show which was nice.  The DJ up front playing the music and doing the various introductions was a nice effect.

Opening - 'Who Is Elvis'
This is the tune that opened Elvis Incognito and it's a nice bit of techno.  It's played over completely dark ice with colored spotlights that turn on just as Elvis launches into jumps.  What amazed me is that they really weren't that bright so Elvis was jumping in near darkness -  yet the jumps were huge! Rest of the cast is introduced and everyone does a trick of some kind.

Buttle - 'Angels Standing By'
*wow*  I've been impressed with Buttle on tv, but seeing him live definitely makes it a better experience.  He had a few jump bobbles and I think one fall but they didn't really mar the program.  Costume was gray pants and gray shirt.  It was the in-betweens that were the most spectacular though.  Gorgeous extension both spread eagles and ina bauers. And that boy can spin!  Very quick and some nice variations on the positions, especially the sit-spin.  I'm really looking forward to watching this guy progress!

Manley - '??'
I'm drawing a blank on Liz's first number as it was pretty forgettable.  Fall on a double axel but some nice spins.

Bonaly - '??'
Another forgettable program from Surya.  It always seems like she's just skating the same program over and over again - I can never tell them apart.  However I do have to give her credit, while she may have rather lousy technique, it's the same lousy technique she's always had - she's kept her skill level over the past 4 years of being pro.

Punsalan & Swallow - '??' (Oriental music)
Very interesting program from this duo.  It had sort of an Oriental or Indian feel to it.  He was in black tunic and pants and she in pink tunic and pants with beads in her hair.  Lots of contortion lifts and turns.  Nicely done.

Galindo - 'Rocky Horror Picture Show'
Now this was a show highlight!  Rudy did a fantastic job of bringing the tongue-in-cheek fun of the movie onto the ice.  Practically had the audience doing the time warp with him.  And double kudos for the jump content - he had *3* combinations.  One was a 2axel-2toe and the others were all 3-2toe combos I believe.  Nice tight rotation on all of them.  Plus his usual compliment of spins.

[A further comment by Hoo in a later communication: "I really did love the program and thought it was definitely one of the best programs of the show.  Then again I do adore Tim Curry's work and think Rocky Horror should be mandatory viewing for everyone.  Rudy did an excellent job of keeping the Frankenfurter character true but wihout being as over the top as it could have been."

Hollander - 'Cartman / Mrs. Doubtfire'
Seen this a lot of times so it's gotten a bit thin for me, but I just love the Cartman part of the program - it's just fun.  Plus kudos to Dan for the single axel (?) in the bulky costume.

Berezhnaya & Sikharulidze - 'Meditation'
After not seeing them live for a few months, I always forget how damn fast they are.  They were practically flying across the rink.  It isn't the most exciting of tunes, but the program was still impressive. And the throws were just huge - she covered practically the entire short length of the ice!

Orser - 'Hallelujah'
*ahhh* the reason I went up for this tour, and it was definitely worth it!  Brian was wearing the same blue/black costume from Gotta Dance. Brian does lyrical so well that it's almost as if the music were written just for him to skate to.  Gorgeous delayed axel as always.  Hung onto the triple salchow though :)  Plus the usual compliment of camel spins and footwork.

Brasseur & Eisler - 'Never Tear Us Apart'
While I'm not really fond of the costumes for this program, I can forgive that just because it's so nice to see B&E doing some real pair moves in a program.  The unision long back spiral is just gorgeous!  Plu a very nice death spiral.

Stojko - 'Ice Cream'
Fun little number that starts with Elvis in the stands dressed as an ice cream man and throwing ice cream bars to the audience.  Once on the ice it's your high energy Elvis number.  I have to say Elvis is looking very fit and the jumps were more solid than I've seen in a while.

Ensemble - 'Mambo No 5'
This was the short opening bit to the second half and featured Punsalan & Swallow, Galindo, Stojko and Hollander I believe.  Sort of a blah sort of number.

Buttle - '??'
Not sure of the music but costume was black pants and red shirt and was an upbeat sort of tune.  Nice to see a different style from the first number.  This guy's got charisma for sure - had the audience right from the beginning :)

Bonaly - 'March With Me'
Same ol' same ol' from Bonaly.

Manley - 'Music'
This was a much better number for Liz.  She spoke with Elvis on the mic before the program and spoke about how she broke her foot in 7 places and it was held together by metal but for Elvis she was here.  The jumps were not that great, but her spins were very fast and she had some nice footwork as well.  For those who've said she looked a little heavy, I didn't really notice.  Liz has never been a stick girl so she didn't look much different than usual to me.

Galindo - 'Colors of the Wind'
It was nice to see Rudy back up his first number with something on the serious side as he can skate that style really well.  I still think the costume is a bit odd, but I can live with that.  Really nice spirals and spins in this program.

Punsalan & Swallow - 'Here We Go Again'
I r4eally liked this program when I saw it at the Ray Charles show and it was even better here as I think a couple of live performances have helped it gel even more.  It's really a program that shows off Jerod's personality which is nice to see.

Hollander - 'At Least In Heavan I Can Skate'
Another highlight of the nice.  I saw this on the American Open tape and had hoped Dan would do it for COI, so I'm glad that I finally got to see it live.  It's really lots of fun and Dan plays characters very well.  Program starts with him attempting a backflip over a "brick wall" which he crashes into, "dies," and is reborn as an angel with wings.  Lots of fun!

Berezhnaya & Sikharulidze - 'The Kid'
I admit from the start that I really don't like this program, and the thought of seeing it for like the 10th time live didn't really thrill me.  However, while I still don't like it, I think this was probably the best version of it I've seen them skate.  Both were really on and you even got to see some bit of personality from Elena!  Another huge throw in this program as well.

Orser - 'Let The Good Times Roll'
I was expecting to see "Beyond the Sea" again, so color me happily suprised that he brought out this number from the Ray Charles show.  Same costume (navy pants and green on green striped shirt from Tunnel Vision). It's a fun personality number from Brian and he was selling this well.  At one point there's some line about bowing to the king and Elvis makes a cameo and Brian does the 'we're not worthy' Wayne's World bit on the ice.

Brasseur & Eisler - 'Radar Love'
Sort of a typical B&E program but it was still nice.

Stojko - 'Elvis Medley'
Of course no Elvis show would be complete without an Elvis Medley. This was another play with the audience number which was a bit annoying (*sigh* to see Elvis tour with something like his Caruso number would be so great!) but it was still fun.

Most of the comments mirrored those below:

"I was very impressed with Rudy Galindo...I loved both his numbers."

"I LOVED when Rudy mooned both sides of the audience. It was so him and it added some much needed comedy to the night. Other than Dan the Man of course."

"The high light for me was Dan and Rudy. Dan was so funny and Rudy was well Rudy, gotta love him."

"rudy is so over the top that the crowd loves him."

Rudy - we're pretty open minded, but wow!!!Sure caused a stir in staid London..."

"what's all the hubbub about Rudy Galindo's number?"

'Personally, we were rolling in our seats...in the 2:00 PM show, people were far less conservative, while in the 7:30 show,--we were sitting near some older people who were just sitting there with their mouths open..."

"I also sat next to an old couple at the afternoon show and they were just sitting in shock during rudy's no...too too funny. his second no. at night was slow and lovely and he did 3 triple double combos. wow...."

"As for Rudy - I know exactly what you mean about the shock...it was truly hilarious..."

"i was sitting next to two old people and watching them during rudy's number was just a hoot... as i think someone said, staid london will never be the same again.
i too was amazed that rudy did 3 combinations in his evening second program."

"Rudy Galindo was over the top, but I loved his 'cheeky' programs."

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