Champions On Ice Spring Tour - 2003

25th Anniversary Tour

  Photos by Tracy Marks, copyright 2003:

Champions On Ice - 2003 Spring Tour - Atlanta, GA, May 6, 2003

The Atlanta area experienced over 3 inches of rain the afternoon of the show. It resulted in the kind of traffic such weather happenings usually cause. Even that was preferable to the blinding rain and tornado warnings being broadcast on the car radio while traveling through South Carolina to get there! Anyhow, the Champions On Ice show was a welcome relief from trying to outrun the tornados and torrents of rain and survive in the city's gridlock.

Philips Arena didn't sell the topmost tier of seats at all. The remainder of the arena was pretty well filled, including many of the special suites that extend up to the top tier level on one side. I'm not very good at judging such things, but would guess that about 12,000 people were in attendance.

The audience was a very good one that eagerly encouraged the skaters to take a full four bows to both sides and the ends. There was lots of publicity about US Nationals being held in Atlanta in 2004 and the crowd seemed to want to show support for skating of any kind. There were order forms on many of the seats for either an April or May date next year.

I'm a great COI fan and thought this show, while perhaps not the best one I've seen, was right up there with them. It was also my only opportunity to see the Spring Tour after having three chances to go to the Winter Tour.

I have never seen so many men at a COI show. In the area in which I was sitting, most of them were genuinely interested in it and watched attentively, even discussing it with others with them.

Two mainstays were not there. Surya Bonaly has apparently seriously injured her other achilles tendon. She did this the first time a couple of years ago, and ever since she came back from that, I've held my breath every time she has done the one-foot landing on her flip. Kazakova and Dmitriev also did not skate although I haven't seen any indication as to why.

Since the tour has been reviewed so much, below are some observations that may be repeats. Rudy gets a little more detail! Most of the skaters on the Winter Tour did the same programs that are reviewed here.

The introduction was fun largely because of the audience enthusiasm for all of the skaters. It seemed longer than usual with each skater doing a nice solo bit.

Nicole Bobek led off, as usual these days. She looks so good and does some things--sit spins and spirals--so well. Unless I misjudged or miscounted, she did three decent double axels, and fell on a 3T. It was the Abba music and again, I wanted to see her do an entire program to "Winner Takes All."

Elizabeth Punsalan and Jerod Swallow's "Here We Go Again..." I'm thinking Elizabeth's leopard-skirted costume is a nice change that better matches Jerod's very fine brown velvet?? Then I wonder if she has always worn it in this number. The program is amusing and beautifully skated. The crowd loves the leisurely kiss!

Ann Patrice McDonaugh has perhaps outgrown "Sugar, Sugar?" It was still nice to see her perform though.

Rudy has one of the best and most inclusive smiles out there, and the Prince medley gives him a chance to use it in the more grandiose moments and in fun. He draws the audience into the program and is obviously a crowd favorite. He is really the wake up call to the audience and they come to life while he performs. The jumps weren't as solid as they were on the Winter Tour, but he still managed a triple toe/double toe combination and some nice double axels. Rudy does such a good job of characterization and really brings the Artist alive in this program. The fact that he does indeed resemble Prince to some extent adds significantly.

Throwing his beautiful purple cape into the audience, then having COI staff exchange backstage passes for its return is a clever and popular idea. One reviewer of the show who caught the cape, held it until intermission, and won the prize confirmed that it is embellished with Swarovski crystals and Marabou feathers!

Naomi Lang and Peter Tchernyshev again show themselves to be superb at being sultry, passionate, and gorgeous. I didn't think they could equal last season's Parisian Walkways, but this is close ("Still Loving You--" by Scorpion).

Dan Hollander's Old Man program isn't my favorite, but it is very well received in the show. He may be a victim of his tremendous success with Mrs. Doubtfire (shades of the Village People!). The latter so appeals to children, something Dan seems uniquely able to do, while this one goes in the other direction, and ambivalently so for some. I'd love to see him develop another kids' number.

Maxim Marinin and Tatiana Totmianina did a nice program to a bluesy saxophone version of "With You In This World." They had some lovely throws and lifts that were executed and landed softly and easily. She actually looked like she was enjoying herself and he seems to be developing a little more flourish. I was pleasantly surprised, and they received a nice reception from the audience.

Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto pleased with the Elvis program. She is a beautiful woman, as are all of the female counterparts of the four ice dancing couples featured in the show. Belbin and Agosto had a cold spot in the finale which made me wonder if they are with the Tour until it's over June 1. Guess we'll see.

Victor Petrenko's expansive skating to "Flight" was one of my favorites from the Winter Tour because it showed off what he does best--big powerful double axels and triple toes, as well as covering the ice beautifully and fast. He got a better reception for this than for some of his recent fare.

Philippe Candeloro's choice of program seemed inappropriate to me on the Winter Tour and still does. However, you can't argue with success, and "Proud To Be an American" certainly pleased most of the audience. Many stood, although several people around me didn't. I think all felt free to do whatever moved them.

Later on, while walking back to our car that was located in a remote parking area, my friend commented that one of two roller bladers skating down the sidewalk looked like Philippe. I didn't think much about it until I read in the Atlanta paper that he and one of his staff did indeed skate the 8+ miles back to the hotel! I'm not sure I'd have considered the roads they had to travel particularly safe for a couple of Frenchmen!

The second act featured many of the superstars.

Irina Grigorian, the hula hoop lady did her thing and the crowd loved it. With each hoop-increasing trick, they expressed their amazement.

Michael Weiss' program also appealed to the younger guys in my row. I actually liked it, too. It features a lot of his more unorthodox and very athletic moves and the music ("Centerfold") is upbeat and energetic. It was very well received in Atlanta.

Bourne and Kraatz' program ("21st Century Agagio") is almost too dramatic and tension-filled for the otherwise lighter COI fare, but it is spectacularly performed. It seemed a little like the audience was exhausted by the end and the rousing reception one might have expected wasn't quite there. Shae-Lynn is incredibly pretty, and is one of the most gracious of the skaters backstage.

I didn't quite get Irina Slutskaya's Russian sometimes folk seeming number. However, she did some nice jumps and very fast spins and was well received.

Besedin and Polishchuk did the slow motion program in the cropped pants. The crowd loved it, but I am at the point where I would rather see them do one of their other programs--or even change the costume for this one (we've seen it in the tutus, too!).

Timothy Goebel does indeed seem to be more relaxed in front of the COI audience than last year. He had a major miscue on one jump popping it completely, but otherwise his jumping has become so smooth and easy that it's a pleasure to watch him. It was interesting to see him do the Creed number that Elvis Stojko did on the Winter Tour. He seemed to have some more variety to his movement than did Elvis. He seemed very comfortable and unhurried.

Other than Michelle, Sasha Cohen was the star of the show in Atlanta producing a nearly flawless and gorgeous performance of the Romeo and Juliet music. She did have one bobble on a spin, though not as visible as some of her recent ones. Overall, her moves were spectacular and her skating striking. The audience genuinely appreciated the performance.

The one thing that stood out to me is that she sometimes seems to lose her balance for an instant, i.e., she flinches a little on elements that should be sustained, or has an instant of insecurity when spinning, or slightly over-rotates a jump. It's almost as if her extreme flexibility gets her into positions she has difficulty maintaining. I hope this is just a transitional stage and she will achieve more security with time. Her final spin, where her back is bent toward the leg she is extending straight up is still much less attractive to me than Michelle's and Rudy's straight back approach to the similar move.

Elvis Stojko is such a pleasant guy and invites the audience to share his enjoyment of his skating to the point that I forgive the similarity of most of the programs he does. However, it would be nice to see him break out something new and different...

Evgeny Plushenko is such an attractive tall, slender figure on the ice. The St. Petersburg 300 music doesn't do much for me and didn't seem to inspire him as much as last year's Carmen. He did do the jump combination that seems to go on forever (four jumps??), and several triples. He was so crooked in the air on some of them and STILL landed them. He certainly has developed a lot of personality over the last few years and has become a very likeable performer.

Michelle Kwan served to emphasize my feeling about Sasha Cohen's occasional precariousness on the ice. To me, there is no other skater, male or female, who seems so at ease and secure with her skating and herself AND can make audiences feel the same way. You don't worry about her and just enjoy the skating and the performance. She's a gem.

The finale was done with a much more light-hearted attitude than on the Winter Tour, when it was a little ponderous. The skaters have fun with one another. Rudy is more active placing everyone and comforts the ladies who have falls with a dusting off of the ice from the fallen-on part of the body. I noticed in one picture that he had a giant yellow flower behind one ear. The colors are bright and happy. The solos and small group spots have been honed considerably.

That's about it for the 25th Anniversary Tour. Again, if the Atlanta audience is any indication of the support the next US Nationals will have there, it should be a good time.

Lorrie Kim's review of this year's COI Spring Tour inspired many skating fans to stop thinking about it and GO to see it! Rudy is doing the Prince Medley, and, as usual, is among the top crowd pleasers in the show. His hip has given him some problems, and that just seems to intensify his desire to reach audiences and give them a good show.

For another complete review of the show, go to Joe Erbentraut's site, The SkateBlade.

Lorrie's review...

You must go see this year's Champions on Ice show if possible! The show itself is pretty good. The finale is a work of genius.

The opening featured:

Candeloro, "Stayin' Alive"
Punsalan and Swallow, "You're the One That I Want" (I really wish they had put her in black t-shirt and leggings instead of the generic costume she was wearing -- it would have looked much hotter)
Weiss, doing "the worm"
Sokolova, "Fame" :-) Good choice.
Totmianina and Marinin, "We Got the Beat" and looking like they enjoyed it
Galindo, "Beat It"
Lang and Tchernyshev, "Footloose" (??? o-kay)
Suguri, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" (I found it clashed with her style)
Kazakova and Dmitriev, "Rock This Town"
Stojko, "Jump" (Van Halen version)
Bobek, "Walk Like an Egyptian." V. and I were sitting very high up in the stands and from that distance, her superior edge quality was clear.
Goebel, can't remember his music
Slutskaya, "Straight Up"
Bourne and Kraatz, "Neutron Dance"
Hamill, "Rhythm is Gonna Get You"
Cohen, "Simply Irresistible"
Plyushenko, "U Can't Touch This"
Kwan, "Vogue"
Petrenko, "I'm Too Sexy"
Bonaly, "Macarena"
Slutskaya, Cohen, Kwan to "La Vida Loca." This grouping was not successful, I thought. They did double axels and then spins, supposedly in unison, but it just emphasized how glaringly different all their techniques are. Maybe it'll improve as the show season goes on.

Scott and Dulebohn opened as guest performers with their "Frozen" exhibition that is a whole new direction of seriousness and vision for them. I hope to see more from them in this vein.

Bobek did an Abba medley. Two perfect double axels.

Punsalan and Swallow did a lying-on-the-ice program with a motif of her holding her skate behind her and a series of Besti squat variations.

Galindo got lots of cheers for his Prince medley with some triple toes, his vertical Charlotte, some clean fast forward toe steps, and a splendid ending with a series of traveling three-turns with leg throws, controlled and upright the way he always does them, right with the music.

Lang and Tchernyshev did their Scorpions FD. Ahhhh.

Suguri had a bad jump day, but her soft circular footwork and gorgeously stretched Ina Bauer got applause. It's been less than a week since the ladies' final and these skaters are already working. I don't blame them for not having recovered yet from competition.

Totmianina and Marinin showed us the meaning of clean skating again with their Cotton Club FS. She does the split double twist with arms in ballet position overhead, very effective.

Sokolova gave us a beautiful 3toe-2loop with perfect control, a slide spiral, and a back spiral right into a 2axel.

Dan Hollander portrayed a 70-year-old skater and it was astonishing how he captured the mannerisms and body control quality of a longtime skater of that era. There is a man almost that age at my rink who used to be a corps skater with the Ice Capades who skates exactly like that, hands held out and cocked at the wrists, back edges in big lobes looking over the shoulder, cautious but correct waltz jumps, a shaky reach for a shoot-the-duck. I was worried that some in the audience might think he really was 70 -- it was that well done. Good physical actor.

Petrenko shocked and gladdened us with a serious number like the ones he used to do before his choreography became kid-friendly. Classic Petrenko with the upright posture, big jumps (3toes and 2axels), and a stunning Wagen wheel. He felt it and he made us feel it too.

Hamill skated "You've Got a Friend" and I shook my head at her genius until she finished and I gave her a standing ovation. I tried to think if any modern skater could pull off her simple program and came up with Ryan Jahnke. The depth of those edges and the flow, the big double salchow and double toe and the textbook layback and scratch. The inside edges so extreme they go in a semicircle while her upper body moves not at all. Wow.

Then Candeloro did something I thought was brilliant of him and COI. He was the skater to skate to the anthem (is it called "Proud to be an American"?) that we have heard so much in the U.S. since the terrorist attacks in 2001. It started with a voiceover of customs welcoming Mr. Candeloro into the country, and then he did the program honoring the U.S., doing a jump while holding the flag, and keeping his shirt on in acknowledgment of the seriousness of the sentiment. V. said she didn't think any of the American skaters could have pulled it off, but it was respectful and touching coming from Candeloro, who I think genuinely enjoys the U.S. It was a good way to comfort the crowd with skating, to acknowledge what is going on and provide escape without denial.

Shortly before the Zamboni break, Chevy had a driver drive a little red Corvette around the ice while Bobek and Plyushenko lobbed those stuffed toy red cars into the audience. Pretty funny. If you're going to press skaters into promotional work, do it a fun way.

Irina Grigorian started off the second half with her hula hoops. I have not tired of her act yet. I may never.

Weiss, a school desk, and a desk chair performed "Centerfold." His 3lutz had an insecure landing again. I am worried for the status of what used to be his no-problem jump.

Chait and Sakhnovsky did their Paganini freedance.

Bonaly did a triple toe so enormous that she fell on the second triple toe she tacked on after it. She also did an LFO spiral with fantastic speed into a 3salchow, a 3loop, split into 3salchow, and backflip into LBI spiral.

Kazakova and Dmitriev were again the best actors of the night with a cape prop to "Unforgettable." Moskvina is such a good interpreter of these American earlier 20th century classic movies and songs.

Slutskaya and her sequined pantsuit gave us a witty, adorable program to what is sort of like Russian folk techno -- definitely some folk elements, definitely a techno beat, and all fun.

Besedin and Polichuk wowed the audience again.

Bourne and Kraatz did their freedance. Very impressive.

Goebel has become a good show skater. Three years ago it seemed like it would be such a long journey, but here he is, with his great spread eagle edges and his rapidly rotating jumps.

Cohen did the most beautiful program I've ever seen from her to "A Time for Us" from Romeo and Juliet. It is so much better to watch Cohen in a show rather than reluctantly noting all of her deductible flaws watching from a competition standpoint. An off jump day for her, but a triumphant program overall and one that I hope touches many fans.

Stojko did his standard COI program, good-natured with speed and spinning moves with his hands on the ice and his whole body careening across the ice pivoting on his hands.

Plyushenko was his usual intense, lethal self. The program was more about ambition and deadly precision than mastery.

I had no idea what Kwan's new music was and when I realized it was "Falling," I was so excited. Yes! Yes! That is perfect for her! I have often wondered why skaters don't more often use the swooping phrasing of that song that is so much like an up-and-down knee action or a lobe. Actually I think her performance of it here today is not as good as she can do it, but the basics are there and I hope to see her do this number many times. Her jumps were clean.

And then, the finale. Wow.

It rivals the Queen and Beatles finales from SOI that, until now, were the best skating show finales I've seen.

It is a wild Bakhtinian spectacle, bursting with uncontainable carnivalesque color and nomadic spirit. The skaters are much more costumed than they've ever been before, in volume and care similar to Cirque du Soleil but in style and color palette much more folk-gypsy.

Galindo is the narrator of the spectacle, assuming the persona that has been at his core for his entire skating career since childhood: Pagliacci, the sad clown.

Other skaters burst forth with riotously colored masks on long poles and dance with abandon to the stirring folk music.

Bobek is dressed as a splendid firebird.

Kazakova and Dmitriev whip around like gods.

The ice dancers do partnered lunges and straight line steps down the ice together like a band of itinerant performers going from village to village.

Plyushenko does toepick work to the guitar pick work of the music with a soaring lightness that makes it clear this music is in his blood.

The men line up wielding large satin capes in swirls of color.

Hollander emerges as the court jester and does his swift footwork down the ice.

Cohen, the pretty princess wearing a bustle and holding a daisy, dances sweetly with the clown and the jester.

Stojko explodes into footwork in a phoenix-colored costume that captures his essence better than any costume I've seen on him.

Then Kwan emerges in a heart-stopping one-legged cat suit with a flesh-tone fabric insert slashed across her midsection, the first time I've ever seen kelly green on her, with the other leg done in nude fabric with green ribbons in wide X patterns lacing down to her skate.

The jubilant cacophony comes to a head with joyous streamers shooting out over the audience.

Sarah Kawahara has outdone herself and created poetry about the noble, uncontainable lives of these nomadic touring artists. Brava to her, bravo to all.

Thanks to Lorrie!

Below are some brief comments from fans about Rudy and the Prince medley.

Baltimore, MD - April 4

Rudy Galindo: Came out in a sparkly purple jacket and pants with a purple cape that had "Rudy" written in silver. He soon took off the cape, and eventually the jacket to reveal a purple sequined tank top. He sated to a Prince medley of a couple songs I did not recognize the names of, and "1999". Lots of hamming and strutting. In between he did a 2 axel, 2 sal, 3 toe, Charlotte spiral, and a 3 toe (2 foot). Usual happy and hilarious self.

Philadelphia, PA - April 5

I still think that Elvis Stojko and Rudy Galindo are the two that reach out to the crowd the best. They are always a lot of fun to watch. Rudy skated to a prince medley.


Rudy Galindo: Came out in a sparkly purple jacket and pants with a purple cape that had "Rudy" written in silver. He soon took off the cape, and eventually the jacket to reveal a purple sequined tank top. He sated to a Prince medley of a couple songs I did not recognize the names of, and "1999". Lots of hamming and strutting. In between he did a 2 axel, 2 sal, 3 toe, Charlotte spiral, and a 3 toe (2 foot). Usual happy and hilarious self.

I really did enjoy all of the skates; Elvis, Rudy, and Dan were crowd-pleasers as usual.


Rudy...Prince...terrific...audience loved him

Rudy was Rudy! he skated to Prince and had on a velvety purple costume. He had a big purple cape on that said "Rudy" on it and some very lucky audience members got to keep it!!!!!!!!! Unless he took it back which I missed. I think they got to keep it.


Rudy Galindo in purple suit with cape skated to Prince Medley (complete with Yagudin footwork mid performance)


Linda J, you forgot to mention those push ups Rudy also did in the Prince medley number!

... Yes I did forget about Rudy doing the pushups. Now I remember he did that and the Alexei footwork...some people in back of me mentioned Alexei immediately after he did the moves.


[...About Rudy's footwork, not something he's necessarily known for, but something he is quite good at!]

Rudy first did the Prince number in the Winter Tour, 2000 (January). Since he became ill after less than a month on the tour, not many people saw it. He had actually been working on it for over a year before he performed it.

In 1997, at the World Professional championships, he did similar footwork straight down the center of the rink in his technical program to Billy Idol's "Dancin' With Myself." This was another program he only did once, much to the regret of many fans.

So Rudy's use of straight line footwork probably preceded Yagudin's. Rudy just hasn't used it very often.

East Rutherford, NJ - April 6

Rudy Galindo did his "Prince" routine--lots of fun, landed a few 2a's and a 3t. Go Rudy!---Bagelpuss

I was pleasantly surprised that Galindo did not do YMCA again. He has a new routine to a Prince medley that got audience attention.

Long Island, NY - April 10

loved Elvis and Rudy (he sure knows how to work a room!)... Of course, Rudy and Elvis got good responses and the hula girl and acrobats always manage to spur the crowd on ... I just felt that so many of the skaters barely got polite applause.

---nymkfan51 (Norma)

Boston, MA - April 12

Rudy - he steals my heart every time. The Prince medley should become another signature piece for him a la YMCA.

Rudy: 2 axel, 2 salchow, dancing, 2 toe (turn out), charlotte, 3 toe (2-foot) People still love Rudy! He got the loudest audience applause so far, including the loud-crazy-drunk lady who needed to put on some clothes.


Rudy - skated to a Prince medley. Excellent crowd pleaser. I really liked him tonight. He grabbed his tush and crotch a lot and the audeince loved it! Didn't do a lot of jumps but I'm so glad he stayed with COI.

Rudy - crowd loved him. Costume reminded me of something Liberace would wear, with the cape and everything. Entertaining number.

RUDY one else like him he looks so joyful when he skates he skated to prince and i was having a blast just watching him wear that purple suit...only he could pull that off.

Rudy has still got the audience. His little Prince medley brought me right back to high school (by default-being the class of '99- our class song became "We're Gonna Party Like It's 1999")

Hartford, CT - April 13

Rudy looked like he was struggling in his program a little, and when he got off he looked to be in pain. As it turned out, I was talking to him later and he told me he is skating with a broken hip! He said something along the lines of "Yeah, well, I don’t have a choice"

As I mentioned before, Rudy was limping a little, and told me how he was skating injured. He was nice to talk to tho!

Rudy Galindo Rudy was really nice to me, but I felt so bad when he told me he was skating injured. He sort of joked and said he had no choice... but I felt terrible as he limped away.

What a wonderful review thanks for posting it. I am sad to hear about Rudy and his hip I thought it was doing better glad that this year's tour isn't as long hopefully he can get some rest.


Rudy- Prince. Another kind of campy number for him. I think that's going to become his trademark, but I kind of like it. He threw his cape into the audience.


Rudy Galindo: Prince Medley - another crowd favorite. Very flaboyant, very Rudy. Threw his cape out into the audience and had to get security to retrieve it later. Landed a couple 3t's, and a 2a, I think. still does the Charlotte too.

Rochester, NY - April 16

Rudy - Oh my he's a unique one! Skating to a Prince medley (purple cape, pants that were both sparkly)...he was right where he belonged! He was having a fantastic time out there waving to people during his program, smiling at others and acknowledging cheers. I have to say that he was one of the skaters during the show that seemed to enjoy himself the most. When a skater enjoys their performance, the audience enjoys it all the more. Rochester loves Rudy and he had probably one of the top 3 biggest applauses/ cheering.


Rudy - Prince medley. My friend really wanted to see him. Even before he started skating he had the crowd giggling and enthrawed. The guy had so much personality and somebody commented that he could have donated a sliver of his personality to Todd Eldredge and then we would end up with two exciting skaters instead of one. Hey, it wasn’t me that made the comment. Rudy is a born entertainer and people loved him and rewarded him with one of the biggest cheer and applause...

Michelle alone was worth the experience, but the rest of the cast was excellent as well. Rudy is always entertaining


Cleveland, Ohio - April 18

Rudy – Prince medley that naturally allowed him to wear a purple costume to Purple Rain among other selections. Vintage Rudy number – he loves it so we do too.


So, next thing I know, Rudy is coming down the line, and he was so nice!! I actually remembered to tell him that I loved his book, and that my mom and I both loved him....


Columbus, Ohio - April 19

My daughter and her friend had a joyous time and they got a big kick out of Rudy and Dan's routines. They were laughing hysterically! To be six again!!

I almost forgot to write about it, but one of the first skaters to go through the autograph line was Rudy Galindo. I didn't get a chance to get his picture, but for a good reason, at least. When she saw Rudy, the lady next to me was SO excited that she cried out, "RUDYYYYYYY!" even though he was standing right in front of us, LOL! He pretended to be scared and lurched backwards for a moment, which was cute, then obliged his most enthusiastic fan by walking up to her outstretched arms to get his hug. It was really cool to see her get to meet him!

Ames, Iowa - April 24

Dan Hollander and Rudy Galindo both did programs that didn't include that much actual skating, but I still really enjoyed them. Both have so much charisma and looked like they were having a ball.

Chicago,  Ill - April 25

Rudy Galindo - "Prince Medley"
I grew up listening to Prince so I give Rudy points for the medley. He shakes his buns a little too much for my personal taste, however he is a great crowd pleaser and he rocked the house. You can just tell he looooves being out there. Great, rousing applause at the end...
Intermission: Corvette is being driven around the rink and Rudy Galindo and Ann Patrice McDonough are throwing out some sort of gifts to the audience... Zamboni comes out right after...
Booty Shaking/Posing award(s):
Rudy Galindo
Michael Weiss

Milwaukee, WI - April 27

Rudy Galindo was funny and he had on this purple cape and he actually threw it into the crowd for someone. He did not really do all that much skating, though and just did a few jumps and technical things and mostly played with the audience.

Rudy-The crowd really loved him!! Lots of applause at the beginning and while he was doing his cute dance moves  He landed a couple 2 axels and a 3 or 2 toe. He really relates to the audience...whenever he would skate by us he'd wink or smile.

I liked Viktor and AP, and I think that the Prince program was good for Rudy...

A tip for those that are still going to COI, if you get Rudy's purple cape that he throws out into the crowd KEEP IT! I had a hand on it, but then the woman behind me caught it. During intermission, one of the crew guys came by to pick it up and asked her how many people were in her group because he'd be back with backstage passes for her!
I can also tell you for a fact that Rudy's costume is velvet, or at least his cape
---Budda Lovin

Rudy Galindo "Prince Medley" - Rudy handed in a good performance considering his hip injury!  He hit a nice 2ax and a 3toe/2toe that was just a bit wild.  Although overall the program lacked Rudy's usual polish and extension in his movements, he was performing with a capital "P" to make up for it!  He had one group of screaming women that were particularly into the program, and I wondered if he would get his cape back from them after he threw it in their direction!  I hope he recovers from his injury as he is definitely a fan favorite with this show.
---theskateblade (Joe Erbentraut)
See Joe's entire review of the show here.

Atlanta, GA - May 6

See above

Hampton, VA - May 8

"Rudy Galindo:
He skated to a melody of Prince’s tunes. Er, ah, excuse me “the artist formally known as Prince”. Anyway, I had forgotten how good those Prince songs are. Anyway, the people went nuts when he came out all decked out in purple with the cape and all. He got the crowd a rockin’ and arollin’ – what an entertainer and showman this guy is! A lot of the girls went to screaming and such. He landed all his jumps and had a number of sit spin combos and his scratch spin was excellent. He tossed off his cape into the crowd and a couple of girls scrambled for it. A guy came out later and picked the cape up from the girls in return for some backstage passes. Pretty cool, huh? So, if you are going to a future show and seated luckily in the front row and don’t have backstage passes……."

"Rudy Galindo -- Prince medley.  He came out wearing a purple cape with silver sparklies, with a white shirt, velvet purple jacket, and velvet purple pants underneath.  Near the beginning of the program, he took his cape off and threw it in the audience.  This happened to be right in front of me, my mother, and V.  So if anyone was at this show and saw some crazy person run up, grab the cape, and knock over one of the potted plants in the process, that was me. :o)  At least I picked the plant up.  Rudy skated well but at points I could tell he had a hip injury, like the Charlotte.  At another point in the program, Rudy took of the "coat and white shirt" and tossed it on the ice about 15 feet to the left of where I was sitting and he was wearing a tank top-like thing underneath with
going down his back in silver sparklies.  He went to the skaters entrance side, which was perpendicular to my side and wiggled his butt at them.  He finished the program near the other side though.  I thought he would come by and get his cape but he skated right past me and just picked up the jacket/shirt thing and skated off the ice.  Right afterward, I saw him talking to a COI crew member and pointing toward the 3 of us.  I got a little nervous at that point, because I figured he was saying, "That freak over there stole my cape!"  But then they went back stage and I forgot about it.  Rudy's cape was purple velvet, outlined in light purple marabou feathers (I think that's what they are called) and the silver sparklies were actually little diamond jewel-like (fake, I'm sure) things stuck on there.  The feathers had come a little loose at the neck, but I swear it was that way when I got it.  I held the cape on my lap for the rest of the 1st act...

"Philippe was the last act before intermission.  I had intended to get a picture of me holding Rudy's cape when the lights came up, but I didn't get a chance because as soon as the lights came up, a crew member (maybe the one Rudy had talked to?) came over and asked for the cape back.  Rudy is my mother's favorite skater and she said "You mean we don't get to keep the cape?" ("We?")  The crew guy asked me how many people were in my party and I told him 3, then he left.  The lady who I had sold my camera to, said "I bet you are going to get to meet the skaters."  She was right!  The crew man came back with 3 backstage passes for us!  My mother may have wanted to keep the cape, but I preferred the passes...

"Finale -- There was so much stuff going on and the colors were so bright that I didn't quite know where to look.  At different times, several skaters were right in front of me, including Tim, Sasha, Naomi, Peter (not together though), and Rudy.  Poor Ann Patrice did a 3loop in front of me and fell again.  After that she went to center ice next to another male skater (Dan?) and Rudy joined them.  He pretended to brush ice chips off AP's butt."

[Backstage--lots about the other skaters]
"Rudy Galindo didn't come out.  V asked a crew person if Rudy was coming out but he said Rudy had gotten on the bus already.  I wanted to thank him for throwing his cape by us, but I figure he was tired or resting his hip, so that's all right.  Rudy, if you are reading this, THANK YOU!!!

Little Rock, AR - May 17

From the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Sunday, May 18
Ice Show Review: Champions on Ice brightens day for fans; Razzle-dazzle performances light up Alltel Arena despite dreary weather, by Rosemary Boggs

"Rudy Galindo gifted the audience with himself in a purple outfit with a matching purple cape. His four-minute performance to a medley of music by Prince, as well as the throwing of his cape into the stands, had the
audience in the palm of his hand."

Denver, CO - May 20

Galindo's number lacked energy.   I wondered whether he were not feeling well.   He did one triple that I remember, and the rest were doubles that weren't terribly successful.   Yet his final spin was glorious.   He seemed to be trying to give us a good performance, but couldn't quite manage it.

I also wondered if he wasn't feeling well.  It's hard to tell with theatrical makeup, etc. but he looked "pale".  Or maybe that's the effect he was going for.  Leave it to Rudy, only he could skate to Prince and make it work!

I'm not too suprised Denver was an under rotated affair d'lackluster. It has to be very difficult for the skaters to skate at that altitude without any acclimation time.  I've skated at Squaw Valley a couple times which is at 8000 feet.  I almost passed out after the first lap. I can't imagine how anybody could skate a full program without keeling over.

Boise, ID - May 22

Maybe Rudy  didn't feel well in Denver, but he seemed much better here.  He did his Prinz well, and Rudy milked the crowd for all it was worth.  We like the 2003 on the back of his leotard. Carla

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